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Created by: The Cedar Rapids Walking School Bus Committee.

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1 Created by: The Cedar Rapids Walking School Bus Committee

2  A Walking School Bus is a group of children walking to and/or from school with two or more adults  VIDEO VIDEO

3  Promotes a healthy lifestyle  Teaches traffic safety  Increases self confidence and a sense of responsibility  Improves learning  Develops social skills  Instills a sense of community  Reduces traffic congestion  Creates a cleaner environment  FUN!!!

4  Participants register for the WSB  Two or more trained adult volunteers “drive” the bus  Routes are set on commonly used paths to school  Routes include one or more designated stops where students may join the bus  Bus driver tracks attendance

5  A WSB is one of the programs that may be implemented at a school to help become a designated Blue Zones School®  Promotes Blue Zones Power 9® principles ◦ Move naturally ◦ Sense of Purpose ◦ Social Connectedness  WSB Committee ◦ Useful resource to assist with starting a WSB

6  Assemble committee  Identify routes  Determine schedule  Register participants  Recruit & train volunteers

7  Cedar Rapids Walking School Bus Committee  Start planning early  Contact the city Public Works Department for route concerns/hazards  Reach out to community-based groups for volunteers/assistance  Market your program to both students and their parents  Educate the parents of benefits of WSB ◦ Parents are in routine of driving their children to school **

8  Recruit committee members who are committed and enthusiastic  Provide incentives for participants  Reward and recognize volunteers  Schedule local “celebrities” to walk with the bus  Evaluate your program to identify potential improvements  MAKE IT FUN!!!

9  Contact Cedar Rapids WSB Committee ◦ Co-Chairs  Karla Underwood   Cari Pauli 

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