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3 PRIMARY SCHOOL NUMBER 3 IN LIBIĄŻ I go to Primary School Number 3 in Libiąż. I’m in sixth class. In my school there are thirteen classrooms downstairs, on the first floor and on the second floor. Behind the school there are a playing-ground and a beautiful forest, where we run. I like going to school, because I can teach a lot of things and have a great time with my friends.

4 D OWNSTAIRS AND U PSTAIRS Downstairs there are teacher’s room, a liblary, a club, a secretariat, toilets for girls and boys, a room for the youngest children from the first class, a big hall gym, a dinning room and a kitchen. In the school there are cloak- rooms, too. On the first floor there are classrooms, a computer class, toilets for girls and boys, a small hall for gymnastics and a nurse’s room. On the second floor there are classrooms, toilets for girls and boys and a small shop.

5 H AMSTER In the classroom number forty-seven there is a little animal. All students love it. The h amster’s eyes are black like a night and his fur is white and grey. His name is Alfred.

6 T EACHERS AND STUDENTS Our school was bulit in 1969 so it is 42 years old. Now there are three hundred thirteen students at school. They are 6 to 13 years old. School’s got 13 classrooms, 2 gyms, a library, a playground and teachers ’ room. At our school work 21 teachers. Seven of them teach the younger students(from 1-st to 3-rd class) fourteen teach older students. We can’t f o rget about our Headmaster, a secretary and ladies which clean our school and which cook dinner. Ahh and our janitress ! Wonderful wom a n. We really like our school and people who work there.


8 Me and catechist Wonderful woman

9 Hello, my name’s Justyna and I’m going to tell you something about subjects at my school. I hope you enjoy the reading! Here, we have a lot of work but students like to learn, there is a great atmosphere and teachers are very nice. We study Polish, English, maths, history, science, PE, ICT, religious lesson, music and art.

10 My favourite subject is English. I learn it at my sc hool and after lessons. I try to learn more and more! I love writing to my friends from other countries. I learn them Polish. Oh, Polish is an amazing subject too. I’m a talkative person so I love speaking in tongues.

11 MY DAY Every day I get up at seven o’clock. I wash my face and clean my teeth in the bathroom. Later I eat a good breakfast. I usually have some cornflakes with milk. After breafast I take my schoolbag and go to school. I start my lessons at 8 o’clock. I usually have seven lessons. My favourite lessons are English and Maths. I have lunch at school at 12:25. I go home at half past two. Next I relax. I watch TV, read my magazines or play with my dogs.

12 MY DAY Then, I do my homework. On Mondays and on Wednesdays I have my volleyball lessons. I have supper at quarter past seven. I have a shover and later I go to my room. Then I read in bed and fall asleep at about 9 o’ clock.

13 M Y TYPICAL SCHOOL ’ S DAY I often get to school by car. My lessons start at 8:45. J usually have 6-7 lessons I have lunch at school too. I go home and sometimes rest. Then I usually do my homework from half past four to half past five. On Mondays I also have some extra Germany lessons. On Tu e sday I ride a horse. I’m a librarian’s assistant during the s chool’s breaks. At home J like watching TV or playing with my dog.

14 T HIS IS M Y FAVOURITE HORSE. His name’s Lukas. This is pony shetland. Lukas is seven years old and h is fur is brown and white. He likes jumping and playing with a green apple.

15 S PORTS IN O UR S CHOOL Our school is the best in the sports. Sport is very important in our life. Primary School N umber 3 is the place where we can develop our hobby. On 17 th February we went skiing. It was great. There was a lot of snow and very cold. We go skiing every year. THE END

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