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Pioneer of American Graphic Design

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1 Pioneer of American Graphic Design
Paul Rand Pioneer of American Graphic Design By Tami Morris

2 As you advance through this presentation, you will learn about Paul Rand’s life
Biography Degrees Career Artwork Awards Designs Exhibitions Trademarks References Tami Morris

3 Biography Paul Rand was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 15, 1914, as Peretz Rosenbaum. He was a self-taught designer, even though he attended school, which his father required, not believing an art career would provide his son with a sufficient livelihood. He began with a part-time position creating stock images supplied to magazines and newspapers. As he gained a large portfolio, he changed his legal name from Peretz Rosenbaum to Paul Rand, to camouflage his Jewish identity. By his early 20’s his work had received international acclaim. He created many book and magazine covers, but was best known for his corporate logo designs. He also wrote several books and articles. It was said about him: ”He almost singlehandedly convinced business that design was an effective tool. [. . .] Anyone designing in the 1950s and 1960s owed much to Rand, who largely made it possible for us to work. He more than anyone else made the profession reputable. We went from being commercial artists to being graphic designers largely on his merits.” ¹ His core ideology was modern philosophy. He stated: “From Impressionism to Pop Art, the commonplace and even the comic strip have become ingredients for the artist’s caldron. What Cezanne did with apples, Picasso with guitars, Leger with machines, Schwitters with rubbish, and Duchamp with urinals makes it clear that revelation does not depend upon grandiose concepts. The problem of the artist is to defamiliarize the ordinary.” He died of cancer on November 26, 1996 in Norwalk, CT. Even after his death, his work was honored in exhibitions and he was inducted in the One Club Hall of Fame. 1 Moholy-Nagy Tami Morris

4 He received many degrees
Pratt Institute, New York ( ) Harren High School, New York (1932) Parsons School of Design, New York ( ) Art Students' League with George Grosz ( ) Honorary Degree: Tama University, Tokyo (1954 & 1958) Honorary Degree: Philadelphia College of Art (1974 & 1979) Honorary Degree: Pasons School of Design (1985) Honorary Degree: Yale University (1985) Honorary Degree: University of Hartford, Connecticut (1987) Honorary Degree: Kutztown University, Pennsylvania (1987) Honorary Degree: School of Visual Arts, New York (1988) Honorary Degree: Pratt Institute, New York (1996) Tami Morris

5 He Had An Impressive Career
Illustrator: Metro Associated Services (1934) Design Assistant: George Switzer Studio (1935) Freelance: Glass Packer magazine (1935) Art Director: Apparel Arts and Esquire magazines (1936) Instructor: New York Laboratory School (1939) Art Director: William H. Weintraub Advertising Agency (1941) Instructor: The Cooper Union, New York (1942) Advertising: Stafford Fabrics (1942) Advertising: Ohrbach's Department Store (1942) Advertising: Kaufman Department Store (1942) Advertising: Architectural Forum (1943) Instructor: Pratt Institute, New York (1946) Advertising: Great Ideas of Western Man for Container Corporation of America (1946) Advertising: Disney Hats (1946) Advertising: Kaufman Department Store (1947) Advertising: El Producto, GHP Cigar Company (1957) Consultant: International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) (1956) Professor: Yale University, New Haven, CT (1956) Consultant: Westinghouse Electric Corporation (1959) Consultant: Cummins Engine Company (1961) Illustrator: Little 1 (1962) Illustrator: Listen! Listen! (1970) Professor Emeritus: Yale University, New Haven, CT (1974) Professor: Summer Design Program, Yale University and Brissago, Switzerland (1977) President's Fellow: Rhode Island School of Design (1985) Conducts student critiques and delivers lecture at the Arizona State University (1995) Tami Morris

6 Artwork Tami Morris

7 He was the world's leading graphic designer and received many prestigious awards from many professional and academic groups House design voted one of ten best in America (1953) Voted one of the Ten Best Art Directors by New York Art Directors Club (1954) AIGA Gold Medal (1966) New York Art Directors Club Hall of Fame (1972) Royal Designer for Industry, Royal Society, London (1973) Type Director's Club Medal (1984) Florence Prize for Visual Communication (1987) One Club Hall of Fame inductee (2007) Tami Morris

