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Tuesday 3 March 2015 Vote today for Scottish Youth Parliament

2 Assemblies this week Tuesday S2 Wednesday S3 Thursday S4 Friday S5/S6

3 ConaborAward Earn merits across the school Silver Award 100 merits
Bronze Award 50 merits Conabor. Latin. Verb. I will try my utmost Silver Award 100 merits Our DREAM Values Determination Respect Effort Ambition Motivation Gold Award 150 merits

4 Can all pupils please attend!!
S3 Boys Football There is a meeting in the PE department at morning break today with Mr Dewar. Can all pupils please attend!!

5 Scottish Youth Parliament Elections From today - Friday 13th March.
Vote for Jorji Laing

6 You can vote online at
The Scottish Youth Parliament Election is taking place between now and the th of March. You can vote online at All young people between the ages of 12 and 25 can vote using their Young Scot card number.

7 Midlothian north and Musselburgh Candidate
Hazel Macaulay I feel that teenagers and young adults are often overlooked, through me you can get your point across and be heard! The issues important to me are: 1. Midlothian should have more places for people our age to go. Young people only really have two options; to go into Edinburgh or to stay at home. The problem with going uptown is that you need money and why would you want to stay at home when you can go out with friends? I think that rather than just wandering the streets there should be a place where teenagers can go. 2. My second idea is for leisure activities to become free within Midlothian. I don’t think it is right for adults to tell us to become active and then charge us money to use the facilities. I understand that money is tight but I’m sure cuts could be made elsewhere to cover the costs of this.

8 Midlothian north and Musselburgh Candidate
Jorji Laing I will fight for what the young people of Scotland want as I am passionate that we can make a change Issues important to me are: Raising the Minimum Wage Better Training Opportunities for People Who Have Left School Lowering the Price of Transport for People who are Still in Full-Time Education Better Part-Time Job Opportunities for People Who Are Still in Full-Time Education

9 Prefect Meeting!!! S4-S6 Could all prefects please attend a short meeting in the Assembly Hall at break on Friday.

10 Dance Show Performers/Sound and Light Technicians
Can all involved in the Dance Show please go to registration on Wednesday IN UNIFORM then come to the PE Dept to change into dance wear. You will spend the rest of the day in the Assembly Hall. Please bring costumes with you on Wednesday.

11 All S4 Bronze Participants
Reminder: Session on Friday 6th March – Emergency procedures etc First aid part 2 will now be on Friday 27th March pm-ish All must attend LasswadeDofE

12 Open to all year groups and staff. Numbers limited to 26.
Lasswade HS Boxercise Club Day - Wednesday Time - 3:40 - 4:20pm Start Date - 4th March to Easter Break Open to all year groups and staff. Numbers limited to 26. Sign up sheet is located in the PE department

13 John Martin Accident Repair Centre are looking for an apprentice Panel Beater. This would be based in Bonnyrigg. For further information, see the noticeboard outside Guidance and give your name to Mrs Douglas.


15 If you have a lift pass please remember the following :
Using the Lift If you have a lift pass please remember the following : you MUST only take 1 other pupil in the lift with you Swipe the fob ONCE then press the button ONCE and wait patiently for the lift door to open, constantly pressing the button or swiping the fob jams the lift! Any students who do not follow these procedures or who abuse the use of the lift will have their pass removed

16 Water, Water, Water All Students – Please try and bring in bottles of water which can be refilled rather than going to the Medical Room or Pupil Reception for cups.

17 DANCE SHOW 2015 This will take place tomorrow starting at 7pm.
Tickets are £5/£3 concessions which can be bought in the PE Dept from Miss Murray Come along and support your fellow pupils!

Lasswade High School U16’s VS Penicuik Schools U16’s Meet at rugby 1.15pm


20 Midlothian Volunteer Centre Weekly Drop In
Would you like to find out more about volunteering? There is a new drop box in the library where you can complete a form and request a meeting at a time which suits you with someone from the Midlothian Volunteer Centre Remember to sign up and register volunteer hours for your SALTIRE AWARD! See Miss Watt for more details


22 Tickets will be on sale soon!
Strictly lasswade Tuesday 31 March School Atrium Doors 6.30pm Tickets- £2.50 Concession/£5 Adult In aid of FACE (Fight Against Cancer Edinburgh) Tickets will be on sale soon!

23 Scottish Schools’ Young Writer of the Year 2015
Write a piece of non-fiction/journalism 900 – 1,100 words This could be informative writing, discursive, journalism, opinion, review… For 15 – 18 year olds Deadline: Before the Easter Break Prize: £500 Ask Kat in the library for ideas and more information

24 Staff vs S6 Football Match
Come and support your team! Only 50p to watch! Friday 27th March After School

25 Deposits need to be in ASAP!!!
The Modern Studies Department are running a trip to Washington DC in April 2016!! If you’re interested in going see anyone in the Modern Studies department for more info. Deposits need to be in ASAP!!!

26 S5 pupils – interested in studying any of these subjects at uni:
Sutton Trust Summer School The University of Edinburgh 5 – 10 July 2015 S5 pupils – interested in studying any of these subjects at uni: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computing, Ecological & Earth Sciences, Economics, Engineering, English Literature, History, Maths, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Religious Studies Apply now for FREE RESIDENTIAL SUMMER SCHOOL Apply by 9 March

27 Tuesday: Study Support
Lunchtime French Ms Coquerelle (210) Computing Study Support (S3 – S6) Room 217

28 Tuesday: Study Support
After school Maths (N5 & Higher) Maths department Art & Design (S4 – S6) Art Department S4/S5 Practical Woodworking/ Design & Manufacturing/Construction Design and Technology S4 – S6 Health & Food Technology/Practical Cake Craft Home Economics Higher Human Geography Miss Hargreaves N5 History Mr McKay (216) English Miss Mollon (224) English National 5 Miss Longmore (226) Design & Technology Design and Technology Dept.

29 Tuesday: Clubs Tuesday: Sports Clubs Lunchtime After school
S2 Scratch Programming Computing (220) Film Club English (226) Singing Group, Fiddle Group and Orchestra All in music department Tuesday: Sports Clubs After school Badminton Sports Hall A and B

30 Wednesday: Study Support
Lunchtime Spanish Ms Coquerelle (210) S1/S2 Science Science Department After school Maths (S1, S2, N4,N5 & H) Maths department Physics Room 123 Higher Business Management Room 231 Art Art department (3.30 – 4.10) Higher History: Source Questions Mr McKay (216) Design & Technology Design & Technology Dept

31 Wednesday: Clubs Lunchtime After School S1 Art and Design
Mr Miller (Room 316) Craft and Chat Home Economics (Rm 201) Lego Mindstorm Room 228 Chess Mr Poots (Room 212) Keyboard Group, Guitar Group and Show Band All in the music department After School School Show Rehearsals Music department

32 Wednesday: Sports Clubs
Lunchtime S1 – S6 Table Tennis PE Studio (Mr Gulzar) After school Body Combat/ Boxercise Dance Studio 3.40 – 4.25pm Netball 3.45 – 4.45pm Basketball Gymnastics Gymnastics Academy Snowsports Club 4 – 6.30pm (Miss Murray)


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