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Launch of an electric car the GM Volt

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1 Launch of an electric car the GM Volt

2 Presented by Introduction & Technical Aspects: Falk von Hörsten
Car market in Germany: Sebastian Sonntag Market opportunity for Volt: Michael Walczak Mr Volt: Tim Pullmann Ms Volt: Kathy Kleemann Technical director & basic design: Benjamin Jobst & Markus Brachmann

3 GM‘s current situation
Formerly world‘s biggest car manufacturer for over 60 years Now falling behind Volkswagen & Toyota Saved from bankruptcy by U.S. government in 2009

4 What is the Volt? Experience a completely new way of driving:
Fully electric-powered car Has all the comforts you experience in a conventional car Environmentally friendly and sportive

5 How does the Volt work? The Volt is powered exclusively by an electric motor The energy is stored in Lithium-Ion battery packs You can drive up to 60 km on battery power alone A gas engine can provide electricity for long journeys This range extender enables the Volt to drive up to 1000 km

6 Technical specifications
Electric motor with 150 horsepower Electric range 60 km, with range extension ̴ 1000 km Recharge time ̴ 3 hours Mileage: 4.7 liters per 100 km in range extension mode, ̴ 1.6 liters combined Batteries guaranteed durability: 250,000 km, equals 10 years Acceleration: kmph: under 9 seconds

7 The car market in Germany

8 New car registrations in Germany – development 2005-2009

9 New car registrations in Germany – key segments 2009

10 New car registrations in Germany – compact cars Q1 2010

11 Share of Electric driven vehicles on all new registered cars in Germany 2009
Total: Total:

12 Market opportunity for Volt

13 Sales projections for the Volt in Germany

14 Marketing challenges Create awareness of Volt
Establish a memorable and unmistakable brand identity Create a deep connection with the core target audience Visualize how Volt can meet customer needs Launch Volt at motor shows (Frankfurt, Geneva) 10 year guarantee for the battery (250,000 km) Tie up with car rentals (Sixt, Europcar...)

15 Technical challenges Good availability of recharge stations (supermarkets, car parks, cinemas, universities...) Ensure battery security in accidents Guarantee & improve battery performance in all conditions Continued improvement of the technology (power & efficiency) Create more car variations (station wagon, convertible...)

16 Now who is ready for Volt?

17 Mr Volt – the typical male purchaser
35 years old Married & father of a child marketing executive in a cutting-edge company Owns a nice detached house in a suburb Visits the opera & cinema regularly Enjoys long rides on his mountain-bike Uses a MacBook Air & iPhone Avid reader of contemporary literature Keeps himself informed & subscribes to „Die Zeit“ Drinks „Krombacher“ to support the rainforest-project

18 Ms Volt – the typical female purchaser
30 years old Unmarried but in a relationship Works as a human resource manager in a big company Lives in her own duplex apartment Has a mind of her own Stays competitive in a men’s world Uses a personalized Dell notebook & an Aino cell phone Works out regularly in a gym Subscribes to Vanity Fair & FAZ Buys organic food

19 Why Volt has to succeed

20 The future of GM is not good unless…
…GM succeeds in redefining its image from a producer of gas guzzlers to an environmentally friendly car maker …they manage to establish the Volt as the icon of a green car …the Volt becomes a signposting of the GM portfolio

21 Participants Philipp Bär Andre Schmiedgen Sebastian Hippel
Sebastian Sonntag Benjamin Jobst Ronny Varges Arne Jordan Falk von Hörsten Sebastian Kellner Michael Vopel Robin Kögel Michael Walczak Ansgar Küpper Kathy Kleemann Marcus Mohrig Markus Brachmann Christian Nürnberger Tim Pullmann Producer: Keith Lewis Stefan Reinhardt

22 Thank you for your attention!

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