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Nsobe Trust School’s Vision Developing the Nation’s human resources through education, personal empowerment and opportunity.

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1 Nsobe Trust School’s Vision Developing the Nation’s human resources through education, personal empowerment and opportunity

2 Zambia the real Africa 13 000 000 people 73 languages
Home of the mighty Victoria falls and diverse wildlife. A nation of tribal peace DECLARED AS A CHRISTIAN NATION

3 Copperbelt province Lamba land
Lambas are the indigenous settlers on the Copperbelt. Zambia’s largest copper mining region The area and people remains among the most undeveloped and uneducated. Not many Lamba’s have been formally educated; working as house and garden servants, or subsistence farmers.

4 Lambaland: Masaiti District
The first school opened in 1915 It was a Baptist Mission school who’s calling was to help Lamba children read and understand God’s Word Today there is not a high school or university in the whole Masaiti District where local Lambas can afford to be educated Education is not an achievable basic human right for our people Literacy levels remain very low and thus the cycle of poverty is not broken

5 What do you take for granted every day?
Running water and a toilet Clean drinking water A bed to sleep in 3 meals a day Electricity A cupboard of clothes Access to medical care These Lamba children have none of these Life in rural Zambia is harsh and full of suffering. HIV/Aids is rampant, TB is a major problem, everyone lives with malaria, children suffer from malnutrition Average Life Expectancy is 38 years 10% infant mortality rate There is a huge need to plant God’s seed of hope and salvation

6 A typical Lamba Village home
No electricity Firewood has to be cut and hauled in order to cook food Water has to be fetched and carried from nearby streams or wells No beds – families sleep on reed mats Outdoor living exposes high risk to malaria

7 The Need for Nsobe Trust School
The closest government school is 10kms away from our village communities – a long way to walk for little legs Average of 50 children per teacher in rural government classes Standard of education is dire, children fail to learn to read or write HIV/AIDS, broken families, drunkenness, hopelessness, witchcraft is rife We believe that Jesus Christ is the only answer: to make Him known through Christ- Centred Education and Life skills. From this heart- Nsobe Development Trust was born Our vision is to offer high quality education from pre-primary up to Grade 12, and tertiary education in the disciplines we are involved in.

8 Due to the lack of quality education children’s potential is wasted and their lives are committed to poverty. Nsobe Trust School was started in faith in 2009 with 16 Pre-School children. We now have 87 children in 4 grades; Preschool to Grade 3. We have promised these children that they will receive quality education up to Grade 12

9 Nsobe Trust School beginnings

10 Without the ability to imagine a better life,
children can not dream of one. Unless we can dream we can not hope and strive for better things

11 Nsobe Trust Children at School

12 Our Teachers Christ-Centred Education
Preparing Pupils for Life not just jobs Our teachers serve as living curriculums School is fun and exciting for pupils Our teachers are to bring lasting hope. Teaching is a Call to teach, not a job Classrooms as their mission field.



15 Our Pupils 87 children from the surrounding Lamba Villages Most children are from broken families Almost every child in the school has lost either a parent or a sibling. Many of our children are orphans living with extended family Most of our children’s parents and relatives are illiterate Most of these children would not have had the opportunity to go to school before They now being uplifted through the teachings of Jesus and a well rounded education “Education is a companion which no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate it and no nepotism can enslave” Ropo Oguntimehin

16 Karen Pukuma 6 years old, Her mother died in childbirth – father unknown Raised by her Grandparents, who already have 9 children of their own Dorcas Mulunda 7 years old, Father died of HIV 2009 •Mother HIV positive and completely illiterate 2010 their house burnt down with all their belongings in it 2 sisters HIV positive, Naomi 8yrs and Charity 2yrs old. Dorcas is miraculously HIV negative Jaqueline Phiri 11 years old grade 2 Was not allowed to attend school before as she had to look after younger siblings Parents illiterate, and see no value in education Did not own a pair of shoes until we gave her some On her first day her feet were covered with festering sores, full of splinters no one had ever bothered to remove, cold and starving

17 Nsobe Trust School The community have given village land
on which to build Nsobe Trust School The community have helped to clear the land and to build the school Nsobe Trust School

18 Nsobe Trust School helpers carrying the breakfast porridge


20 One meal a day of starch and no protein is the normal diet
in poor rural areas. Nsobe Trust Children are all given a nutritious meal during school . Temporary School canteen School Pit latrines

21 The children are flourishing in the  school, loving the stimulation and finding out what fun it is to learn and to be a child.

22 “Education is not the filling of a pail,
Through God, All things are Possible “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” W. B. Yeats

23 Prayer for our School, pupils, teachers and community
Nsobe Trust School is funded from personal resources and donations. It is a daily walk of faith, trusting in God for His provision for His children’s needs. Our Schools Needs are: Prayer for our School, pupils, teachers and community Classroom Sponsorship We are teaching from temporary classrooms, with earthen floors and walls made from reed mats. We urgently need to source funding to complete our 3 classroom block Pupil Sponsorship Feeding Scheme Sponsorship Teacher Salaries Teacher’s housing Jungle Gym and playground/sports facilities

24 Our drive is derived from our responsibility
to God for these children, Giving all a brighter future in Zambia Through faith in God’s provision and with your help we can break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty, and offer these children a brighter future.

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