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Senior Parent Information Meeting Class of 2015 Monday, September 15, 2014.

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1 Senior Parent Information Meeting Class of 2015 Monday, September 15, 2014

2  Who to Contact & Where to Find Information  Important Senior Dates  Graduation Requirements  College Application Information  State Scholarships & Grants Time for Questions & Answers at the end ….so let’s get started

3 Counseling & Advisement Team Last NameCounselorEmailOffice Phone A – BiMarci Bl – DaAmanda De – HaCrystal He – LCindy M – PlBryan Po – SpJoe Ben St – ZStacy Career Specialist Shenita Chapman SecretaryMichelle RecordsAl

4 Web Site – Twitter – (@RBHSGators) Facebook – River Bluff High School


6 See Later Gator Daily Announcements here

7 1 st Semester Senior IGP Conferences – Now – Oct 15 th (Schedule with your Counselor) Senior Class Graduation Meeting – Sept 24 th (11:30 – 12:30 in the PAC) Graduation Supply Order Day – Sept 30 th (8:30 – 3:30 on Main St) Senior Yearbook Ad Deadline – Oct 14 th (Mrs Powell, Room F201) College Application Day – Oct 21 st (9 – 3 in Counseling Commons) Senior Yearbook Picture Make-Up – Oct 22 nd (see Mrs Powell for appt)

8 2 nd Semester College Goal SC (FREE assistance completing FAFSA) – February (date, location TBA) Prom – April 25 th (8pm – midnight at Columbia Conference Center) Awards Ceremony – May 11 th (7pm in the PAC) Final Exams – May 28 th – June 2 nd MANDATORY Graduation Practice – June 5 th (8:30am in the PAC)

9 Saturday, June 6 th 4:00 pm Colonial Life Arena

10  English 4 Credits  Math4 Credits  Science3 Credits  US History1 Credit  Economics½ Credit  American Government½ Credit  Other Social Studies1 Credit  Foreign Language OR Career 1 Credit  PE or ROTC1 Credit  Computer Science1 Credit  Electives7 Credits  Total24 Credits

11 GPA Based on 4.0 weighted South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy (SC UGP GPA) Un-weighted 4.0 GPA Confirm your info is correct Current class rank Courses you’re taking this year All courses you’ve taken for high school credit Check school names, years, & course names for accuracy, especially if you transferred to Lexington One from another district or state.

12 SELECTIVITYACT SAT (CR + M) EXAMPLESOPEN All graduates accepted, to limit of capacity At least 17At least 800 ALL TECHNICAL COLLEGES LIBERAL Some freshmen from lower half of class At least 18At least 880 Lander, USC-Aiken, Francis Marion TRADITIONAL Majority of accepted freshmen in top 50% of class At least 21At least 1000 Clemson, University of South Carolina, College Of Charleston SELECTIVE Majority of accepted freshmen in top 25% of class At least 24At least 1100 Furman, Wofford HIGHLY SELECTIVE Majority of accepted freshmen in top 10% of class At least 29At least 1300 Duke, Vanderbilt, Carnegie-Melon

13  Apply ONLINE and print confirmation  Remember your login information so you can check the status – GOOD IDEA TO ALWAYS USE THE SAME USERNAME & PASSWORD  Enter Counselor email address correctly for schools with online counselor verification forms. If forms cannot be submitted online, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to print a copy, fill it out, & bring it to your counselor at least one week prior to the application deadline.  We DO NOT send copies of SAT/ACT scores. You must request an official copy be sent from the testing agency  Bring copies of ALL decision letters (acceptances, denials, wait lists) to your school counselor

14  October 21 st 9am-3pm  RBHS Counseling Commons  Complete & submit apps with assistance from school counselors and college admission reps  Request delivery of transcript on Parchment so you know everything is DONE


16  Delivery of all transcripts must be requested at  Transcripts will be sent electronically (even if you apply using paper application, an account must be created to have transcript sent electronically)  FREE to all colleges in SC, minimal fee for some out-of-state schools if they choose to charge (over 1,700 colleges/universities in the network)  Request Delivery then Track Receipt of your transcript  Request Initial Transcript for ALL colleges applying  Request Mid-Year Transcript at the semester (to schools requesting)  Request Final Transcript to the college you will attend

17 2-Year Technical College :  COMPASS Placement Test  Contact Testing Services at the college 4-Year College/University:  SAT – Must register online at  ACT – Must register online at  Fee waivers for SAT and/or ACT may be available for students receiving free or reduced price lunch who meet academic criteria Students planning to attend a technical college, even if transferring to a 4-year college later, do NOT have to take the SAT or ACT!

