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The Big Apple (core and all!) Arts School Network New York City October 2013.

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1 The Big Apple (core and all!) Arts School Network New York City October 2013

2 Presenters  R. Scott Allen, Ed.D. Houston High School for Performing & Visual Arts  Ralph Opacic Executive Director/Founder, Orange County School of the Arts  M. Scott Tatum LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin

3 Current Arts Schools Network Exemplary Schools …and more!!!

4 PRINCIPLES OF EXEMPLARY PRACTICE  The Arts Schools Network promotes high quality arts education by acknowledging the values embraced by member schools.  Those schools that submit an application for recognition and meet the Arts Schools Network’s Principles of Exemplary Practice are awarded an EXEMPLARY SCHOOL designation and certificate of exemplary practice, symbolizing their commitment to excellence.

5 Certificates of Exemplary Practice are issued to individual schools in recognition of excellence in their efforts to evaluate strategically their purpose, operations, and educational programs. The design of the evaluation for EXEMPLARY SCHOOL designation is based on the short version of the Guide to Assessing Your School, a document jointly created by the Arts Schools Network and the Accrediting Commission for Community and Pre ‐ collegiate Arts Schools (ACCPAS) as a way to assist arts school personnel with important responsibilities for planning, evaluating, and implementing effective organizational development. The Guide is an assessment tool that uses questions based on ACCPAS accreditation standards.

6 The EXEMPLARY SCHOOL designation indicates that a school has successfully completed a self evaluation in the following areas: a. Strengths b. areas for improvement c. consistency with school ‐ wide or program purposes d. Questions e. strategic goals f. future challenges

7 A School Receiving a Certificate of Recognition will be considered an Arts Schools Network Exemplary School and will attain the following benefits or rights:  Recognition on the ASN website, in the membership directory and the annual ASN conference program  Printed certificate  Prepared news release  ASN Exemplary School Member Logo  Featured in ASN e ‐ news  Bronze Medallion

8  To achieve and maintain Exemplary School status through ASN, the school must be a member in good standing (current membership dues paid).  Designation is good for two years and is renewable.  The $200 application fee, if successful, covers the first two years.  The renewal fee is $200.

9 EXEMPLARY SCHOOL APPLICATION PROCESS  Review the Arts Schools Network Principles of Exemplary Practices with all administration, faculty, parents, and other appropriate stakeholders.  Complete information and signature page.  When completing this application, please know that presentation of materials is considered and should represent the quality of an exemplary organization. All materials submitted should present a big picture of your school.

10 EXEMPLARY SCHOOL APPLICATION PROCESS  You must register first using the link on our website [Exemplary School Registration] which will direct you how to upload your materials through Acceptd.  Submit the following items a. A brief description of the school program not to exceed 300 words b. School’s mission and goals statements (no longer than one page in length) c. School organizational chart (no longer than one page in length) d. List of all current school personnel by title and/or teaching assignment e. Links to course catalogue, school schedule and student handbook(s)

11 EXEMPLARY SCHOOL APPLICATION PROCESS f. Brief narrative describing how the school meets the Principles of Exemplary Practice (no longer than four typed double ‐ spaced pages in length.) NOTE: If your school has earned ACCPAS accreditation, this section does not need to be completed. g. Brief history of school data and highlights (year opened, longitudinal milestones, has school been replicated, when/where/results) (no longer than one page in length) h. Discuss critical success factors (financial support, internal and external, organizational structure, other support systems, that result in exemplary performance.

12 EXEMPLARY SCHOOL APPLICATION PROCESS i. List notable alumni and year of graduation if possible j. List of outstanding student and school achievements that demonstrate quality arts instruction and preparation k. Electronic copy of the school logo. If the school does not have a logo, please submit a high resolution photograph that represents the school 1. Web links to online documentation that serves as evidence of the information requested.

13 Application Deadline: March 15  Letter of Intent by February 15  The EXEMPLARY SCHOOL Review Committee will review all applications received by March 15  Board approves by April 15  All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by May 15  EXEMPLARY SCHOOL Bronze Medallions will be presented at the Annual Conference

14 Let's Review the Application

15 Example Applications on ASN Website

16 Q & A w/Presenters and Exemplary School Reps

17 Need further information? R. Scott Allen, Ed.D. 713.942.1960 Kristy Callaway 970.300.4650

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