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DSA Workshop presented by PSG Saturday 19 th April 2008.

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1 DSA Workshop presented by PSG Saturday 19 th April 2008

2 AGENDA What is DSA? Which schools offer DSA? When is the DSA exercise? How & when to apply? Where to go for more information? Question & Answer session with parents of ex-TNS DSA students

3 DISCLAIMER This is NOT an official briefing by the School The parents are here simply to share their experiences in past DSA exercises Please check with MOE and/or schools for current DSA policy and practice Neither the School nor the PSG should be held liable in any way

4 What is DSA? DSA stands for Direct School Admission MOE scheme to give participating schools greater flexibility in their admission of pupils using criteria other than PSLE results Aims to promote holistic education by allowing a more diverse range of pupil achievements and talents to be recognised DSA is optional – students can continue to gain admission via PSLE results

5 Why DSA? If you are outstanding in a particular area (can be academic or non- academic) Once you are offered a place via DSA, your place is guaranteed as long as you qualify for the course Results of DSA application are known by July/August before PSLE

6 Why not DSA? Process can be more stressful than applying for a job –Submission of application & portfolio –General Ability Test or equivalent –Interviews & more tests –Trials (for non-academic criteria) Chances of success are not high and can be discouraging Subject you to emotional upheaval


8 Please Note If you are successful in DSA and you accept the offer, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the centralised Secondary One Posting Exercise You may seek school transfers on your own depending on availability of PSLE Supplementary Intake Exercise

9 Which schools offer DSA? In 2007, 56 secondary schools offered DSA for 2008 Sec One Schools with integrated programme (IP) such as ACS (Independent), Dunman High, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls’ High, RGS, RI & River Valley High Independent schools (IS) (but without IP) such as MGS, SCGS & SJI Specialised independent schools (SIS) such as NUS High School of Math & Science, School of the Arts (SOTA), Sports School (not strictly under DSA) & School of Science & Technology (SST) (opens 2010)

10 Admiralty SecFairfield Methodist SecRiver Valley High Ahmad Ibrahim SecFuhua Sec School of the Arts, Singapore(SOTA)* Anderson SecGan Eng Seng Sch Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Anglican HighHwa Chong InstitutionSt Andrew’s Sec Anglo-Chinese (Independent)Jurong SecSt Anthony’s Canossian Sec Bukit Panjang Govt HighJurong West SecSt Hilda’s Sec Catholic HighMaris Stella HighSt Joseph’s Institution Cedar Girls’ SecMethodist Girls’ (Sec)St Margaret’s Sec CHIJ Katong ConventMontfort SecSt Patrick’s School CHIJ Sec (Toa Payoh)Nan Hua HighTanjong Katong Girls’ CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’Nanyang Girls’ HighTanjong Katong Sec CHIJ St Theresa’s ConventNgee Ann SecTemasek Sec Chung Cheng High (Main)Northland SecVictoria School Clementi Town SecNUS HighXinmin Sec Commonwealth SecOutram SecYio Chu Kang Sec Crescent Girls’ Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ (Sec)Yishun Town Sec Deyi SecPresbyterian HighYuhua Sec Dunman HighRaffles Girls’ (Sec)Zhonghua Sec Dunman SecRaffles Institution

11 SchoolProgramme Offered Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (252/235) 6-year IP leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Dunman High SchoolDunman High School (260)6-year IP leading to the ‘A’ levels Hwa Chong InstitutionHwa Chong Institution (261) Nanyang GirlsNanyang Girls (265/251) Hwa Chong Institution 6-year IP leading to the ‘A’ levels HCI Integrated Programme Hwa Chong Diploma for top 30% NUS High School Of Mathematics & Science NUS High School Of Mathematics & Science (Own Criteria) 6-year IP leading to the NUS High School Diploma Students will also sit for the SAT and Advanced Placement Examination by the College Board Raffles Institution Raffles Institution (263) Raffles Girls Raffles Girls (266) Raffles Junior College 6-year IP leading to the ‘A’ levels Raffles Programme Raffles Diploma (unconfirmed) River Valley HighRiver Valley High (254)6-year IP leading to the 'A' levels National Junior CollegeNational Junior College*6-year IP leading to the 'A' levels School of the Arts School of the Arts (Own Criteria) 6-year IP leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma 6 Year Integrated Programmes Non-IP Schools: MGS (255/220), SCGS (257/200), SJI (243/235), CG (243), TKGS (234), VS (246) *Starts 2009

