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Is like School!.

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1 Is like School!

2 Although I know Pokemon is a television show and is NOT real, it might help me to think of school like an episode of Pokemon. Pokemon is an interest of mine and it might help me make connections between how to become a better student and friend, just like Ash and Pikachu.

3 Mrs. Ashrafioun is like Ash. Mrs
Mrs. Ashrafioun is like Ash. Mrs. Ashrafioun’s students are like her Pokemon. Mrs. Ashrafioun has trained many pokemon over the years and has helped them go through school and has helped many students gain experience points and tranform their lives. Mrs. Ashrafioun even has the letters ASH in her name.

4 STUDENT is like a pokemon that has struggled to listen to his trainer Mrs. Ashrafioun, like Pikachu struggled to listen to Ash in the beginning. It might be really smart to listen to Mrs. Ashrafioun, because she is trying to help me become a better student, person and friend to peers.

5 Mrs. Zaney and Mrs. Flagg are like May and Max, they are Pokemon Trainers in Training. They help Mrs. Ashrafioun help her students / pokemon transform and make changes to their knowledge, peer interaction and thinking.

6 Most school days are tough and long, like an epsiode of Pokemon
Most school days are tough and long, like an epsiode of Pokemon. Just like Ash and Pikachu, I have to go through tough interactions and are challenged to do work that can be hard for me. I know Pikachu, even when things get hard, ALWAYS tries to help Ash remain safe and get through the episode.

7 Some ways Mrs. Ashrafioun can help me, like Ash helps Pikachu, she can help me understand when I am too upset / mad to be safe. Mrs. Ashrafioun might say, “ I see you are not working in the classroom. Time to work in the Quiet Study Room.”

8 When Mrs Ashrafioun says this, she is NOT giving me a punishment or making me go back into my Pokemon ball, she is HELPING me regain control like Ash helps Pokemon regain control when he battles other Pokemon. She is doing this so I can become a better learner and friend to my peers.

9 My friends or other Pokemon in my classroom are trying to tranform and become better students with the help of Mrs. Ashrafioun too. It is my duty, as a fellow student, to follow the Pokemon Code of Honor, and help my peers transform into better students. It is my duty as well to transform myself into a better student

10 I can try to remember: Mrs. Ashrafioun is an AMAZING trainer / teacher. She has helped many kids and can/will HELP me, become more safe and productive at school. I want to be a better student like the Pokemon want to be better more efficient Pokemon. All of the other teachers in the room are helpers to Mrs. Ashrafioun, the most AMAZING trainer / teacher this side of Hoenn.

11 Good Luck in gaining skills and Transforming. You can do it STUDENT
Good Luck in gaining skills and Transforming!! You can do it STUDENT. Pikachu thinks you can do it, Mrs. Ashrafioun thinks you can do it, Your parents think you can do it, Your Pokemon characters think you can do it. You have to think you can do it.

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