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Facing the Challenges of the Future. Instructional Challenges Student Achievement Grades K – 8 Enrollment Compliance with Bilingual & Special Ed laws.

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1 Facing the Challenges of the Future

2 Instructional Challenges Student Achievement Grades K – 8 Enrollment Compliance with Bilingual & Special Ed laws Delivery of World Language Program and Electives Technology / PARCC Testing

3 Special Education Mandates A free appropriate public education according to N.J.A.C. 6A:14-1.1 (b) is available to all students with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 21, including students with disabilities that have been suspended or expelled from school.

4 Special Education Enrollment Pre-School Students with Disabilities School Aged Students in District Outside Placement Students Total Students being served under Special Education

5 Enrollment as of March 21, 2014 Pre K K123456789101112 Total School Populatio n Franklin 82107108100122114111118109126 1,097 Garfield 57848311088947177 664 Lincoln 2855525367585253203198 819 Roosevelt 3662585549667063 459 Schuyler 36425944565157516356 515 Washington 368110487806065556674 708 Kearny High 478393400427 1,698 Total Grade Students 2754314644494624434264174414544783934004275,960 5,885

6 District Capacity SchoolCurrent Enrollment CapacityCapacity Status Franklin1,0971,098 Garfield664534+130 (Over) Lincoln819871-52 Roosevelt459378+61 (Over) Schuyler515519-4 Washington708671+37 (Over) Kearny High1,6981,885-187 Total5,9605,956+4 (Over) (-71)

7 Scheduling Committee Recommendations February 2012 Recommendation #1: Create 2 middle schools Increased instructional time in Math and ELA (no less than 60 minutes) Common Planning Time Equity among schools Smaller class size and increase staff if needed Recommendation #2: Restructuring Help Period Minimum 60 minutes Science and Social Studies (6-8) Recess at lunch time Increased instructional time in World Language Computer instruction in elementary grades Electives in all grades 7

8 Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations Goal: To structure the Kearny School District so it operates efficiently and meets the needs of our students and taxpayers Objective: Implement a middle school campus (grades 6, 7 & 8) Prioritized Action Steps: Determine the staffing needs for the middle school campus Goal: Address space issues. Have our facilities be safe and well maintained. Objective: Alleviate space issues Prioritized Action Steps: Redistricting Study 8

9 Why a Middle School? Provide an equitable education for all students Provide appropriate instructional space in all buildings Address staffing inefficiencies Address Spec. Ed. & Bilingual compliance

10 The Lincoln Campus 10

11 The Lincoln Campus 2014-2015 SY: 2 Schools 1 Elementary (PK-5 & 7-8) 1 District 6 th Grade housed at Lincoln Annex (St. Stephen’s property) 2015-2016 SY: 1 Campus – 2 buildings 1 District Wide Middle School (Grades 6-8) – Grade 6 housed at Lincoln Annex (St. Stephen’s property) – Grade 7 & 8 housed at current Lincoln School 11

12 How Instruction Will Look District Wide Grade 6 (426 students) 4 Teams – each consisting of approx. 108 students 1 Eng. Lang. Arts teacher 1 Math teacher 1 Social Studies teacher 1 Science teacher (each teaching 5 sections) Average class size – 22 students Common preparation period for team teachers 12

13 More Course Offerings for All A/B Schedule offering (in 2014-2015) : 1 st Elective Period Phys. Ed. & Health World Language (Spanish – gr. 6) 2 nd Elective Period Computer /Technology Education Art Instrumental Music still offered for interested students 13

14 Phys. Ed. & Health Offerings: Grades 6, 7, 8 at Lincoln Campus One Marking Period each: Physical Education- Indoor Sports Physical Education- Aerobic Exercise Swim instruction Health 14

15 Staffing Efficiency 15 Year 1 Reduction of 4 or more positions (through attrition*) that could be used to address the needs of an increasing special education population and provide some computer instruction in elementary grades. Year 2 Further reduction of approximately 4-6 positions - Average class size: 18/20 OR Reduction of 8-10 positions – Average class size: 22 *Anticipated reduction of staff through attrition due to retirements.

16 Impact on Pre K - 5 Lower class size Common planning time Uninterrupted ELA and Math blocks Ability to offer computer/technology classes

17 Total Students Relocated to the “Lincoln Annex” for 2014-15 SY SchoolNumber of Students Franklin111 Garfield71 Lincoln52 Roosevelt70 Schuyler57 Washington65 Total426

18 Total Classrooms Made Available in each School for 2014-15 SY SchoolClassrooms Franklin4 Garfield4 Lincoln4 Roosevelt3 Schuyler3 Washington2 Total20

19 After Year 2, No School will be Over Capacity!!

20 If we do nothing… Larger class sizes Temporary Classroom Units at: Garfield (2) Washington (2) Schuyler (1 possible)

21 Budget without Middle School 4-5 Temporary Classroom Units ▪Mobilization: $ 50,000 ▪Rental/Purchase: $ 60,000 per yr. (to rent) $ 5,000-$10,000 PER MONTH/$100,000 TO PURCHASE $500,000 (to purchase) ▪Removal: $ 40,000 Total Cost:$ 150,000.00 (to rent) $ 550,000.00 (to purchase)

22 Middle School Budget Rental/Purchase of Property: $395,000 Utilities: $100,000 Furniture: $ 10,000 Repairs: $ 15,000

23 Anticipated Questions Why can’t we solve our issues with redistricting? Why not use St. Stephen’s as another K-6, and make Lincoln a 7-8 middle school? Why this location? Why not move to have the full plan completed immediately?

24 Recommendation Move forward to negotiate a lease / purchase agreement with St. Stephen’s to provide additional classroom space for the 2014-2015 school year and beyond. 24

25 Questions

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