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The Würzburg School.

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1 The Würzburg School

2 Who were they? Oswald Külpe (1862-1915) Karl Marbe (1869-1953)
Founded an Institute of Psychology in Wüzburg to study THOUGHT PROCESSES (as opposed to thought content

3 Thought processes? For example: What is the process of this like?
Judgment Knowing Understanding Interpreting What is the process of this like? As opposed to: what is the content of this like?

4 Some of Külpe students Max Wertheimer Kurt Koffka Richard Pauli
Albert Michotte Basically the who 's who of the gestalt movement

5 An experiment by Albert Michotte
Go to Do the 4 experiments In what ways do those experiments deal with thought process rather than thought content? (note : these are Gestalt experiments)

6 Karl Marbe's method Uses the method of SYSTEMATIC SELF OBSERVATION (spoken reflection) to get at the process of thought. For example. Solve the following riddle: Sisters and brothers have I none, but that man's father is my father's son. How is this possible? And as you work at solving it, keep track of your thinking process. How is this different from introspection?

7 Other members of the Würzburg school (1)
Karl Bühler ( ) His wife is Charlotte Bühler, a well known developmentalist Some famous students were Konrad Lorenz (etology), Neal Miller and Edward Tolman (cognitive behaviorism)

8 Other members of the Würzburg school (2)
Narziss Kaspar Ach ( ) Introduces the concept of "determining tendencies". See for example this experiment by Ach in concept learning How does the child's behavior change from random to determined?

9 Other members of the Würzburg school (3)
Otto Selz ( ) (died in Auschwitz) The notion of "schematic anticipation", leads to the concept of AI For example: what should go in the missing places?

10 What did Wundt think of this?
Too phenomenological Too qualitative What do you think?


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