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Blackfoot School District Federal Programs. Descriptions are provided for the following Federal Programs:  Title I  Title I-C Migrant  Title III 

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1 Blackfoot School District Federal Programs

2 Descriptions are provided for the following Federal Programs:  Title I  Title I-C Migrant  Title III  Title II  Homeless Some federal programs-- also available in the district but not described in this PowerPoint-- are Child Nutrition, Indian Education, Safe and Drug Free, Neglected and Delinquent….and so on..

3 Title I-A  Largest federal assistance program for education nationwide.  Provides about $1.6 million to Blackfoot Schools.  Two types of Title I programs in the district—targeted assistance and schoolwide.

4 What is a Title I targeted assisted program?  Title I targeted assistance programs provide educational services to identified individual students who have been targeted based on academic needs in reading and math. The targeted students must be ranked as most in need of Title I services.  Blackfoot Sixth Grade School and Independence Alternative High School are Title I targeted assisted schools.

5 What is a Title I Schoolwide Program?  A Title I Schoolwide Program is a reform strategy designed to upgrade the entire educational program in a school. Schoolwide programs maximize the impact of Title I.  In a Title I Schoolwide Program, all personnel are considered Title I. All teachers and parapros must be highly qualified. The school is held accountable to ensure that all students are making adequate yearly progress.  All Blackfoot Elementary Schools are Title I Schoolwide Programs.

6 What are the goals for Title I?  To help disadvantaged students to achieve the State’s high, challenging, academic standards.  To increase effective parental participation.  To upgrade and reform the instructional program in the school.

7 Title I-C Migrant (MEP)  The Blackfoot Migrant Education Program (Title I-C) is a supplemental program that supports the education of migrant students.  All federal program personnel are able to provide educational services for migrant students--Title I, Title III/State LEP, or Title I-C staff.  The district currently enrolls migrant students in every school in Blackfoot except for Fort Hall and Wapello.

8 Seven Areas of Concern for Migrant Students  Educational Continuity  Instructional Time  School Engagement  English Language Development  Educational Support in the Home  Health  Access to Services

9 How do students qualify for the migrant program?  The Migrant Education Program (MEP) serves migrant families with children ages 3 to their 22nd birthday (without a high school diploma or GED).  Parents must be employed in agriculture or the fishing industry.  Family must have a qualifying move in the last two years.  Must complete certificate of eligibility with the Blackfoot MEP family liaison— Christina Holguin.

10 What are the goals of MEP? Blackfoot MEP Program goals include the following:  Encourage MEP parents to be involved in the schools;  Increase the number of MEP students that are proficient in math on the ISAT;  Increase the number of MEP students that graduate from high school.

11 Title III Program supplemental programs  Title III/State LEP are supplemental programs designed to improve the education of English language learners (ELL) through English language development programs.  The district’s core program for English language development is taught in the regular classroom using the SIOP model of instruction.  ELL program staff are found in every school in the Blackfoot district except for IAHS. The program provides funding for ESL teachers at BHS, MVMS, BSGS and Stalker. Paraprofessionals work in Fort Hall, Groveland, Ridge Crest, Stoddard and Wapello.

12 Which Blackfoot students qualify for services in the district’s ELL/LEP program?  In order to qualify, a student must have a second language in the home—other than English.  Once identified from the district’s registration card, the student must be given an Idaho ELL Placement test.  If the student scores below “advanced” on the Placement test, he/she can be placed in the program.  Parents have the right to opt out of the program.

13 Title III Goals for 2009-2010  GOAL 1: To increase the number of LEP students who are proficient on the Idaho English Language Assessment (IELA) by 7% each year in order to reach the target of 55% proficiency by 2011.  GOAL 2: To increase the number of 3rd-8th & 10th grade LEP students who are proficient on the Spring IRI and/or Spring ISAT in reading and math by 3% in 2010 and 3% in 2011.  GOAL 3: To develop a formalized cultural program to maximize effective teaching and learning for all Blackfoot students including its LEP students.

14 Title II  Title II was authorized by NCLB. It is the part of NCLB that requires teachers to be highly qualified.  Title II funds provide salaries for class size reduction in K-3, funding for professional development, and support for retaining highly qualified teachers.  The district’s professional development plan was approved by the Idaho Dept. of Education on Dec.1, 2009.

15 Blackfoot’s Homeless Education Program  According to federal law, the district must provide services to any student that is considered homeless or displaced because of an emergency situation.  The district’s liaison for the homeless is Linda Dunbar, Federal Programs Director.  The immediate contact for each Blackfoot school is the school principal or counselor.

16 What does the district provide for homeless or displaced students ?  A homeless or displaced student qualifies immediately to be enrolled in the school.  He/she qualifies for free meals.  He/she qualifies for help in providing education supplies or school clothing.  He/she qualifies for transportation services.  He/she is automatically qualified for academic support services.

17 What are the steps to finding a qualified “homeless or displaced” student?  When a student is registered in the Blackfoot School District, the parents (or guardians) are asked to fill out a Homeless/Displaced student survey.  If the parent indicates a possible homeless situation—such as doubled up with another family, in a shelter, or transitional housing—the survey is transferred to the school counselor.  The school counselor works with parents to determine if the student qualifies for the homeless program.  The counselor notifies the federal program’s office that a student qualifies as homeless or displaced.  When a student is identified as homeless, that designation is in effect for the duration of the current school year.

18 Please direct any questions to the following personnel:  Esperanza Z Taylor, Federal Programs Director  Kathy Lawhon, Secretary  MEP Family Liaison: Christina Alvarez, 785-8835  The office is at Blackfoot District building, top floor, Rm.11.  Call us at 785-8800

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