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Welcome Families and Education Levy Data Workshop June 26 th 2012 August 2 nd 2012.

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1 Welcome Families and Education Levy Data Workshop June 26 th 2012 August 2 nd 2012

2 Takeaways from Today Vision of SPS School Board and the School and Community Partnership Department FERPA Regulations and Process The SOURCE and other places to find student Data Program Evaluation Data Sharing Agreements and Requests

3 Families and Education Levy Data Workshop June 26 and August 2nd, 2012 Presented by Nate Sander, Intensive School Partnership Coordinator

4 Overview Seattle Public Schools is committed to strengthening the collaboration between our public schools and the communities that support them. We will share Seattle Public School Board Policy, Community Partnership Crucial Elements to Successful Partnerships Community Partnership Online resources

5 SPS School Board Policy School Board Policy adopted September 2011 We believe that a shared vision between schools, students, and families, along with non-profits, community based organizations, local businesses, and the city promotes profound growth for our students and our communities alike. Vital to engage families and community members in the life of the school as a community center of learning Committed to the creation and implementation of effective school-community partnerships that enhance academic outcomes by providing high-quality services and instruction before, after and during the school day Seeks to foster partnerships that further the District’s vision, mission, and goals.

6 SPS School Board Policy Infrastructure design in the form of an overarching framework that will facilitate organization and matchmaking with the schools’ needs. Partnerships fall into different categories based on Type or scope of programs and services offered by the partner to schools and students The amount of contact time the partner has with students The number of schools served The degree to which the partner accesses district resources and the type of data shared between the District and the partner

7 Crucial Elements Elements of Strong Partnerships Shared Vision with common goals Consistent, regular, and transparent communication Appropriate and shared professional development Agreed upon Outcomes and metrics of measurement Fidelity from all stakeholders Sustainable and diversified funding sources Collaboration/strong relationships between CBOs, Principals and Administration, and Teaching staff Alignment of CBO curriculum/program and school needs Research-based assessment tools Cultural competency and relevant approaches Shared accountability and success Dependable, accurate, and prompt system for data sharing Support from District central office and Organizational leaders (CBO) Equity and provision Long-term objectives with strategic plan

8 Seattle Public Schools School and Community Partnership Website

9 SPS Community Partner Toolkit These categories and are intended to help guide partners to tools and resources that can help support their partnerships. Category A: Field Trips, assembly programs, guest speakers, one-time teaching artists. These are usually one-time experiences for students and for schools. Category B: Tutoring, mentoring, enrichment and volunteer programs provided before, during, or after the school day Category C: Multi-site, multi-partner, or multi-year commitment where there is a significant exchange of resources, time or funds

10 Category A: Region Maps Use this link to define the region you would like to work in School Directory Choose a specific school with in a region. Learn about the school and students in the data summary. Find contact information Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) Use the CSIP to academically align your program with the school goals. Elements of a school’s CSIP need to be supported by the work of partners Fieldtrip Checklist Everything you’ll need for a safe and successful fieldtrip Building rentals Building rentals Follow the process here to reserve space in an Seattle Public Schools building Background check/FingerprintingBackground check/Fingerprinting Compulsory for anyone that wants to work directly with youth Volunteer manualVolunteer manual Get involved as a volunteer. This link will ensure a positive learning experience for students and adults. This manual is in the process of being updated to better serve the needs our volunteers and schools Resources Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Primary agency charged with overseeing K-12 public education in Washington State. OSPI works with the state’s 295 school districts to administer basic education programs School and Community Partnerships Policy No. 4265 The Seattle School Board policy that guides our work with community partners Alliance for Education Student Services Directory Look here to find out what organizations are working with our schools. This is an external site that is maintained by the Alliance for Education. Please contact the Alliance if the information needs to be updated Arts Database Specific information regarding the arts Arts Education Opportunity Program Listing SubmissionArts Education Opportunity Program Listing Submission Take this opportunity to spread the word about upcoming arts education.

11 Category B Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) A contract document that clearly outlines the level of commitment and expectations for all parties involved in a partnership. If you need an MOU with the district please contact Nathan Sander for more details.Nathan Sander Data Sharing District policy and procedure for various levels of data access and exchange. This template is for Personally Identifiable data (if you have parental consent or if the research is on behalf or for the district) and the other more commonly used agreement is for non-personally identifiable data. If you need data from us please contact Nathan Sander or Nicole VanVoorhis.Nathan SanderNicole VanVoorhis

12 Thank you ! Any Questions ?

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