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My School My School A picture of my school This is our library.

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2 My School My School

3 A picture of my school

4 This is our library

5 Classroom Religion

6 Giving the name of the school  It was a real celebration of Tłuszczu. Naming ceremony of the Primary School was aunique, joyful and well- organized. Special guest was Archbishop Leszek Slawoj Głódź. Preparations for this event lasted for several months. Director Wladyslaw Krysik facility, as befits an experienced manager, did everything to the last button. Selection of the patron never left any doubt. Patron of the Primary School in Tłuszczu indisputably was Pope John Paul II. Celebrations began on Christmas Mass in the Church of the Lord transforms the Tłuszczu with Archbishop Leszek Sławoj hunger. Then the guests went to the accompaniment of the Municipal Brass Band in the courtyard of the school. There, a plaque was unveiled and was the patron saint of the dedication of the Chamber. The celebration spilled over into the square outside the school where he made a solemnact of giving the name of John Paul II and the transfer flag founded by the mayor andcity council Tłuszczu. Patronage of the ceremony took Marshal Adam Struzik Mazowiecki. Feast of school completed the artistic performances of elementary school children with Pope John Paul II. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

7 School Anthem  1. In our Tłuszczańskiej Cluster, nothing stands in the way,, to become better every day. Chorus: We want to live with the teachings of John Paul, take example of loving the world as a brother's brother. Even when it is wrong, will not collapse, because the Pope is our patron saint in our midst. 2. Man in the world, a great Pole, People helped need, Loved the mountains, woods, young people and us. Chorus: We want to live... 3. Holy Father pledge that will take care of your name, We will lovingly live to be a model.

8 Sports in our school  The level of school sports is not only our card, but the goal for the near future. We strive to make each student find for himself the field of sport in which to succeed. For many years, our alumni are successful sport in the community, district andprovince 

9 Here's our trophies

10 Wykonali:  Emil Dzięcioł,  Michał Piotrowski

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