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2014 AVID National Conference Orlando, Florida A Model for College Readiness: Collaboration Between Universities and School Districts Dr. Jennifer Gigliotti,

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1 2014 AVID National Conference Orlando, Florida A Model for College Readiness: Collaboration Between Universities and School Districts Dr. Jennifer Gigliotti, Rice University Sonya Ramirez, Rice University Kathy Arno, AVID Center Julie Sanders, AVID Center

2 How do you measure up? Pre-test assessment of college readiness on your campus

3 Think About It! Are you a school that has college readiness initiatives? OR Are you a college ready school?

4 Pronoun Test

5 Reflection

6 Introduction to the Grant Initiative Grant Partners Grant Goals Pillars of Grant Programming

7 Grant Partners 13 Houston-area school districts 30 High Schools 27 Middle Schools

8 The Role of AVID Center: Trusted and established relationships with district partners Leadership training AVID Pedagogy Data collection and reports Curriculum for Summer Bridge (Algebra Readiness) and College Readiness Institute Dedicated staff to manage grant Fiscal agent Grant Partners

9 The Role of Rice University: Established programming for advanced academics and college readiness Trusted and established relationships with district partners Local partnerships and community contacts Logistics – registration, facilities, district communication, grant website and creation of online resources Dedicated staff to manage grant Workshop/seminar development Grant Partners

10 The Role of Houston-area School Districts: Dedicated grant liaison serving on grant management team District MOU and principal letter of commitment Provide campus leadership for Team College programming Minimal fiscal commitment Substitute pay for release time for some programs Transportation costs for some student programs Commitment to data sharing agreement with College Board Grant Partners

11 Collaboration with College Board The Role of College Board: SAT™ Insight and content workshops Provide AP™ and SAT data (data sharing agreements) Released AP exam questions and scoring and scoring guidelines SAT™ practice material College Board Tools AP Potential™ My College Quick Start/My Road™ College Ed™

12 Grant Goals GOALSAVIDAll Students Increase in number of AP course enrollments, AP course completions, AP exams taken, and AP exam scores of 3, 4, and 5 20%10% Increase enrollment in advanced courses (including honors, Pre-AP, and GT) as defined by the AVID Texas Data II reports 20%10% Increase in SAT Scores10% Decrease in the equity and achievement gaps among subgroups in AP courses and AP exam scores Completion of data analysis, goal-setting, and reflection on and refinement of the goals by each site throughout the initiative Evaluation of the college-going culture at the sites by comparing pre- and post- assessments to demonstrate the institutionalization of a college-going culture (using the college readiness keys proposed by Dr. David Conley)

13 Pillars of the Initiative AVID pedagogy AP/Pre-AP content Leadership development for college readiness Creation of campus college-going culture Four Keys of College Readiness (David Conley) Sustainability beyond life of grant Collaboration of organizations

14 Partner Sharing Give One—Get One Stand and share with a partner one interesting idea you’ve heard so far in this presentation.

15 Replicable Programming Without Grant Funding Team College Inter- and Intra-District Collaborations AVID Tutor Training and Higher Ed Partnerships MyAVID materials and modules AVID and AP/Pre-AP Summer Institutes College and Career Counseling Workshops College Readiness Summit

16 Preparing for High School/College Destination College and Destination Graduation AP Exam Review for Students AP Exam Prep for Teachers Essential Guide to Preparing for College (online, open access) AP Exam Review for Students (online, open access) Replicable Programming Without Grant Funding

17 Select Programming Team College Leadership Campus team of 4: principal, counselor, AVID coordinator, AP or Pre-AP teacher Creation of cohesive college-going culture Study and evaluation of data Promotion of student access to and success in advanced courses Campus focus plans Presentations, data reviews, group planning, goal setting Multi-school group meeting and school coaching visits

18 Select Programming Preparing for High School (8 th graders) Preparing for College (9 th/ 10 th graders) Trainer-of-Trainers model High school/college preparedness for students  Importance of HS course selection  College readiness skills  Test-taking and study skills  Persistence in rigorous coursework

19 Select Programming Destination College (11 th graders) Destination Graduation (8 th graders) One-day events on university campus Presentations  Admissions and financial aid  Skills and knowledge for success in college Reality chats with current university students Campus tours

20 Select Programming AP Exam Prep for Teachers Content and strategies for preparing students for AP exams Facilitated by master teachers Provides simulated AP readings along with exam prep strategies Online AP exam prep materials for students (open access)

21 Select Programming AP Exam Review for Students Prep sessions taught by AP teachers Online AP exam review materials for students (open access) Exam review event: review sessions and attendance at professional or college sports event

22 Select Programming Intra- and Inter- District Collaboration around AVID and college readiness topics Regional AVID District Director meetings Team College site meetings Intra-district Team College meetings among HS’s, MS’s or feeder patterns University and district collaboration

23 Select Programming Higher Ed Partners Recruitment and training of university students as AVID tutors in school districts Develop and host educator professional development and student enrichment University as a Hub for collaboration among school districts, AVID and the university Creating lines of communication among university student organization and schools

24 Benefits to University Outreach to community University students trained as tutors for campus Potential pipeline for enrollment of under-represented student groups Potential involvement of teacher preparation candidates Tutorial process as instructional aid for university students Creating networks among like-minded non-profit organizations

25 Other Foundational Programming AVID Professional Learning o Leadership for College Readiness o Path training College Readiness Institute o Integrated AP/Pre-AP and AVID pedagogy Summer Bridge o Algebra Readiness and Communications C3: Content, College, Careers o Student enrichment program

26 Free Resources to Further Your College Readiness Goals First Gen Financial Aid AVID Rice University/Higher Ed

27 Free Resources Essential Guide to Preparing for College coming soon AP Exam Review for Students coming soon First Gen Resources: Financial Aid Resources:

28 Free Resources AVID Resources: Support for district and school administration, and teachers College readiness and advanced academics support MyAVID website and File Sharing AVID website Certification Self-Study Data collection

29 Free Resources Rice Programs (other universities have similar events) Explore Rice - College Day for Houston area students Vision – An invitation-only Rice program for underrepresented high school seniors Student groups engaged in outreach - Campus tours, tutoring, mentoring, presentations on college access, workshops for parents. summer college readiness camp for HS students Offsite work study – opportunities to utilize student workers using federal financial aid resources National Higher Ed Resources: – A national organization helping low-income students attend elite universities Contact the university welcome center, admissions office, or financial aid office to inquire about opportunities at your local institution.

30 What will you do? Schools and Districts: What steps have you taken or could be taken immediately to address college readiness at your campus or district? Universities: What lessons can be learned from the organization and components of the AVID-Rice Initiative that can be used to strengthen your collaboration with local school districts?

31 A Model for College Readiness: Collaboration Between Universities and School Districts Dr. Jennifer Gigliotti, Sonya Ramirez, Kathy Arno, Julie Sanders,

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