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J ORDAN /J ACKSON S CHOOL 2014-16 School Improvement Plan/Strategic Plan School Committee Meeting Tuesday, December 9, 2014.

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1 J ORDAN /J ACKSON S CHOOL 2014-16 School Improvement Plan/Strategic Plan School Committee Meeting Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2 S CHOOL C OUNCIL M EMBERS (2014-2015) Jenn Walsh, Parent Stephanie Shanteler, Parent Suzanne Peavey, Parent Michele DiMello, Community Representative Aimee Conroy, Teacher Peggy DeAngelis, Teacher Kelly Warriner, Teacher Teresa Murphy, Principal As members of the Jordan/Jackson community, we promote a passion for life-long learning, the motivation to achieve, and the responsibility to care for ourselves, others and the community. We care about ourselves. We care about others. We care about our school.

3 O BJECTIVES 2014-2016 1. To increase academic performance and growth in all curricular areas for all students 2. To expand our capacity to meet the needs of high needs/risk students (ELL, special education, low income, and other sub-groups) in our accountability status 3. Enhance internal and external communication 4. Implement S.T.E.M. activities to increase students’ knowledge of S.T.E.M. careers and S.T.E.M. majors in higher education

4 O BJECTIVE #1: T O INCREASE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND GROWTH IN ALL CURRICULAR AREAS FOR ALL STUDENTS ActivityTime FrameSupport Needed 1.1 Restructure the R.T.I. process to decrease the amount of time that staff members spend outside the classroom to attend the Student Support Team (SST) meetings Tuesday mornings and Tuesday afternoons as well as other non- workday times as needed Stipends for the leadership team members: $12,600 1.2 Align the grammar instructional program to the Common Core Standards Administer the grammar universal screening tool 3X per year. 2014-2015: Pilot GUM ( Grammar, Usage, & Mechanics textbooks ) June 2015: Collect and analyze data from the universal screening tool and GUM. Summer Institutes Vertical Teams Purchase of GUM workbooks: FY15: pilot FY16: $14,243 1.3 Provide professional development in the topic of differentiated instruction Nov. 4, 2014 all teachers were trained District professional development funding 1.4 Develop a two-year plan of implementation to support teachers as they develop and use strategies to differentiate instruction Two-year plan for implementation to be developed by January 31, 2015 Early release Grade level release time

5 O BJECTIVE #1: T O INCREASE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND GROWTH IN ALL CURRICULAR AREAS FOR ALL STUDENTS ActivityTime FrameSupport Needed 1.5 Design and build a classroom garden at the Jordan/Jackson School for student learning FY15: Select site, test soil, build fence, plant garden. Curriculum connections will be developed by the classroom teachers. The plan will include as much student involvement in the design, planning and implementation as is feasible $2,000 grant (received notification of grant award on November 24, 2014) Parent volunteer support 1.6 Provide professional development in topics and subjects including:  Special Education  Technology  Teaching the whole child  Supporting the advanced learner  Poverty  S.T.E.M. During spring 2014, teachers were queried as to suggestions for PD topics. District PD funding Early release time Mansfield educators who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with our staff

6 O BJECTIVE #2: T O EXPAND OUR CAPACITY TO MEET THE NEEDS OF HIGH NEEDS / RISK STUDENTS (ELL, SPECIAL EDUCATION, LOW INCOME, AND OTHER SUB - GROUPS IN OUR ACCOUNTABILITY STATUS ActivityTime FrameSupport Needed 2.1 Identify the students who are members of the accountability sub-groups through the use of the DESE model that defines high needs/risk students Ongoing Edwin Analytics (no cost to use this DESE tool) 2.2 Develop a comprehensive database of information that can be used efficiently and effectively FY15: Use IDEAL SPS (Student Performance System) to collect and analyze reading and math data FY16: RTI Vertical Team’s recommendation for a district wide data collection system FY15: Funding for SPS ($1.50 per student) Reading teachers are collecting and inputting the scores into the database FY16: Funding for the tool District data analyst ($45,000) 2.3 Implement a model of math data meetings to identify students who will receive MCAS math tutoring FY15: The RTI leadership team will identify students and create a plan to implement a model of data meetings FY16: Data meetings implemented school-wide FY15: J/J RTI Leadership Team FY16: Funding for a Math Specialist ($45,000) 2.4 Expand the before-school BOKS program FY15: Double the size of the before school exercise program (from 30 to 60 students for the fall session) FY16: Evaluate the FY15 program and set an attendance goal for the year Adult volunteer leaders Grant money from Reebok and from our community partner, Shaw’s Supermarket

7 O BJECTIVE #3: E NHANCE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION ActivityTime FrameSupport Needed 3.1 Increase the frequency of publication and the amount of content of the J/J parent newsletter Goal: Increase the amount of content during the FY15 school year Goal: Publication every week by FY16 Office support Teachers’ willingness to contribute articles 3.2 Improve internal communication Divide the school into “neighborhoods” to foster communication among adults Meetings led by N. Beier, S. Duggan, T. Murphy and N. Thorsteinson held after student dismissal while still within the teacher workday 3.3 Provide afterschool technology support for teachers who create classroom websites September 9, 2014 October 2 & 29, 2014 November 6 & 12, 2014 December 3 & 18, 2014 January 8 & 22, 2015 Additional dates will be scheduled by presenter Funding for presenter and PDPs for teachers who participate 3.4 Communicate PBIS data and information to students, staff, and parents Ongoing Afterschool PBIS leadership meetings Staff meeting time 3.5 Gather feedback about the effectiveness of our communication to revise or improve our practices Spring 2015

8 O BJECTIVE #4: I MPLEMENT S.T.E.M. ACTIVITIES TO INCREASE STUDENTS ’ KNOWLEDGE OF S.T.E.M. CAREERS AND S.T.E.M. MAJORS IN HIGHER EDUCATION ActivityTime FrameSupport Needed 4.1 Develop a list of parents who work in S.T.E.M. careers who will be trained to speak with students FY 15 S.T.E.M. Vertical Team Katherine Honey of the Southeastern S.T.E.M. Association 4.2 Develop a S.T.E.M. activity based on literature for third- and fourth-grade students FY15: Grade 1 & 4 buddy activity FY16: Grade 3 activity S.T.E.M. Vertical Team K. Honey 4.3 Incorporate the following questions into existing lessons and activities in all disciplines: Where is the math? and How does this link to a S.T.E.M. career major or S.T.E.M. career? FY15 Staff Meeting with S.T.E.M. focus S.T.E.M. Vertical Team K. Honey

9 J/J E NROLLMENT DATA Enrollment by Grade (as of 12/3/14) District345Total Jordan/Jackson Elementary 280309313902

10 J/J E NROLLMENT DATA Special Populations (2013-14) Title% of School% of District% of State First Language not English4.53.717.8 English Language Learner0.91.07.9 Low-income13.713.038.3 Students with Disabilities19.718.117.0 Free Lunch12.111.533.6 Reduced Lunch1.6 4.7 High Needs29.427.348.8 Source: Massachusetts Department of Education


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