12 How many places are given out under DSA? Schools with Integrated Programme (IP) have the discretion to admit up to 100% of their intake through DSA but in 2006/07 reportedly admitted only up to 50% Independent Schools (IS) without IP - 20% Autonomous Schools (AS) without IP – 10% Niche Programme Schools (NS) – 5% NUS High, SOTA and Sports School admit 100% of their intake through DSA or equivalent direct application

13 What you need to do now Get a computer and an email account Gather information on schools by calling them, checking their websites, attending their open houses Get ready your portfolio of supporting documents Register and sit for any selection test if required Submit your application

14 ACS (Independent) 23 April – Presentation to P6 GEP students & parents 25 April – Presentation to Non-Feeder Schools P6 students & parents By 12 May & 27 June – Register for High Ability Selection Test on 26/27 May & 8 July By 22 May, 18 June & 3 July – Register for Sports Trials on 24 May, 21 June & 5 July 27 June – Closing Date for Submission of Application & Portfolio Website:

15 RI / RGS Open House – RI on 17 May, RGS on 24 May Sports Trials/Interviews on 2 or 23 June (07) General Ability Test and more tests Closing Date for applications on 13 July (07) Website:

16 Hwa Chong / Nanyang Girls Open Houses – 3 May for Hwa Chong and 17 May for Nanyang Girls 1 June (07) – DSA1 application closes (for Singapore Asia-Pacific Maths Olympiad Platimum, Gold & Silver awardees, GEP students & Sports talents) 13 July (07) – DSA2 application closes (for all other students who have done exceptionally well academically and shown strong leadership qualities in school General Ability Test, more tests, Sports Trials & Interviews Websites:

17 NUS High School of Mathematics & Science 15 March to 20 June – Registration for Phase 1 (85% of vacancies) Talks: 30 May (full) 13 June (applicants only) 28 June – Selection Test 19 & 26 July – Non-residential Math & Science Camp for short-listed applicants 19 to 26 November – Registration for Phase 2 Short-listing of applicants for Phase 2 based solely on PSLE performance Website:

18 Singapore Sports School 4 or 5 years leading to GCE ‘O’ levels Open House & Selection Trials usually in July Track & Field, Badminton, Bowling, Soccer, Netball, Sailing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Golf & other sports on a case-by-case basis Apply directly to Sports School Applicants should also apply to a mainstream secondary school. MOE has given assurance that a place will be available in the school that he is posted to should he decide to opt out of Sports School Website:

19 School of the Arts (SOTA) Primary criteria for admission is artistic talent in –dance (ballet or non-ballet) –music (instrumental or voice) –theatre; or –visual arts Applicants must attend Talent Academy (TA) for live auditions, interviews, portfolio review & creative writing Applications for TA sessions on 18, 19 & 20 June close on 2 June 2008 6 year integrated arts and academic curriculum with International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma as graduating qualification Website:

20 National Junior College Starts 2009 6 year IP leading to GCE ‘A’ levels Applications from 19 April to 9 May Admission Tests on 26 May Interview on 12 July Website:

21 School of Science & Technology (SST) Opens 2010 4 years leading to GCE ‘O’ levels Special focus on Applied Learning 100% admission via DSA Website:

22 For more information Visit MOE DSA website at /dsa-sec/ /dsa-sec/ Call MOE Customer Service Centre at 6872-2220 Visit websites of participating schools or call them as MOE website may not be current –website addresses and telephone numbers available on the MOE DSA website

23 Q & A Session K H Ling – RI Parent K S Toh – Hwa Chong Parent Bobby Boon – Sports Sch Parent Linda Lian – RI/NUS High Parent Lee Lian – RGS Parent Claire Cheong – NUS High Student

24 Thank You Please visit our website at or email us at if you have any questions if you have any questions

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