8 He Created Many Designs
Cover Designs: Direction magazine (1938) Design: New York World's Fair brochure, an insert to PM Magazine (1939) Design: Perfume bottle made with crystal and gold wire (1944)………………….. First Book Jacket: The Cubist Painters by Guillaume Apollinaire (1944) First Book Design: The Tables of the Law by Thomas Mann (1945) Design: portfolio pairing writers and artists on the subject "Women for the Museum of Modern Art" (1948) Design: "The House in the Museum Garden" poster for Museum of Modern Art (1949) Design: cover for "Modern Art in Your Life" (1949) Design: catalog for the Arensberg Collection for the Art Institute of Chicago (1949) Design: "No Way Out" movie poster (1950)………………………………………………………………………..….. Designs Weston, CT house (1951) Design: "Perspectives" covers (1953) Design: RCA morse code advertisement (1954) Design: Interfaith Day Movement posters (1954) Design: Book covers for Vintage Book and Random House publishers (1955) Design: Magazine cover for "Idea", a Japanese visual arts magazine (1955) Design: begins designing book covers for Bollingren Series and Pantheon Books (1956) Design: Book cover for H.L. Mencken's "Prejudices: A Selection" (1958) Design: Book and book jacket for "Paul Rand: His Works from 1946 to 1958" (1959) Design: "desi8n 63" poster for New York Art Directors Club (1963) Design: DADA book jacket (1967) Design: Catalog cover and poste for AIGA (green foreground, clown face) (1968) Design: Redesigns Westinghouse packaging (1968) Design: IBM computer packaging (1970) Design: Minute Man poster for U.S. Department of the Interior (1975) Design: IBM poster on conversation (1980) Design: Eye-Bee-M poster (1981)……………………………………………………………………………….. Design: Cover for Annual of the AIGA Graphic Design USA 3 (1982) Design: Poster for the Art Director's Club Hall of Fame Awards (1983) Tami Morris

9 His Work Was In Many Exhibitions
Katherine Kuh Gallery, Chicago (1941) Composing Room, New York (1947) National Museum, Stockholm (1947) Philadelphia Museum of Art (1948) Contemporary Art Museum, Boston (1954) AIGA Gallery, New York (1958) Art Directors' Club of Tokyo (1958) Pratt Institute, New York (1960) Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh (1964) School of Visual Arts, New York (1964) Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (1964) Temple University, Philadelphia (1968) Louisiana Arts and Sciences Center, Baton Rouge (1969) IBM Gallery, New York (1970) Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA (1970) Wichita State University, Wichita, KS (1977) Exhibition: Pratt Institute, New York (1977) Exhibition: Philadelphia College of Art (1979) Reinhold Brown Gallery, New York (1982) International Typeface Corporation Gallery, New York (1984) Pratt Institute, New York (1986) the Design Gallery, Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo (1986) Universita Internazionale Dell' Arte, Florence, Italy (1987) School of Visual Arts Masters Series, New York (1988) Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford, Connecticut (1990) Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo (1992) The Cooper Union, New York (1996) 18th International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont, Paris France (2007) Masters of Graphic Design: UCLA Extension Catalog Covers, West Hollywood, CA (2007) Tami Morris

10 His Trademarks Wallace Puppets Esquire magazine
Cresta Blanca Wine Company Helbros Watch Company Smith, Kline and French Laboratories Robeson Cutlery Company, Shur Edge Theatrical Architectural Television IBM…………………………………… Colorforms Consolidated Cigar Corporation Westinghouse United Parcel Service (UPS) Cummins Engine Company Atlas Crankshaft IIT Research Institute Ford Motor Company U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau for Indian Affairs Columbus Indiana Visitors' Center Tipton Lakes Corporation Yale University Press NeXT…………………………….. Connecticut Art Directors Club Mossberg & Company PDR (Pastore DePamphilis Rampone) Monell Chemical Senses Center Irwin Financial Corporation Benjamin Franklin 200th Anniversary Celebration Morningstar Investment Advisers Okasan Securities Company IDEO English First Gentry Living Color Accent Software International Creative Media Center Computer Impressions XGA for IBM Norwalk Cancer Center Enron…………………………….. Doug Evans + Partners Servador Tami Morris

11 Paul Rand 1914-1996
Tami Morris

12 References
Tami Morris

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