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C URRICULUM N IGHT 2014 Welcome 2/3 Parents!. Tracy Gajdos Kristine Vesper Diana Vaccarino Terry Fritz.

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1 C URRICULUM N IGHT 2014 Welcome 2/3 Parents!

2 Tracy Gajdos Kristine Vesper Diana Vaccarino Terry Fritz

3 Lindsay Petrik with Leo!

4 Students who have attended District 54 schools for at least one year will be at grade level in reading and math upon entering third grade as measured by Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). Each school will close the achievement gap for all students in reading and math as measured by both district and state assessments. Each school will perform at or above the 90th percentile (top 10% nationally) in meeting individual student growth targets in reading and math as measured by Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).

5 The Lincoln Prairie learning community accepts responsibility for student growth and provides opportunities for students to take charge of their own learning. We believe that differentiating instruction by accessing the multiple intelligences is the foundation of individual learning in a multiage setting.


7 S HARED R EADING Treasures Series Supplementary literature Social Science text Science text

8 G UIDED R EADING G ROUPS Small, flexible groups Use leveled readers and various leveled materials that are targeted to the students’ instructional reading level Work on reading skills and strategies, comprehension, fluency and accuracy, vocabulary, book talks, and more!

9 I NDEPENDENT LITERACY WORK TIME Responding to reading through writing Rereading text Finding text evidence to support ideas Word Work Creative writing

10 A CCELERATION …R EV I T U P ! 2:00-2:40 every day 20 minutes math 20 minutes literacy Flexible groups of students All students work in groups at some point during the week

11 W RITING I N ADDITION TO OUR T RAITS W RITING PROGRAM … Goal notebook Goal reflection Math Task Thinking Journal Family Letter Writing prompts Creative Writing Writing lessons Process Writing— Narrative, Expository, Argumentative essays Unit reflections Field trip reflections

12 Your child will have a Jammin’ Journal where entries will be made once per week. It is a way for him/her to write about what was read at home and to connect to the work they are doing in school. All Jammin’ Journals will be sent home on Thursdays with the new assignment. All Jammin’ Journals will be due the following Tuesday. The teacher responds to each student’s work on an individual basis. Jam min ’ Jour nal


14 Answer question using paragraph form Refer to Jammin’ Journal Checklist to help edit writing Use teacher feedback to improve the following week’s assignment

15 I think the author waited to reveal that the main character was the teacher and not a student. The author kept me in suspense because at the beginning of the story I thought Sarah was Mr. Hartman’s daughter. The author did this to make me keep reading until the very end. The book would be boring if she told us right away that Sarah was the teacher. I love the way the author kept this big secret until the very end of the story!

16 S PELLING  Rebecca Sitton  High Frequency word list  Responsible for the first 400 words by the end of third grade, first 200 words were sent home already  Choose five words to practice at a time, can cross off on list when mastered  Will assess at school each trimester

17 W AYS TO STUDY  Trace words  Put words in alphabetical order  Type words on computer  Memory game  Flashcards  Word Sorts  Scrabble tiles  Paint, shaving cream, chalk  Q-tip eraser

18 M ATH C LASS M EETS EVERY DAY FOR 60 MINUTES Teaching Partners: Vesper and Gajdos Vesper…2 nd graders Gajdos…3 rd graders Teaching Partners: Petrik/Fritz and Vaccarino Petrik/Fritz…2 nd graders Vaccarino…3 rd graders

19 A D AY IN THE L IFE OF M ATH C LASS A B ALANCED A PPROACH TO M ATHEMATICAL L EARNING ….F IVE D AYS A W EEK ! Numeracy Development Shared Lesson Guided Math Groups with independent assignments for those not in groups Summary Homework assignments

20 M ATH T ASKS Math tasks are problems that require higher level thinking. Students are asked to solve problems and EXPLAIN their thinking through pictures and words. Students work in groups to build their math talk and share strategies.

21 O THER N OTES … Please let us know in advance if your child needs to leave early or will miss subsequent days. School hours are from 9:00am-3:35pm (Wednesdays—3:05pm). Students may not come back inside after school for materials that they have forgotten. If a student is ill, he/she must be sent home through the nurse’s office. We appreciate donations of plastic spoons and forks. We encourage students to bring their own utensils for snack and lunch. Help us to make Working Lunch a natural consequence for missing homework.

22 L IBRARY C HECKOUT 2 books per week Read a book, return a book


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