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WRITING IN GRADUATE SCHOOL Dr. Desiderio Kovar, MS&E Graduate Adviser.

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1 WRITING IN GRADUATE SCHOOL Dr. Desiderio Kovar, MS&E Graduate Adviser

2 Use Available Resources  Sanger Learning Center  Offers the only all-inclusive graduate writing assistance available on campus  Student can bring any form of writing – paper, thesis, dissertation, etc.  All students get three free tutoring sessions each semester  Program for Excellence in Engineering Communication  Communication workshops for all engineering graduate students – check the web site for dates  Oral Communication and Writing Courses specifically for international students – highly recommended by students who have taken the course in the past

3 Organizing a Paper  Introduction  Experimental Procedures  Results  Discussion  Conclusion  Acknowledgements  Citations

4 Introduction  What is it? What does it include?  An introduction to the topic  Why this research is relevant to the field  Context of existing literature  Make it clear where the contribution is.

5 Experimental Procedures/Results  Someone should be able to reproduce your experimental procedures exactly.  Include details like elemental purity  Results:  Can people compare their results to yours?  Include supplemental info. or an appendix if necessary.

6 Discussion/Conclusion  Discussion = Analysis  What did you learn from the results?  What do the results tell you about your material?  Conclusion

7 Acknowledgments/Authors  Who gets included in acknowledgements (as opposed to being listed as an author)?  Anyone who did not make a significant intellectual contribution to the work (e.g. lab technician)  What is the recommended author order?  1 st Author – Who did the most lab work?  Last Author – Principle Investigator  Everyone in between – in decreasing order of work contribution

8 Candidacy Abstract  Candidacy Abstract  A statement explaining why this problem is worth studying from an academic perspective (note that this is not the same thing as the commercial relevance)  An explanation of the methods and techniques you intend to use to study/address the proposed question(s)

9 Writing Tips  Use common sense  Reasonable font choice/size  1-inch margins  Spelling/grammar check  Check the standard on using active/passive voice  Use consistent verb tenses throughout writing  Cite sources correctly

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