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Welcome to 3 rd grade! Welcome to 3 rd grade! Mrs. Hernandez and Mrs. Jasso’s Third grade class.

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1 Welcome to 3 rd grade! Welcome to 3 rd grade! Mrs. Hernandez and Mrs. Jasso’s Third grade class

2 What is a procedure? A procedure is the way we do things

3 Procedures Keep voices low at all times. In the hallways and during announcements there is NO talking. Respect each other at all times, as well as respect all other students, teachers, principals, and visitors at our school. Use your best manners at all times. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves.

4 Morning Procedures Greet your teachers as soon as you walk into your classroom. Greet your peers. Get a laptop and begin doing

5 Bathroom Procedures Do not interrupt the teachers to use the restroom. Raise your hand and show a number 1, so that the teacher knows you need to use the restroom. Behave in the restroom.

6 Dismissal Procedures The bell does not dismiss you….the teacher dismisses you. Before getting dismissed, clean up the area around your desk. Reflect what you have learned in class today.

7 What is etiquette? Etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group. There are many ways to act when certain situations occur…

8 How to act when…. -Someone gives something to you (3 seconds) -Your teacher is speaking -YOU are speaking (eye contact) -You win or loose a game -You meet someone (learn everyone’s names) -Bump, Burp, or Sneeze -Work is given -Eating lunch (saving seats and talking) -Someone else is getting in trouble -Lining up (no cuts!)

9 Becoming a young adult -Personal Space -Honesty -Respect (gestures) -Organization -Fair to Share

10 Where do I sit? Each desk has a name tag on it, make sure you read the name on the name tag and this will be your seat in our classroom.

11 Our Curriculum Journal writing. Language Arts/Reading/Writing Math: number sense, geometry, word problems, and multiplication. S.S./Science Labs/Music/Art/P.E.

12 Third grade Conduct Follows school and class rules Takes care of materials Shows self-control Cooperates, shares and takes turn Complete tasks Listen to and follows direction Works independently Participates in class activities

13 Schedule Students will see the schedule.

14 Grades A –100-90% B - 89-80% C - 79-70% D -69-60% F - 59-0%

15 Uniforms Must have the Mater Academy logo on your shirt. Gold polo with or long polo (white) with khaki pants. Jackets must be hunter green pants. Shirts MUST be tucked in.

16 Homework Policy Homework is given daily. Homework should be done only on the day given. WHY?? HW will be given daily and checked. Students must place homework in red folders.

17 Parent Involvement (30 hours required) Register online to be a volunteer Chaperone Field Trips Donate Gift Cards Donate supplies (Please turn in receipts)

18 Attendance Students must bring in a note when they are absent (within 3 days of absence). Only acceptable excused absences are: Student illness, death in family, observance of a mandated religious holiday. All tardies are considered unexcused.

19 Third grade Expectations What you will be learning this year? Understanding place values. Multiplying one and two digit numbers. Be able to tell and write time to the nearest minute. Read at grade level or higher. Recognize text structure author uses (compare/contrast, cause and effect, and sequence of events). Use reading strategies that are taught. Be engaged in Science Labs Write at grade level.

20 Dear Students We believe in you. We trust you. You will be listened to. You are cared for. You are important. You will succeed. –Love, Mrs. Hernandez & Mrs. Jasso

21 Questions… What to expect from your teachers? Questions about your teachers? Will my teachers treat me fairly?

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