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Sustainable ICT for Schools and Colleges

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1 Sustainable ICT for Schools and Colleges

2 What does it all mean?

3 What does it all mean? Not just about recycling and reducing waste – or composting in the garden!! (Image of Darren with his compost bin and wellies) Getting the most from what you spend. Investing for a stable future. RM survey into what educational establishments want – highlights the importance now being placed on green purchasing decisions.


5 What does it all mean? “Sustainability is about more than carbon footprints” - Wayne Hemingway, Designer “…(it’s) about creating places where people will want to put down roots and be happy.”

6 What do you think sustainability means?

7 2020 vision By 2020, the Government would like: All schools to be models of energy efficiency, renewable energy use and water management. All schools to be models of sustainable procurement, using goods and services of high environmental and ethical standards. All school buildings to make visible use of sustainable design features and, as opportunities arise, to choose building technologies, interior furnishings and equipment with a low impact on the environment. Sustainable Schools for pupils, communities and the environment: An Action Plan for the DfES; DCFS (April 2007) Government target – 2020 all schools to Children’s Plan target for all new school buildings to be carbon neutral by 2016. Ed Balls announced 200 projects costing £110 m over three years as drive for new schools to be carbon neutral All sounds very daunting. BUT the good news is, there are already ICT solutions available that can help you to meet some of these targets – Now! What about Colleges?? Need to include them too.

8 2020 vision £110 million being set aside over the next three years to help provide 200 low carbon schools. “If we succeed, this could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8 million tons over the next decade.” Jim Knight, Schools Minister Sustainable Schools: Are We Building Schools for the Future? House of Commons (July 2007) Ed Balls announced 200 projects costing £110 m over three years as drive for new schools to be carbon neutral. A typical secondary school will receive £500,000 to promote energy efficiency and to reduce energy emissions.

9 Reducing waste and energy usage Introduce sustainable and ‘green’
Sustainable RM Reducing waste and energy usage Sustainable Schools & Colleges Sustainable Products Introduce sustainable and ‘green’ products Growing green learners Sustainable RM A few years ago there was a lot of interest in sustainability within RM – it regularly appeared on the employee satisfaction surveys we do. Although there was this swelling of swampies at RM wanting to be better to the environment, it needed SMT buy in to focus on what we actually wanted to achieve and drive things forward. Today we’ve got the Green RM group, made up of employees from all around the business. Lets hear what a few of our employees have to say about Green RM

10 Video available on
So I think you’ll agree, that we’re by no means carbon neutral yet – but we are trying really hard to be better to the environment. I don’t know about all of you, but I’m not an ecowarrior. If I was, I’d probably be working for Green Peace or tying myself to trees like Swampy! I’m happy to do my bit for the environment, if it’s on my terms and only if it’s not an inconvenience. The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate how easy it is to make the little changes, that of course soon stack up to make a real difference, without compromising on price or effort. Our green values are embedded into the corporate objectives and are taken very seriously. Here are a few examples of our green objectives Video available on

11 Energy Reduce total group electricity usage from 2006 levels by at least 10% by 2010 Reduce gas and fuel oil usage by 10% by 2010

12 Energy Reduced Energy Usage
This graph is an example of what we’ve achieved so far. It shows the amount of power saved in the Abingdon offices last year. This was down to very simple things like turning off PCs and monitors over night. A total of £16,000 was saved last year on our electricity bills – although this wasn’t a cost saving exercise I think it’s a pretty compelling reason to be more efficient, don’t you? Just think how many PCs you could buy with £16,000!? There are a few quick wins here for schools too. I’m not sure if you all know, but most of the utility boards now give the option to itemise your energy bills into 30 minute sections. This could help you understand better when you are using the most energy throughout the day and hopefully put in place a project to reduce that usage. This is a tangible example of what you can do to make a difference – the key point here is that there has to be buy in at all levels within the establishment. If you haven’t got one already, why not set up a working group like Green RM to support and promote this in your workplace? The students can get involved too.

13 Reducing waste and energy usage Growing green learners Introduce
Sustainable RM Reducing waste and energy usage Sustainable Schools and Colleges Growing green learners Sustainable Products Introduce Sustainable and ‘green’ products Sustainable Schools In fact, lets have a look at a school that has already done just this.

14 Helston
Last year RM have helped Helston Community School to bring sustainability values in the classroom It was a really inspirational project and the students got really involved, researching, designing and installing a wind turbine to power an RM PC. Here’s an ITV news report illustrating the success of the project SCHOOL COUNCIL QUOTE

15 Video available on

A year on the group have achieved loads. They are producing a weekly environmental show on Radio Cornwall and have regular updated stats on their website. They’ve received high praise from OFSTED & The Royal Society. Before moving on to further university, the older students involved will leave a legacy behind - recruiting younger students to set up a group council called Ecowarriors. Their main aim is to make the school a more environmentally friendly place, and they’ve already made Truro a plastic bag free town centre! This is a great project for your school to get involved in – wind turbines, energy saving PCs and a project booklet are available on our website NOW, so there’s nothing stopping your science or DT departments having a go today!

