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Nation Ford High School First Impressions

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1 Nation Ford High School First Impressions
Welcome! Class of 2019 Beverley Bowman, Principal

2 Curriculum Night Agenda
NFHS Staff Graduation requirements Support for Students and Parents Departments and Courses How to Stay on Track How to Register

3 NFHS Staff Administration Counselors Beverley Bowman, Principal
Assistant Principals Pam Pittman (A-D) Emily McQuay (E-K) Debra Miller (L-Q) Ernest Poag (R-Z) Sonya Williams (A-Co) Kirkley Russell (Cp-Hh) Charles Drakeford (Hi-Mg) Tarah Boulware (Mh-Si) Shaun Huitt (Sj-Z)

4 Goal: College and Career Ready
Colleges and Companies Look For: A Love of learning Academic interest and discipline Commitment to success and academic excellence Willingness to take on work and responsibility

5 Goal: College and Career Ready
Colleges and Companies Look For: Maturity Ability to handle college-level work AP courses – college admission officers will give priority over an applicant who has not taken any May earn credit or advanced standing

6 What Does It Take To Graduate?
SC diploma requires = 24 credits 1 course = 1 credit Meet attendance requirements

7 Courses and Required Units
English 4 Math Science 3 U.S. History and Constitution 1 Government/Economics 1 Additional Social Studies Physical Education or JROTC Computer Science/Intro to Computers Cluster Course or Foreign Language High School 101 Electives 6

8 Units/Courses Required
Promotion Standards Year Units/Courses Required Freshman Successful Completion of 8th Grade Sophomores 1 English, 1 Math, & 4 Other = 6 Units Juniors 2 English, 2 Math, 1 Science, and 7 Other = 12 Units Seniors 3 English, 3 Math, 2 Sciences, and 8 Other = 16 Units

9 NFHS Students Can Graduate With More Than 24 Credits
4 classes/semester (90 min. per class) 2 semesters/year 8 credits per year = 32 credits upon graduation

10 Question Why is the school schedule structured so that students earn 8 more credits than needed to meet State requirements for graduation? To expose students to more career/elective courses To allow students to focus only on 4 courses at one time To accommodate students that fail a course

11 Grade Point Average (GPA)
SC Uniform Grading Scale adopted in 2000 for all high schools in SC GPA impacts class rank, scholarships, college admissions, athletic eligibility, and possibly employment GPA is re-calculated each semester

12 Course Levels Regular College Prep Honors
Advanced Placement or Dual Credit


14 Example English I CP 91= 3.75 Algebra I CP 87= 3.25
Physical Science CP 94= 4.12 World Geography Honors 94= 4.625 GPA = 3.94

15 Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)
Outlines courses that students plan to take in high school Created/revised annually by parent, student, and counselor beginning in 8th grade Allows students to identify a career field of interest

16 Naviance Prepares Students for Post Secondary Success
Students learn about themselves and exploring careers Create plans and develop the skills and knowledge to set and accomplish their goals. Personalized learning plans College preparation, resources, and support

17 Electives: Sorted into Schools of Study
Arts and Humanities A/V Technology & Communications; Arts Humanities Engineering/Integrated Tech Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Architecture and Construction Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Health/Human Services Health Science Hospitality & Tourism Law & Public Safety Education & Training Business/Infor. Systems Information Technology Marketing, Sales, & Service Business, Mgt, & Administration Finance

18 Declaring a Major 4 required courses within a major
Students encouraged to select major by 10th grade 4 required courses within a major Majors are recognized at graduation—student wears a special cord Not required to complete a major for graduation Students may have multiple majors

19 What Classes Should I Take Next Year?
Core Classes English Math Science Social Studies Required Electives High School 101 PE or ROTC Electives 2 of your choice

20 Marine Corps JROTC Things that we focus on in Marine JROTC:
-Leadership -Citizenship -Personal Growth -Responsibility -Career Exploration -Public Service -Moral, Mental and Physical Fitness *It is all about Respect for Self and Others! *Positive Mental Attitude *Working together as a Team/Family *Uplifting and Encouraging each other

21 Foreign Language Levels 1-5 Emphasis on Communicative Skills
French and Spanish Levels 1-5 Emphasis on Communicative Skills One unit is needed for graduation Two units are needed for most schools in S.C. Three are needed for Clemson and College of Charleston

22 Digital Art & Design In Digital Art & Design, students will learn how to create artwork on the Mac computer using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop with a focus using the design principles. Projects, Assignments, and Activities Include: • Designing and Creating T-shirts • Promotional Posters • Making Buttons • Recreates • Business Cards and Notepads • Vinyl Decals • Logo’s • Embroidery • Working with Clients • Internships • Banners • *College Credit*

23 Tips for Selecting Courses
Teacher recommendations Course prerequisites Grade level requirements

24 When Do I Register? Course Registration Advisement:
Fort Mill Middle School - Feb. 5th – 6th Banks Trail Middle School – Feb. 19th Springfield Middle School – Feb. 25th – 26th 8th Grade Tours—(May 22nd) LEAD Camp (July 13th – 16th) 9th Grade Orientation (August 12th)

25 Contact Information Debra Miller, Assistant Principal Sonya Williams, Counselor (A-Co) Kirkley Russell, Counselor (Cp-Hh) Charles Drakeford, Counselor (Hi-Mg) Tarah Boulware, Counselor (Mh-Si) Shaun Huitt, Counselor (Sj-Z)

26 We look forward to seeing you in the Fall of 2015!!!
Final Thoughts We look forward to seeing you in the Fall of 2015!!!

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