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19-09-2005AB / CO Review1 PS Complex Software for 2006 PS Complex Operation Teams & S. Pasinelli.

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1 AB / CO Review1 PS Complex Software for 2006 PS Complex Operation Teams & S. Pasinelli

2 AB / CO Review2 PS Complex accelerators Accelerators (In use)  Linac 2 (p+)  Linac 3 (ions)  Booster (p+)  PS (p+, Ions)  ADE (p-) Accelerator (In commissioning)  LEIR (ions) Accelerator (In studies)  CTF (e+)

3 AB / CO Review3 PS Complex accelerators Accelerators (Future)  Linac 4  Elena Experimental areas  Isolde (HRS – GPS),  East Hall  nTof  ADE (ATHENA – ASACUSA - ATRAP)

4 AB / CO Review4 Control Software OP definition Suite of coherent software, used by the operation group to control and make diagnoses on the accelerators. Controls and the diagnosis must be possible on all the parts of the PS Complex accelerators. The availability and reliability must be very high. All interventions, modifications and evolutions must coherent and be planned in order to avoid the disturbance of the accelerators and physics.

5 AB / CO Review5 Generic Controls Start-up 2006 Console manager Working set + knobs References Archives nAos GFA editor Sampler

6 AB / CO Review6 Generic Controls Start-up 2006 PLS Alarms  Equipment Setup (single / multiple) Infos  DSC Status Reboot infos

7 AB / CO Review7 Generic Application Start-up 2006 ABS Tomoscope BSM SEM grid OP display Beam statistics eLogbook EqpSurvey

8 AB / CO Review8 Specifics Application Start-up 2006 Labview  Spill analyzer  LHC TT2-TT10 Pick-ups  CCC signals Cycle editors Etc..

9 AB / CO Review9 To be Debugged or Developed Passerrelle (Server + DLL)  Varilog Refresh data  No synchro. received from DSC Timing diagnostic  Useful for OP & CO

10 AB / CO Review10 To be Debugged or Developed Fly wire  Data transmission  Data treatment Standard CO access of vacuum data  Data correlation Labview  OASIS  Labview

11 AB / CO Review11 CO Support CO components CCC Windows & Linux consoles Labview HW infrastructure eLogbook  Server  Database Passerrelle  Server  DLL

12 AB / CO Review12 To be clarified CO support for CPS complex applications CO diagnostics tools Schedule for new CO tools  LSA  FESA PICO role in the CPS environment Database intervention

13 AB / CO Review13 Remark All java applications developed in the PS framework must be compatible with the new java environment and full operational at the 2006 startup. PS Java applications deployed  PS  PSB  ISOLDE  ADE

14 AB / CO Review14 Conclusion For 2006 we want for all accelerators, all software with the same functionalities and reliability that we had in 2003 – 2004 Q1

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