17 Growing Greener Learners
Woodland Trust I don’t know if you’re aware, but RM support Woodland Trust and is a corporate sponsor. And their Tree for All project aims involve over 1 million students in planting 12 million trees. Tree planting kits and lots of cool activities and materials available online And I think this is a great opportunity to ensure that sustainability isn’t just a box ticking exercise, but actually a topic that learners are switched onto and encouraged to think about their impact on the environment both in and outside of school. Website & Poster There’s also loads of great materials on the RM website. There’s a poster available in the foyer when you leave, with some great ideas for saving energy and helping your school to become more sustainable. Beautifully fashioned by Darren there! 10 Tips In your delegate bag, we have given you a leaflet published by BECTA It outlines 10 very easy ways to be make your school more sustainable. I’d urge you all to take this away with you as there’s some great stuff here to get you started. Before you ask, it IS printed on recycled paper!

18 Reducing waste and energy usage Growing green learners Introduce
Sustainable RM Reducing waste and energy usage Sustainable Schools and Colleges Growing green learners Sustainable Products Introduce sustainable and ‘green’ products Sustainable Schools With energy bills rocketing, computers in your school contribute to well over half of your electricity usage. Lets look at what sustainable products are available to address this

19 Energy Saving Hardware
PC Power Consumption And as you can see, RM are constantly coming up with better ways to reduce the power consumption of PCs. I think it’s fantastic that by 2010 we’re planning to have HALVED the power consumption of the PCs of today!

20 Energy Saving Hardware
Go green without compromise! - Reduce impact of ICT - Cool and quiet Ecoquiet PCs On the back of customer feedback, back in 2006 we developed the ecoquiet PC range. RM were first to market with this innovative hardware that uses 2/3rds less energy than a standard PC. We’ve already sold over 35,000 units and the schools that have bought these will save over £1 million on their energy bills over the next 4 years. And we offer flexible configurations of this technology so it ONLY costs as little as £10 more than a standard PC. Going back to Darren’s point earlier on, there REALLY IS no need to compromise on price to go green. As the name would suggest, they are also much quieter and produce less heat than standard PCs, so an ICT suite full of these is a much more comfortable teaching and learning environment. If you think about it, it would be a lot cheaper to replace with ecoquiet than to install expensive air conditioning. This is continuously developing, and recently we’ve added the ecoquiet RM Serv to the family. Over time we are looking to embed this technology right across our server range.

21 Energy Saving Accessories
Energy Meter Networking Intelliplug Low power consumption actives We’ve seen quite a bit now about low energy consumption PCs but let’s not forget the invisible technology – the infrastructure. By that I mean cables and switches and all the really techy stuff your network managers love to drool over! When it comes to replacing your existing switches, you might want to think about some of the power saving devices we have available online. These basically put themselves into sleep mode during evenings and weekends, but power back up automatically if and when needed. Power Meters You might also want to invest in one of these power meters to help understand your usage better. They’re less than twenty pounds, and available on the website. In fact for those of you that gave us your feedback before the conference, we’ve got one of these meters for you to take away today. Lisa will also have these on show outside during the breaks – so take them away with you and why not get the students switched onto understanding what uses the most energy around you. Intelligent Power Plugs Another accessory online is the intelligent power plugs. These are really clever! You plug your PC into the master socket, and your monitor and peripherals into the other sockets. When you turn your PC off it automatically switches all the other stuff off for you. With the best will in the world, people do forget to switch stuff off so this could make lives a whole lot simpler.

22 Energy Saving Services
RM ecoInstall Of course it’s not just about the hardware products that RM has to offer – it’s also about services. This summer RM will be launching a variety of more flexible installation options. One of the low cost services will be ecoInstalls. Basically rather than all being done onsite, much of the commissioning work can be done remotely over the web by one of our engineers. Having worked in installations myself, I think this is brilliant as it means there are less engineers on the road polluting the environment, and of course it’s cheaper for you the customer. Again A great example of where being sustainable doesn’t need to be a compromise on price or inconvenience.


24 First XP only then add in Vista
Sustaining your ICT investments

25 Understanding your resources



28 Tools that save time, energy and money



31 Eliminating printer waste

32 Education spends in excess of £158m on stationery per year
Did you know? Education spends in excess of £158m on stationery per year

33 54 million printer cartridges are disposed of annually
Did you know? 54 million printer cartridges are disposed of annually

34 Print volumes are increasing 20% annually
Did you know? Print volumes are increasing 20% annually

35 Users can see total printer credit balance available
Cost per page for specific printers can also be viewed JON Encourages users to “think before they print” 35 35


37 Any questions ?

38 Any questions ?

39 Pcounter can help eliminate waste by making staff and pupils accountable for what they print by putting Rules in place to control WHO printed WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW MUCH. (Not sure what else you want to put here….)

40 Get Buy-In Objectives Get Involved Audit



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