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August 21, 2014.  Conference Time: 1:50-3:20 PM daily (by appointment) s:  --Language Arts & SS

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1 August 21, 2014

2  Conference Time: 1:50-3:20 PM daily (by appointment) Emails:  --Language Arts & SS  --Math  --Science School Phone: 495-9705 Contact Information

3  1.Listen to others. 2.Follow directions on first request. 3.Respect self, others and property. 4.Make safe choices. 5.Always do your best! School Rules

4   Classes will follow a positive behavior reinforcement system called Class DOJO.  This system allows students to earn a point after each class if they reached their behavior goals.  Students can receive a total of 6 points.  Points are never taken away.  Major Takeaway: Student reflection! Classroom Management Systems

5   1. Verbal warning  2. Redirection to an alternative activity  3. Cool down (in an alternative classroom if needed)  4. Note or call home to parent  5. Office Referral School-wide Behavior Consequences

6   Agendas must be filled out by students and signed for Tuesday by a parent, guardian, or other adult mentor. This communicates to the teacher that parent is aware of weekly assignments.  Homework All homework is due by Friday with individual assignments due as indicated in Agenda.  4 Week Progress Reports will go home in Thursday folders and are due back signed by parents by that Friday. Expectations

7   Reinforces important practice of skills taught and reviewed.  Read independently for 20 minutes.  Students will NOT be given homework grades. Students will show mastery of content through classroom performance. Homework

8   Writing (Day 1) – March 30, 2015  Writing (Day 2) – March 31, 2015  Math – April 21, 2015  Reading – April 22, 2015 STAAR Testing Dates

9  Tests/Assessments Weekly Tests Formal written compositions/ essays Reports Projects 50% Daily Work Daily quizzes Class assignments 40% Participation Literature discussion groups Labs Group work 10% Total100% Grading (Science, SS, ELA) Any student receiving a grade below mastery level of 70% will be given the opportunity to redo/correct the assignment for a maximum grade of 70%. The higher grade will be recorded in the gradebook.

10  Grading (Mathematics) Tests/Assessments50% Daily Work40% Participation10% Total100% Any late work that is not excused will result in a 5 point daily deduction and must be turned in no later than 3 school days from the due date.

11   After school sessions will be provided  Dates and eligibility will be announced at a later date  Benchmark data, daily classroom data, and past test data will be used to determine eligibility Tutoring

12   Report Cards go home each 9 weeks  Progress Reports go home at 4 week intervals  Awards Assemblies will be held twice this year – at mid-year and end-of-year.  Recognition Ribbons will be given based on achievement in academic areas, special areas, and behavior.  Distinguished Achievement (All A’s)  Recognized Achievement (A’s and B’s)  Longhorn Leader (3’s and 4’s)  Perfect Attendance (No Absences and fewer than 3 Tardies)  Special Area Ribbons Report Cards and Awards Assemblies

13  Language Arts:  Narrative and Expository Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking  A shift from learning to read to reading to learn.  More independence required.  Building endurance to read for longer periods of time with a high level of comprehension and ability to discuss, write or answer questions about text. Social Studies:  The Election  Texas History and Geography  Document-Based Questions and Writing  Use of Primary Sources  Note-taking and tested on content Science:  Emphasis on Earth, Life and Physical Sciences  Hands-on Experiments and Cooperative Group Learning  Performance and Content Assessments Math:  Analysis of multi-step problems  Required mastery of math facts and computation  A variety of ways to estimate and solve problems  Application to real life events  Algebraic Thinking 4 th Grade Curriculum

14   The Thinkery  The Theatre  The Capitol  Bob Bullock Museum  Others TBD Field Trips

15   We need physical activity supplies and equipment. You can help by donating to our classroom directly. (Examples include: soccer balls, Nerf balls, beach balls, jump ropes, ring toss, etc.)  Clipboards  Bean Bags  Electric Pencil Sharpeners!!! Donations

16  Formerly called Parent Forum, this leadership group will coordinate school functions and fundraising. Mrs. Ledbetter is our faculty representative on L3 this year. Our goal is 100% parent involvement. Please join L3! Thank you!! Join Little Longhorn League

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