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Paul Revere Charter Middle School Making A Change….

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1 Paul Revere Charter Middle School Making A Change….


3 School Culture 2007-2008

4 2007-2008 Discipline Statistics 503 Total Suspension Days 435 – General Education 68 – Special Education 200 – Intervention Room Referrals

5 Admitting there is a problem…..

6 Time to “Flip The Switch”… Be proactive and positive!!!

7 Clear Expectations – Based on Mutual Respect Policies and Procedures – Consistency in Consequences Accountability Communication Building School Community Creating a Plan


9 Clear Expectations:

10 Policies and Procedures Decision Making – All major stakeholder are represented - School Governance Council - School Wide Committees (ex: Discipline, Budget, Tech, etc) Follow school and district policies and procedures - Bulletins - Ask for clarification (Operations, Legal, etc)

11 Implementing Change to Impact the Overall School Culture Morning Arrival Random Tardy Sweeps and Wandings Cell Phone Policies  Confiscated Items

12 Accountability

13 Documentation: Have EVERYTHING in writing! Parent/Student Signature (Agenda Planner, Textbooks, Confiscated Items Log, Dress Code) Discipline (ISIS, Jupiter, ID19, Grades, Culm. Req., Attendance, etc) Confidential Reporting – Statements, Bully Box, Revere Watch (online) Monitor Assigned Consequences (Detentions, Parent Shadows)

14 Student Agenda Planners Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures School-Wide Behavior Expectations Code of Conduct School Dress Code School Arrival Policy Transportation Policy Cell Phone Policy


16 Revere Watch Students can fill out an anonymous report online through google docs. All submissions go directly to Student Services Office.

17 True ID App

18 Consistency in Enforcement and Consequences Same rules apply to everyone – even for children of district and school employees.

19 Communication Call parent/guardian for EVERYTHING!! Positive Call Log sheet Return calls, emails, and texts promptly Council Program - Student Communication Parent Shadow Jupiter Grades

20 Council Council in Schools' mission is to inspire engaged, compassionate school communities through practices that connect academic and social emotional learning.

21 Parent Shadow Program Parent Shadows are requested as an alternative to suspension. After meeting with a staff member in the morning, the parent is expected to spend the entire school day observing and attending class with their child. Benefits: 1.Reinforces the “team concept” where the child, parent and school work together towards a common goal. 2.Improve parental involvement/communication. 3.Student is able to receive instruction and not miss a day of school. 4.Deterrent for other students.

22 Building School Community Council Teen Truth Live Stand For The Silent Lunch Clubs Afterschool Program Community Service Superstar / Student of the Month

23 PRMS Discipline Statistics 2007-2013

24 Suspension Data General Ed & Special Ed

25 Consequences – Positive / Negative

26 Discipline Staff 2007-2008 Assistant Principal 2 Deans Intervention Coordinator School Safety Officer 4 Full Time Campus Aides 2012-2013 Instructional Specialist 1 Dean 1 Full Time Campus Aide

27 Financial Impact Dean - $95,000 Intervention Coordinator - $95,000 Campus Aide - 3 x $30,000 = $90,000 SSO - $50,000 $50,000 $90,000 $95,000 Total - $330,000

28 Impact to Revere Improved student and staff morale Increased attendance rate Financial savings Improved test scores Increased parental involvement

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