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P RE -H P RINCETON Office of Health Professions Advising Kate Fukawa-Connelly & Allison Smith Orientation 2013.

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1 P RE -H EALTH @ P RINCETON Office of Health Professions Advising Kate Fukawa-Connelly & Allison Smith Orientation 2013

2 P URPOSE Convey basic information about Health Professions Advising (HPA) Prepare pre-health students for course selection

3 W HAT IS P RE -H EALTH ? Acupressurist Allopathic Physician Anatomist Audiologist Biomedical Engineer Biostatistician Certified Nurse-Midwife Chiropractor Dentist Dietitian Emergency Medical Technician Epidemiologist Genetic Counselor Geneticist Health Educator Health Science Writer Health Scientist Massage therapist Medical Illustrator Naturopathic physician  Nurse Practitioner  Occupational Safety Specialist  Occupational therapist  Ophthalmologist  Optician  Optometrist  Osteopathic Physician  Perfusionist  Pharmacist  Pharmacologist  Phlebotomist  Physical Therapist  Physician’s Assistant  Podiatrist  Psychologist  Psychiatrist  Recreational Therapist  Surgical Technologist  Toxicologist  Veterinarian

4 T HE R OLE OF HPA To help you decide whether or not the field of medicine is right for you To help you prepare both the academic and non- academic aspects of your health professional school candidacy To guide you through the application process when you’re the strongest possible candidate

5 A CADEMIC P RE -H EALTH P REPARATION There is no pre-med concentration or certificate A sampling of Princeton alums entering med school in Fall 2013: Class ofConcentrationMedical School 2011AnthropologyU Penn MD/PhD 2011ChemistryStanford 2013EconomicsUCLA 2013Ecology & Environmental BioJohns Hopkins 2012EnglishColumbia 2012HistoryCornell 2013Molecular BiologyU Penn MD/JD 2013PsychologyHarvard 2012ReligionCornell 2012Woodrow Wilson SchoolNorthwestern

6 A CADEMIC P RE -H EALTH P REPARATION FOR M EDICAL S CHOOL General Chemistry CHM 201 Biology – Life on Earth: Chaos & Clockwork EEB 211 Organic Chemistry CHM 303 Physics PHY 101 or 103 Biochemistry MOL 345 General Chemistry CHM 202 Biology – Intro to Cellular & Molecular Bio MOL 214 Organic Chemistry CHM 304 Physics PHY 102 or 104 Fall SemesterSpring Semester Math – English – Psychology/Sociology

7 A CADEMIC P RE -H EALTH P REPARATION P RE -R EQUISITES FOR M ED S CHOOL Students are encouraged to check specific school requirements, especially in their state of residence (about 70% of med students attend medical school in their home state). Washington, Massachusetts, Texas and California schools require additional Biology course work. Dental schools : pre-requisites are similar, and start with General Chemistry; many also recommend microbiology (MOL 380). Veterinary schools : pre-requisites vary widely, but start with General Chemistry. Consult with an HPA advisor to plan the rest of your curriculum.

8 A CADEMIC P LACEMENT C REDIT If you use AP to satisfy Biology, General Chemistry, or Physics, expect to take advanced course work in the same discipline AP ScoreSatisfiesRecommended additional course(s) AP BIO 5EEB 211MOL 214 (or 215) + an advanced Biology course AP CHEM 4CHM 201CHM 215 + an advanced Chemistry course (beyond orgo and biochemistry) AP CHEM 5CHM 201 & 202At least one advanced Chemistry course (beyond orgo and biochemistry). Possibly CHM 215. AP PHYSEither PHY 101 & 102 or PHY 103 & 104 One advanced physics-based course (see list on ‘preparing’ handout & in FAQs on website) AP MATH AB 5 or BC 4/5 MTH 103 or MTH 103 & 104 One statistics course Students may choose to forfeit AP credit and take the introductory level courses. Speak with advisers about your options.

9 A CADEMIC P RE -H EALTH P REPARATION Go to our website:  Pre- Health Basics Download “Preparing for a Career in the Health Professions” for comprehensive course planning information Kate & Allison will be at the Friend Center during final course selection on Tuesday to answer questions

10 A CADEMIC P RE -H EALTH P REPARATION G ENERAL R ECOMMENDATIONS FOR ‘17 S You must take all pre-health pre-requisites for a grade (not p/d/f) Start with one science course (plus math) in the fall. The great majority of pre-health students take General Chemistry in their first year. Engineering students are the exception: they take General Chemistry, Physics and Math (if no AP). There are many timelines by which to complete the pre-requisites. For pre-med students, the MCAT exam will include content that draws from psychology and sociology. We will provide more details as they are available.

11 R ESOURCES FOR C OURSE S ELECTION Academic Expo – upper-class pre- health students HPA Advisers @ Friend Center Faculty Advisers Departmental Representatives Pre-Health Peer Advisers “Preparing for a Career in the Health Professions” handout HPA web site: Questions of the Week

12 A DDITIONAL HPA R ESOURCES FOR F RESHMEN Individual meetings with advisors Drop in Hours Appointments Freshman Pre-Health Info Sessions Dates & Times TBA via Vitals HPA Vitals newsletter Doctor Is In & professional school visits HPA Library resources Physician shadowing list Email questions:

13 F INAL W ORDS Find the balance between academics and co-curricular activities. Explore something new. Get some meaningful clinical experience before sophomore year. Find your own path to health professions school.

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