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Calderglen High School Student Voice 2013/14 Cameron Struthers Torrance.

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1 Calderglen High School Student Voice 2013/14 Cameron Struthers Torrance

2 Student Voice As a student rep in Calderglen High School, you will play an important part in ensuring we maintain our Vision statement, our Mission statement and our school values. Your class and your school need you!!! Our Vision : Working together to inspire learning and shape the future Our Mission: We are a community of learners, committed to transforming lives. We care for each other, and work to create a supportive, encouraging, and nurturing environment where we flourish Our Values: Respect, Inclusion, Ambition, Achievement, Determination, Responsibility

3 Student Voice Student Reps ‘Rep’ is short for representative It is the job of the rep to represent the views of the others in your class It’s not about you getting what you want, it’s about you helping others and to discuss important issues on behalf of your class

4 Student Voice The class reps will work with the House Captains and the Pupil Support Managers to meet with the year head on a monthly basis.

5 What is expected of you? – You will be expected to attend all meetings – To participate in activities or jobs assigned to you – To be mature and contribute ideas and enthusiasm – Maintain notice boards – Keep your class updated – Speak to groups of people Student Voice

6 Through PSHE once a month, you will ask for ideas and views from your class. The focus of these views/discussions will be decided with your Year Head You will then bring the views and ideas of your class to the meeting with the Year Head Following the meeting, you and the House Captains will feedback to the year group assembly.

7 Student Voice BE ORGANISED! How will you manage all the information? Carry a notepad and write down the views of the class You can then take this to the meeting so that you don’t forget what was said Take notes during the meeting too BE HEARD! You have been chosen because we want to hear your voice – USE IT! Avoid sitting in silence during meetings, that is not why you were chosen Be confident Listen to the views of others


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