18 To register online go to FEES: ACT (No Writing) $38 ACT (Plus Writing) $54.50 Late Registrationadd $24 Standby on test day add $47

19 To register online go to FEES: SAT I Reasoning - $52.50 SAT II Subject Test Basic Fee (per test date)- $ 26 Language & Listening Tests (per test) - $26 All other Subject Tests (per test) - $16 ADDITIONAL FEES: Late registration $28 Waitlist (if admitted on test day) $46 SAT I is used for admission Check with your college to see if SAT II Subject Test is required

20 Academic Criteria: Must meet ALL criteria –  Score 1200 SAT (Critical Reading & Math) or 27 ACT composite  Earn a 3.5 minimum GPA at the end of the Junior year**  Rank in the top 6% of the sophomore, junior or graduating senior class OR  Score 1400 on SAT (Critical Reading & Math) or 32 ACT  Earn a 4.0 GPA at the end of the Junior year** Award Amount: $6,700 Freshman year (sophomores, juniors & seniors may earn up to $7,500/yr) **GPA requirement at the end of the Senior year for Final Awards deadline We will notify eligible applicants when information is available (typically Nov)

21 4-Year College Academic Criteria: Must meet 2 of the 3 criteria -  Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the end of the senior year  Rank in the top 30% of the graduating class*  Score at least 1100 on the SAT (CR & M only) or 24 on the ACT 2-Year College Academic Criteria: Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the end of the senior year Award Amount:$5,000 or up to the cost of tuition *Students graduating in Summer School do not get ranked back in their class so can only qualify with the test score and GPA criteria for 4-year institution eligibility NO APPLICATION required. The COLLEGE will notify eligible students.

22 HOPE Scholarship – 4-year College  One-year merit-based for 1 st time entering freshmen  Only available at four-year schools  3.0 Final GPA (but not eligible to receive LIFE)  NO APPLICATION required. College will notify eligible students Award Amount: $2,800 toward cost of tuition Lottery Tuition Assistance Program – 2-year College  Only available at two-year schools  Must be degree seeking student taking at least six credit hours  Must complete the FAFSA Award Amount: Varies by funds available

23 Provides additional financial assistance to South Carolina’s neediest students  Must be attending an eligible SC public institution  Must complete the FAFSA each academic year  Must be enrolled a minimum of six credit hours (part-time) or twelve credit hours (full-time) for the term Award Amount: Up to $2,500/year for full-time students and up to $1,250/year for part-time  May receive funds up to eight full-time equivalent terms of funding  Foster care youth may receive the maximum award in addition to Need- based Grant funds specifically for foster care youth. These youth must self-identify by May 1 st.

24 Provides need-based grant assistance to eligible South Carolina undergraduate students  Must be attending an eligible SC independent non-profit institution  Must complete the FAFSA each academic year  Must be enrolled full time & for both semesters  Must graduate in the upper 75% of their high school class or score at least 900 SAT (CR+M) or at least 19 ACT Composite or graduate from a South Carolina high school with a final SC UGP GPA of 2.0 or higher Award Amount: varies based on family resources, cost of attendance, and funding by SC Legislature  May receive funds for up to four years while meeting eligibility criteria

25  Online search engines are a great place to start –,,,, and MANY, MANY more  Institutional Scholarships  Academic  Athletic  State & Local Scholarships  SC State Fair Scholarship  Sororities, Churches, Civic Organizations  Parent/Student Employment  Chick-fil-A  Wal-Mart  Career or Intended Major  SC Teaching Fellows  Call Me Mister Program  Military Commitment  Army College Fund  Navy College Fund  US Service Academy Appointment  ROTC Scholarships

26 All SAT and ACT scores must be reported directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center by the testing agency. When registering for the SAT or ACT, use the Eligibility Center code of 9999 to make sure the score is reported to the Eligibility Center.  Sliding scale for test score and core GPA with the minimum qualifying core GPA 2.0  2.0 minimum core GPA  Minimum 820 SAT (CR & M) or ACT 68 sum of scores

27  What’s NEXT? It’s about more than “the right 24”  Career Plans/Goals/Intended Major  At least one parent should try to attend with their senior  Generally last 20-25 minutes  Arrive on time, early if possible  What to bring?  Admissions requirements & deadlines for all 4- or 2-yr colleges applying  Recruiter contact if enlisted/enlisting in the armed forces  Resume if planning to join the workforce

28 Thank you for coming!

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