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1 New Brunswick Public School District: Background Check and Fingerprinting Process
Presenter: Enrique Noguera Program Coordinator for Youth Development & Education Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic & Public Partnerships in the Arts & Humanities

2 Historical Context The superintendent of New Brunswick schools informed President McCormick that the increasing number of RU students (over 3,000 annually) serving in the school system became difficult to monitor. He also informed the President that it was equally challenging to communicate with different Rutgers units/programs sending students to serve in New Brunswick schools. The President asked Associate VP, Isabel Nazario, to meet with the superintendent and to identify, track, and develop new protocols for placing Rutgers students into New Brunswick schools.

3 History Continued To address these issues while maintaining Rutgers student access to New Brunswick schools, RU faculty and staff came together to form a committee to advise the Associate VP’s Office on how best to develop a more cohesive and efficient internal approach for the coordination of New Brunswick school placements. Earlier this month, September 2010, I became the coordinator of this process. Since I have been with this project: My office decided against bringing MorphoTrak Mobiles to Rutgers because it would have been extremely expensive. We have designed a detailed process to get as many students as possible fingerprinted. We have designed an online space (wiki) for this information.

4 Summary In order for Rutgers students to begin serving in the New Brunswick School District, the superintendent must approve: The programs/ units sending RU students into NB schools The number of students the programs/units intend to send Rutgers students on an individual basis to verify whether or not they have been background checked or fingerprinted Once the aforementioned points have been approved, students will be cleared to serve in New Brunswick schools

5 An Outline of the Process
1) Program/Unit visits the wiki to find registration forms that they complete and submit to Enrique. (wiki) Program/Unit Registration Form Placement Request Form 2) Enrique submits requests to the superintendent 3) Superintendent approves the program and the amount of Rutgers students going into the schools 4) Enrique notifies programs of acceptance 5) Program notifies students to check wiki to find instructions and documents pertaining to the background check and fingerprinting process (wiki) MorphoTrak Universal Fingerprint Form (Background Check ePayment site) (MorphoTrak Fingerprint Appointment site) Individual Student Placement Form

6 Outline Continued 6) Students make appointments and provide unit/program coordinators with necessary documents Individual student Placement Form Applicant Authorization & Certification (AA&C) Page Appointment Scheduled Page 7) Coordinators give Enrique the documents shown above 8) Enrique gives the superintendent those documents 9) The superintendent notifies Enrique when the students are cleared to go into the schools 10) Enrique notifies unit coordinators that students can begin serving in the schools

7 Required Forms There are four (4) required forms
Two (2) for Program/ Unit Coordinator Use: Program/ Unit Registration Form Placement Request Form Two (2) for Student Use: MorphoTrak Universal Fingerprint Form Individual Student Placement Form There are two (2) required confirmation pages Applicant Authorization & Certification (AA&C) Page Appointment Scheduled Page

8 Program/Unit Registration Form
Asks units/programs to share general information about their respective entities. (ie: contact information and brief history) Allows Enrique to know that your unit/program intends to send students into the New Brunswick Schools. Due Friday, October 8th 2010 for programs that want to send students into New Brunswick schools in Spring 2011.

9 Placement Request Form
Also due Friday, October 8th 2010 for programs that want to send students into New Brunswick schools in Spring 2010. Provides superintendent with important preliminary information about the unit/program Type of field placement Number of students the entity wants to send into the schools The schools where they want to have students placed (etc.)

10 MorphoTrak Universal Fingerprint Form
Enables students to register for a fingerprint appointment online at Numbers 1-7, 25, and 26 will already be filled out when students receive it. Number 8 will remain blank Students will follow the directions and fill in numbers 9-24. Students must use a credit card or electronic debit from a checking account when paying the online fee of $26.25 shown at number 6 Students MUST have this form completely filled out when they arrive at the MorphoTrak location for printing. If not, they will incur an $11 fee and will not be fingerprinted until they go back online to set another appointment.

11 Individual Student Placement Form
Asks for specific student information most importantly: RU ID Number and school requested Is filled out using information found on the confirmation pages that get stapled to this form Applicant Authorization & Certification (AA&C) Page OPC Number confirms student made fingerprint appointment Appointment Scheduled Page Applicant ID Number confirms student made ePayment for background check

12 Information for Units sending students in Fall ‘10
We are still waiting for the superintendent to inform us that he has approved the list of student names that we submitted last week. ________________________________________ Monday, October 11th 2010 is the due date for another round of RU Student names to be submitted to Enrique. I need to receive the two confirmation forms stapled to an Individual Student Placement Form for each student that is ready to be considered for entry into the school system.

13 Information for Programs/Units starting in Spring ‘11
Friday, October 8th 2010 is the due date for the Program/Unit Registration Form and the Placement Request Form Check the wiki ( regularly so that you have the most up to date information pertaining to the NBPS Background Check & Fingerprinting Process

14 Do you have any questions?
Thank you for coming. Do you have any questions? If you think of any questions at a later time, please feel free to contact me. Enrique Noguera Program Coordinator for Youth Development & Education Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic & Public Partnerships in the Arts & Humanities (732)

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