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Back to School Night August 27, 2014

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1 Back to School Night August 27, 2014
Maureen Christensen, Principal

2 Agenda Prayer Introductions Principal’s Update Successes Opportunities
2013 Strategic Plan/Parent Survey Results Marketing Update/Annual Fund 2014 – 2015 Focus What Can Parents Do? Upcoming Events Before & After School Program Parents Visit Classrooms

3 Prayer Trust in the Lord
Trust in the Lord with all your heart. He will lead us right from the start. Loving and trusting Him is how we thrive. Our Lord helps us to live our lives. Trust in the Lord for He promises to be by our side. To light, to protect, and to always guide. Amen

4 INTRODUCTIONS Kindergarten - Mrs. Toni Chu 1st & 2nd Grade - Mrs. Krista Sarkany 3rd Grade - Mr. Chris Bermudez 4th Grade - Miss Laura Pearce 5th Grade - Mrs. June Lufting 6th Grade - Ms. Sarah Stricherz 7th Grade - Mr. Mark Ennis 8th Grade - Mrs. Alex Krider Instructional Asst - Mrs. Josefina Sigala ELP Site Coordinator - Mrs. Angela Dean-Baham Resource/VP - Mrs. Claudia Orozco PE - Mr. Nick Thomas School Secretary - Mrs. Jill Chacon

5 Principal’s Update SUCCESSES
Facility Improvements (Facility Cleaned, Picnic Tables, Whiteboards, Projectors) Increase Technology Resources/Grants (new laptops, classroom computers) 21st Century Grant Renewed (5 more years) Teachers logged more than 100 hours of Professional Development last school year School Board Enrollment – Every Family Matters (Registration Fee Waived – bring in family) Development – Increase Alumni Engagement/Every Dollar Counts Academics – Significant impact on Academic Growth & Curriculum Enhancements MAUREEN – WHY ARE THE RED LINES SUCCESS?

6 One Major Success . . . Lift Up/Literacy Program
Program provides one to one coaching/mentoring for teachers in grades K – 3 Teachers are introduced to the most recent ELA strategies to ensure student success & differentiation techniques Teachers attend St. Mary’s College Speaker Series/Professional Development Students are regularly assessed for areas of strength and areas for growth ELA (Reading & Writing Scores Drastically Improved)

7 OLR Lift Up Performance
Source: ITBS Testing Comparison – Fall/Spring 2014

8 OLR Performance vs. Local Public Schools
Source: ITBS/STAR Testing Comparison – Spring 2012

9 Principal Update OPPORTUNITIES Increase student enrollment
25-30 students below optimum enrollment level Lower enrollment has stretched the budget/combo ½ class Increase positive Word-of-Mouth about OLR Increased Fundraising Participation/PTC (ALL hands on deck) Portable Installed (New Kinder Classroom)

10 Parent Survey Results –August 2014
Strength or Weakness Rating of OLR %Top 2 Box Strength Ratings

11 Marketing Update Bilingual Marketing Materials
Website Improved Communication Increase Parent Outreach Messaging & Newcomer’s Outreach Numerous Large Banners Displayed Mailings to Families (Baptism Candidates, Grandparents, Alumni) Quarterly Newsletters Annual Fund

12 2014 – 2015 Focus Enrollment, Enrollment, Enrollment
Curriculum Enhancement – Jr. High Math Critical Thinking/Problem Solving (K-8) Benchmark Assessments (K-8) Increased Technology (iPads) Comprehensive Literacy Approach (K-8) Implement Resource Program WCEA/WASC Accreditation Preparation Facility Improvements (Kinder Portable & School Library)

13 What Can Parents Do? Volunteer – PTC; Fundraising; Marketing
Help spread positive Word-of-Mouth about OLR Write reviews of OLR on and YELP #1 vehicle to influence new parents Review message content ideas…. Small Class Size Great Education Unique Family Focus Invite a prospective parent to tour the school and get your registration fee returned (a value up to $375)

14 Upcoming Events Kick-off for New Before/After School ELP (STEEAAM Model) 8th graders Visit Moreau Catholic HS Volunteer Meeting/PTC Sept. 11 at 7 pm Back to School BBQ Sunday, Sept. 28 at 3 pm Goal Setting Conferences Sept. 30 – Oct. 2 Parish Festival Oct. 4 & 5

15 Our Lady of the Rosary School
Thank you for joining us tonight! Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart

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