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Spring 2015 Important Dates  January 12 th – Involvement Fair, 11am – 2pm, Cohen Center Ballrooms  January 15 th – Lunch & Lead Series  January 15 th.

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1 Spring 2015 Important Dates  January 12 th – Involvement Fair, 11am – 2pm, Cohen Center Ballrooms  January 15 th – Lunch & Lead Series  January 15 th – RSO Mixer, 5 – 6:30pm  January 16 th – Last day to submit completed registration by 5pm  Includes: Eagle Link registration, advisor orientation, RSO Orientation & Treasurer Trainings  January 23 rd – 25 th - Leadership Academy  January 26 th – TIPs Training, 1 – 4pm, CC 213  February 17 th - TIPs Training, 1 – 4pm, CC 213  February 21 st – Eagle EXPO  March 11 th – Lunch & Lead Series  March 14 th – Dance Marathon  March 16 th -20 th – LEAD Week  April 8 th – Lunch & Lead Series  April 16 th – Leadership & Involvement Awards Ceremony

2 New Organization Orientation DEVELOP YOUR ORGANIZATION AT FGCU!

3 Agenda I. Registering Your Organization II. Campus Policies III. EagleLink & Event Planning IV. Campus Resources

4 Learning Outcomes  Gain knowledge and understanding of student organization resources, policies, and involvement opportunities.  Develop collaborative relationships with student organizations, University departments, and community partners.  Identify all aspects of a successful event/program.  Familiarize oneself with the resources provided by EagleLink.

5  Liaison to RSOs and OSI  Composed of students from multiple RSOs  Provides programs & services to RSOs  Lunch and Lead Workshop Series  RSO President’s Mixer  Market Mondays  Fall & Spring Involvement Fair 

6 Register Your Organization: Dates, Expectations, EagleLink

7 When Do I Register? at least once per school year Organizations are expected to register at least once per school year. For example, if your organization was active in Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 they still need to register in either Fall 2014 or Spring 2015. Registration occurs twice annually:  July - September for the subsequent fall and spring semesters  December - January for the spring semester (for inactive organizations or new organizations only) January 16 th, 2015 Deadline for SPR 15 is January 16 th, 2015 by 5pm

8 What Do I Need to Register? 1. A minimum of four officers, including a President and Treasurer 2. A Student Organization Advisor (full time Faculty or Professional Staff member) to attend Advisor Orientation and complete Advisor Agreement Form 3. A current constitution on file - must meet the FGCU Constitution Guidelines 4. Attend Officer Training 5. Complete Electronic Registration through EagleLinkEagleLink

9 Officer & Member Eligibility Membership open any student enrolled at FGCU Officer Eligibility checks conducted after RSO Registration President, Officer & Advisor notified of ineligibility by January 29th

10 Campus Policies: Alcohol, Hazing, Misconduct, Travel

11 SERVING ALCOHOL? Follow these steps! 1) Attend a TIPS Training TIPS Training 2) Submit an Event Planning Form 3) ON CAMPUS Event: Complete Application for Serving Alcohol form Application for Serving Alcohol form 4) OFF CAMPUS Event: Complete Alcoholic Beverage Request Form Alcoholic Beverage Request Form 5) Wristbands or stamping to identify those underage & those of legal drinking age 6) Provide 1 Sober Monitor per 25 guests

12 Hazing Florida Gulf Coast University, Student Code of Conduct -- H. Hazing Hazing is:  A violation of the FGCU policy and Florida State Law  Typically in the form of physical risk or mental distress  harmful to individuals, groups, and the university  Found in all types of student organizations

13 Travel Domestic  Submitted 2 weeks in advance on EagleLink TP: Keep a copy of all emergency contact information for the duration of the trip International  Paperwork completed 6 Months in Advance  One officer must meet with Coordinator for Student Org Development Insurance  FGCU does not provide insurance  Not required for domestic travel  Required for international travel

14 EagleLink & Event Planning

15  Online platform to help student orgs on college campuses run more efficiently

16 EagleLink Tools for Organizations  “Yellow Box”/Corkboard  Manage Your Roster  Officer Elections  Service Hours Tracking  Register your RSO  Submit domestic travel forms  Submit Event Planning Forms  Submit Senate Bills

