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FEFU case study: striving for success

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1 FEFU case study: striving for success

2 Bilingualism in our University
FEFU: comfortable environment for cross-cultural and international communication. Russian and English are basis of bilingual medium at FEFU


4 Рисунок 14 - Планы респондентов относительно применения знаний, полученных по окончании обучения в рамках проекта «Интенсивный английский язык для сотрудников и обучающихся», % (n=173)

5 Facts and figures Geographical size of the campus: 800,000 m2
Internal area of the student center: 40,000 m2 Number of residential spaces for students and teachers: 11,000 Conference facilities: 1,618 seats Length of coastline along Ajax Bay: 1,200 m Number of research labs: 368 Number of auditoriums and classrooms: 302

6 Project «Bilingual campus»
Aim: development of informative-communicative space , comfortable for Russian and foreign students, teachers, guests. English only areas on campus (programs on campus that brings English speaking faculty or students from other countries together with Russian counterparts.

7 FEFU Medical Center FEFU Medical Center provides world class specialized high tech medical diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation services for people of the Russian Far East. The Center has a 200-bed in-patient hospital, and a hotel with 100 rooms. The medical staff will include about 200 doctors. The total area of the Medical Center is 50,000 square meters.

8 FEFU in 2014

9 Priority Research Areas
"Ocean" (The World Ocean Resources) Energy" (Energy Resources and Energy Efficient Technologies) "Nano" (Nanosystems and Nanomaterials) "Transport" (Transportation and Logistics System "Integration" (Economic, Technological and Cultural Cooperation between Russia and Asia-Pacific Countries) "Biomedicine“ (the research-based modernization of Russian Far Eastern medicine and the exchange of advanced medical technologies between Russia and Asia-Pacific countries).


11 FEFU mission The mission of Far Eastern Federal University is to foster mutual understanding and cooperation in Asia-Pacific countries, to ensure their social and cultural prosperity and to shape talents of young people.

12 Innovative learning process: learning management system (LMS Blackboard)
All classes are equipped with cameras and conference facilities, allowing you to have meetings with your academic partners from other universities worldwide or to attend a global lectures given over the internet by world famous professors. Project: Smart Campus( management of academic and administrative processes, management of infrastructure)

13 EMI(English a Medium of Instructions): master’s degree programs in English
FEFU provides top-level international education, and has collaborated with world renowned universities to create English-language Master's degree programs in specialties of great importance. Requirements for educators to teach in English: IELTS/TOEFL certificate. Project “Motivation”: payment for the instruction of special subjects in English School of Regional and International Studies  • Russia in the Asia-Pacific: Politics, Economics and Security School of Business and Public Administration  • Project Management • Hospitality Management School of Arts, Culture and Sports • Graphic Design School of Engineering • Offshore and Coastal Engineering School of Law • International Trade and Investment Law School of Humanities • Archaeology of the Northern Pacific School of Education • Cultural Diversity in Education School of Natural Sciences • Marine Biodiversity and Aquatic Environment Conservation School of Biomedicine • Food and Beverage Science

14 General scientific cycle Professional (Special) cycle
STUDY SCHEDULE MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAM Hospitality Management School/Department of FEFU: School of Economics and Management Study Duration: 2 years Total credit points: 120 Study Language: English Disciplines Hours/Credits General scientific cycle The base part 936/26 Social-economic Research in Hospitality 108/3 Law in hospitality Information Systems and Technologies The variable part 612/17 Foreign Language(English/Russian) 144/4 Managing Hospitality Human Resources Strategic Management in Hospitality Discipline on a choice: 216/6 Hospitality Facilities Management and Design International hotels: development and management Professional (Special) cycle 540/15 Project Management Hospitality Planning Supervision in Hospitality Industry Hospitality Sales and Marketing 900/25 Management of food and beverage operations Financial Management

Russian-American Dual Degree Program, jointly with the University of Maryland University College (since 1991). Offers bachelor degrees in Management Studies (UMUC) and International Economics (FEFU). Russian-Australian Dual Degree Program, jointly with the University of Southern Queensland (since 2002). Offers bachelor degrees in Business Administration (USQ) and International Economics (FEFU). Russian–American joint educational franchising program «Hospitality management», jointly with Education Institute of American Hotels and Motels (AHLEI). Offers professional qualification -Hospitality management Diploma.


17 EAP Bachelor degree Entry:Common National Examination
Final National Examination Fundamental and Applied Linguistics 32 State final academic assessment Linguistics International Relation Philology (Foreign languages) Pedagogical Education (English) Professional qualification in English (for graduates, students): «Interpreter (English) in professional communication space» Pre-intermediate Intermediate Final academic assessment

18 Project «Intensive English for FEFU teachers and staff»
Levels from: Pre-intermediate to Advanced and Professional English Implementation: Additional courses: binary teaching Blended learnings (on-line programs, ILES (Internet learning English School) LMS platform Foreign professor(visiting professors) Cross-cultural communication, Academic English (from Intermediate level) foreign teacher (Foreign English) Russian teacher (Grammar, vocabulary, Business English) Textbooks, material: English File (Cambridge) , Academic English (Cambridge), English Grammar (Murphy, AZAR, etc.), Business Result (Oxford), Face to face (Cambridge), authors textbooks, etc.

19 plans High school of interpreter art (Oriental languages, English), TOEFL IBT, Authorized Center, Cambridge English Language Assessment

20 Планы (в ППКС) Высшая школа перевода
Международный центр тестирования по иностранным языкам Центр переводов (внутренний аутсорсинг)

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