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Dessert with the Director and Deans February 5, 2015 5:30 p.m.

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1 Dessert with the Director and Deans February 5, 2015 5:30 p.m.

2  PSAT and New Course Offerings for Grades 9-11 for the 2015-16 school year- Margaret Rosenbaum  Grade 11 RTC Trip-Margaret Rosenbaum  College Signing Day-Margaret Rosenbaum  ACT-EPA January Benchmark Scholar Report-Tracy Odom  What can Scholars do to Prepare now before the Exam? Jose’ Colo  Yearbook-Tiffany Starnes  Recap-Scholar Awards and Incentives: Tiffany Starnes  Title 1 Parent Committees: Tracy Odom and Vernetta Willis  New and Old Parent Business-Vernetta Willis


4 2015-16 New Course Offerings for Grades 9-12 9 th Grade – AP Human Geography* 10 th Grade – Graphic Design – Government** – AP World History* 11 th /12 th – AP US History* – AP Psychology – AP Calculus BC – Advanced Quantitative Reasoning



7 SCHOLAR CULTURE Pennies for Pasta Campaign – Runs February 9-28 – Grade level competition Drug Free School Assembly – Feb. 5 Valentine’s Day Pictures – Feb. 11 – Scholars can wear red, black, pink, or white shirts with school appropriate jeans on Wednesday, February 11 – Scholars can take Valentine’s pictures for $1.00

8 Scholar Incentives 3 current incentives – Enrollment incentives 1 st class to have 100% reenrollment will receive a free jeans day on February 9 – Dress Code incentives The grade level with 5% or fewer dress code violations earn the opportunity to wear a college sweatshirt and or scarves on the Friday of the week – Positive HERO points incentive The grade level with 50% positive points earn a free dress pass, with 75% earn free homework pass, with 100% earn a pizza party

9 Scholar Culture Data

10 Academic Summary ACT Winter Benchmark Data (Grade 11) 36 2118.55 TOP GOAL COLLEGE READY SIP

11 Uplift Summit International High School 2015-16 DATA SNAP SHOT FALL WINTER GAIN 17.35 18.55 +1.2 ON TARGET +2

12  Writing+ 4.2  Reading+ 2.2  Science-1.3  Math-0.3

13 Efforts on campus to close the gap? Increased focus on targeted Math and Science skills that differs based on individual scholar data We are collaborating with our CMO to add additional subject support through teacher coaching and requiring targeted tutoring of our scholars in order to increase specific skills. New teacher created and immediate feedback systems are in place to quickly address any skill related issues Two Saturday ACT camps are being offered before the exam Monitoring EPA progress RTC Classes and HAT Time (practice and reinforcement)

14  Juniors: Have friendly reminders up to the test on April 18, 2015  (All grade levels) Check grades regularly for grades marked as “EPAs Checks.”  (All grade levels) Explore resources: 1. 2. Question of the day (timing) 3. Word of the day (notecards)

15 Reminder: Campus Priorities AP and IB Alignment (Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate) Increased communication and partnership (New HS Newsletter constructed by two of our HS parents, Jennifer O’Connor Lynch, Ryan Shillonton, and teacher Luciana Cantu. Consistent Observations and Feedback


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