17 “The Yellow Box” & The Corkboard

18 Membership Management  Invite members  Add officers & mange positions  Email & text members

19 When Do I Need it? Event Planning Forms: When Do I Need it? Events…  held outdoors with alcohol in which large crowds are anticipated that involve physical activity or in which a waiver is needed involving amplified sound (like DJs or bands) involve performers, speakers, or other acts involve one or more contracts or rentals Fundraisers or events where money exchanges hands involve minors on campus in which controversial and/or emotionally charged content may be involved national, state, or local appointed or elected officials or candidates will be present (not SG or RSO officers) media will be on campus Rallies/demonstrations held in areas other than designated free speech zones in which a motion picture is being shown Tabling that includes…  Fundraisers or events where money exchanges hands Activites taking place in conjunction with the table reservation Any singing gram, flower distribution, art displays, animal display, or other type of activity

20 Submit an EPF  ntplanningform.asp ntplanningform.asp

21 Event Planning 101  Develop a concept for event  Develop a budget  Create realistic timeline  Reserve a room via Campus Reservations or secure off campus location (i.e. Tijuana Flats, The Keys Bar)  Submit an Event Planning Form  Determine event specifics : A/V needs, food, room layout  Enjoy  Enjoy the event!  Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses & opportunities for improvements

22 Marketing/PR  Promote your program or event in the Leaders Listserv, weekly newsletter to all student leaders. Email for more information!  Fliers. Bulletin boards are full of fliers that may compete with your message. Make sure that your flier design is clear, effective, and limits the amount of text.  TV screens are available in the Cohen Center to help advertise your event. You may need to redesign your flier to properly fit the screen. Remember that the slide only shows up for 10 seconds. Email  Tabling can be effective for your event but space is extremely limited.  Table tents are also available for your use and catch people at an opportune time - while they're eating! It's a great time to share your message about your event.  Social media

23 Risky Business: Managing Risks at Your Events Identify the following:  PHYSICAL – food poisoning, injuries from physical activity  REPUTATIONAL – negative publicity, unable to host events or be active  EMOTIONAL – event participants feel alienated or negatively impacts members of the community  FINANCIAL – loss of funding, misuse of funds  FACILITY – bad weather, not enough space, lack of equipment/materials Prepare:  Event or Participant Waivers (optional)  President’s Waiver (mandatory)

24 Campus Resources: Aramark, OSI, Campus Reservations

25 Aramark & Food at Events  On campus catering company (239) 590-7570;  Is food at meetings/events allowed?  Yes, BUT it must be prepared and packaged by a licensed food service establishment OR  Food prepared in a non-commercial kitchen such as a home, outdoor grill, or other cooking arrangement is permissible for small private events that are limited to members of a select group. Restricted access to the event is mandatory, the event is not open to the general public.  Example 1: Pot luck lunches for members of a designated office is allowed.  Example 2: Food provided at a business meeting or RSO member only meeting is allowed.  Example 3: Cookout for private clubs where the area is restricted to members only by a physical barrier is allowed.

26 Office of Student Involvement  Open 8am – 8pm on Mondays for Spring 2015  Email Address/Password Reset – email Sendi at  Speaker Rental  Computer Stations  Free Printing (must have flash drive)  Copying – Black & White (colored paper); 50/day  Poster Machine – Up to 4 per event, (must have flash drive)  Paper and Paint Supplies for Banners  Banners must be removed no later than 48 hours following the conclusion of the advertised event  Banners that advertise perpetual meetings or are general advertisement banners may be hung during the semester, but will be removed after two weeks if space is needed for additional banners.

27 Campus Reservations  Coordinates all events and meetings: Classrooms, Ballrooms, Cohen Center Spaces, Library Lawn, Info Tables  Schedules over 18,000 reservations a year!  Separate reservations must be made for: 1. West Lake, North Lake, or South Lake Village - Housing and Residence Life: (239) 590-1700  Reservations no earlier than October 1 for events on or after October 15.  No reservations for the first 6 weeks of classes in North Lake Village or South Village  Does not approve requests more than one month in advance 2. Recreation Field and/or Outdoor Complex- Campus Recreation: (239) 590-7702 3. Athletic space in Alico- Auxillary Gym, Hospitality Suite, Lobby, Parking Lot, etc.- (239) 590-7306



30 Procedures & Violations 14 days  Rooms/Event details need to be confirmed 14 days in advance  Organization Officers/Members should make reservations (not Advisors and outside organizations)  Clean up after yourselves  Do not move furniture  Do not use facilities without reservations 1 st violation:  warningcleanup fee  warning and/or cleanup fee ($50/hour, $25/half hour 2 nd violation: cancelledcleanup fee  next reservation within 30 days is cancelled and/or cleanup fee 3 rd violation cleanup fee  next reservation within 90 days is cancelled and/or cleanup fee

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