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Welcome to St. Philip School Follow Jesus the Angelway.

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1 Welcome to St. Philip School Follow Jesus the Angelway

2 Enrollment : 392 Students Pre K - 8th Grade Average Class Size - 20 Members of the Class of 2017 - our 102nd Class

3 How Do You Want Your Child to Grow? At St. Philip School, Children Grow in Heart as Well as in Mind through…

4 Faith Development All School Liturgy Class Masses Angelway Virtues Development Program GRACE Program Respect Life Program Sacrament Preparation Community Service

5 Religious Expression

6 Community Service

7 Academic Excellence Terra Nova Scores exceed national average.

8 Class of 2013 Reading5.07.5 Language5.0 8.0 Mathematics 4.4 5.7 Total Score 4.7 6.5 Science4.66.2 Social Studies 4.56.6 20082009 The longer students remain at SPS, the higher the percentage of increase in scores becomes.

9 Academic Support Special Needs Co-ordinator AIU Speech, Reading, Math Teachers ESAP Team

10 Academic Enrichment 9th Grade Science & Math for 8th graders at BC Thinking Caps Program- AIU Events for Gifted C-mites, Johns Hopkins Talent Search Odyssey of the Mind

11 Academic Enrichment Junior Achievement Reading Is Fundamental Cultural and Academic Programs

12 Fine Arts Exposure

13 Formal computer instruction in wired lab with 25 computers & SmartBoard Wireless lab with 43 laptopsDistance Learning opportunities Technology SmartBoard in every classroom 1-8

14 Multiple Intelligences Sports Student Council Band Forensics Fine Arts Newspaper Chess Programs in Cultural Diversity

15 Family Involvement GradeBook on-line Monthly Newsletter School Website Classroom Websites PTG –Parent Partners –Family Fun Night –Fall Masquerade –Fund Raising Projects

16 Faculty Under the supervision of the Sister Geri Marr, S.C. and the Sisters of Charity 18 full time teachers Music Art Library Computer Gym Speech Band Learning Support

17 Special Services Full hot lunch program YMCA gym program After School Care Summer Camp

18 Tuition Assistance Bishop’s Education Fund SOS Angel Fund Rebate Program

19 St. Philip School welcomes you. Your child is invited to follow Jesus the Angelway

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