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Update on High School Scheduling FEBRUARY 19, 2014.

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1 Update on High School Scheduling FEBRUARY 19, 2014

2 Concern  Baltimore County Public Schools’ middle and high school schedules are currently not aligned.

3 Current High School Schedules  12 have a 4-period A/B day  3 have a 4-period day semesterized  1 has a 6-period day  8 have a 7-period day

4 Decision  Standardize middle and high school schedules across the system.

5 The decision was not an easy one; however, it was one that had to be made in order to:  Balance staffing allocations.  Review class sizes.  Maximize student course options.  Review student mobility around the county.

6 Staffing  School staffing is based on student enrollment.  Staffing will only be adjusted if student enrollment changes.  Standardized schedules allow for the maximum use of part-time teachers between schools.  Any staff savings will be returned to staffing allocations.

7 Class Sizes  Schools will be shifting to the 8-course model and be able to assign 6 sections to teachers.

8 Maximize Student Course Options  Students will be able to take 8 credits a year, providing them with the opportunity to:  Participate in multiple completers.  Participate in career research.  Participate in an internship program.  Participate in dual enrollment.  Students will have additional opportunities for credit recovery and access to support.

9 Mobility  The mobility rate varies across the county.  As students transfer between schools, current schedule inconsistencies often cause students to lose core credits.  The loss of core credits may impact a student’s ability to be promoted to the next grade level and/or graduate on time.

10 Resolution  BCPS high schools will offer all students the opportunity to earn 8 credits a year.  BCPS high schools will not offer a pure semesterized schedule.  Flexibility will be provided to schools making the transition.

11 2014-2015 Schedules  Most schools have opted for the 4-period A/B day schedule.  A few schools are considering a 4-period A/B day schedule with 1 day a week designated as an 8- period day.  One high school will adopt the 8- period day schedule.

12 Questions FEBRUARY 19, 2014

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