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Public Information Forum.  Questions: Your Name (Optional) _____________________ 1.______________________________________________________________________.

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1 Public Information Forum

2  Questions: Your Name (Optional) _____________________ 1.______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2.______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 3.______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 4.______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 5.______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 6.______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 7.______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 8.______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

3  Your Name(s)_________________________________________________________________  Children’s Names and Current Grade Levels ____________________________________________________________________________  Contact Information: E-mail______________________ Phone #_______________________  Please check off all that apply:  I am interested in learning more about the new charter school.  I am interested in receiving electronic updates regarding the progress of the charter school.  I am interested in sending my child to the new charter school.  I am interested in serving on the Governance Board that helps develop and guide the charter school.  I am interested in serving as a community expert or resource for the new charter school.  I am interested in taking a site visit to a model charter school in the area.  I know of someone or some organization/company that may be a resource for the new charter school: Please include name(s) title(s) and possible resources: _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________  I can offer the following talents and or resources that may be beneficial in helping develop, sustain, and support the new charter school: _________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________  Other pertinent information:_________________________________________________________________________________________

4  Advisor- An instructor or teacher at the charter school.  CESA- Cooperative Educational Services Agencies- The state of Wisconsin is broken up into twelve CESA ‘s that support the needs of various school districts within their region by offering expert advice and services  Charter School- public school that is allowed greater flexibility in order to meet the needs of its students while maintaining a rigorous curriculum.  Common Core Standards- National standards that are being created by states in the various academic areas in order to ensure that students are learning specific content and skills.  EdVisions Schools- Consultant that the Germantown/Hartford School districts contracted with to help establish a Personalized Learning charter school.  Governance Board- A seven member board that oversees the operations of the charter school. Responsible for maintaining the school’s vision as the school grows over time.  Instrumentality-A charter school that is financially connected to a school district.  Personalized Learning Model- A model of learning where students, rather than the instructor, drive the course content.  Project Based Learning The avenue in which personalized learning takes place. Students propose, create, refine, present, and defend their projects while using multiple disciplines.

5  CESA 1 Initiative  $175,000 Planning Grant  Instrumentality of the Germantown and Hartford School Districts

6  A public school that is part of both the Germantown and Hartford School District -Another option for students and parents -Greater flexibility for innovation and personalized learning  Operates under a separate Governance Board -Parents, community members, educators -Seven members total

7  Students, not the instructor, drive the content.  Excellent student to advisor ratio.  Soft skills needed for success in life are being developed: -Time management -Research skills -Learning how to advocate for oneself -Public speaking and presenting -Finding available resources in the community -Career exploration

8  Personalized Learning Model  Approximately 16-18 students per advisor  Approximately 60 students in the first year  Multi-age school- Grades 7-12  Strong incorporation of technology -Distance learning opportunities -Computer based learning  Strong parent and community involvement

9  Minnesota New Country School-Henderson Minnesota  Valley New School- Appleton School District (Video Clip)  TAGOS –Janesville School District  Phantom Knight School of Opportunity-West De Pere School District  Appleton Career Academy

10  Governance Board Member  Parent Volunteer  Resource or connection within the community  Expert in a particular field of study  Recruiter and marketer.  Problem solver.  Take a visit to a model school.  Other.

11  Establishment of a Governance Board  Finding a suitable location.  Hiring and training of advisors.  Recruitment and enrollment of students.

12  EdVisions School Consultant  Founder of the Minnesota New Country School

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