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Welcome Back to School 5th Grade Rules! Ms. Carrera Ms. Kent

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1 Welcome Back to School 5th Grade Rules! Ms. Carrera Ms. Kent
Ms. Kennie Ms. Henson 5th Grade Rules!

2 5th Grade Website

3 Back to School File Folder
Kissing Hand Birthday Celebration Note Class schedule Teacher contact information Be sure to check your class list for accuracy!

4 At Will Davis Elementary we are SHARP
Safe Honest Attentive Respectful Productive At Will Davis Elementary we are SHARP

5 Assignment Notebook Please be sure to look at it everyday. You do NOT need to sign it everyday.

6 Super Sharp Chart Wednesday Folder
Please sign the Wednesday Folder every week. This folder contains graded papers, school flyers, and the Super Sharp chart. Super Sharp Chart This chart gives you an update every Wednesday regarding your students behavior and homework. Please sign this chart every week and let us know if you have any question regarding behavior and/or homework. These items must be signed and returned by Thursday or students will have a homework consequence.

7 Red Folder: This is the homework folder. This is where all homework is kept until it is ready to turn in. The reading log is also located in the red folder. Absences: Please send a note with your student or call the office if the student has been absent. We are only able to gather missed assignments after school. You may look on the website to get the homework assignments.

8 Class Rules Come to class prepared Speak at appropriate times
Follow directions the first time they are given Respect others Help create a positive and safe working atmosphere Be honest

9 If a student breaks a rule:
First Time: Verbal Warning Second Time: Five minutes off of recess Third Time: Ten minutes off of recess Fourth Time: Miss entire recess/self-correction letter Dishonesty and rudeness will result in a double consequence. The use of inappropriate language, defiance, and physical aggression will result in an immediate referral to the office.

10 Reward System Our students have the opportunity to earn stickers everyday. Stickers may be used to “buy” privileges. Students who have three marks or less each months will receive four lap passes.

11 Grading Policy We encourage all of our students to turn in assignments on time. The following policy is for late assignments NOT due to absences. Teachers may deduct 10 points off each day an assignment is late. One weekly reminder will be given for late work. Any assignment more that a week late will be graded as a 50. If no assignment is received a zero will be entered in the gradebook. Assignments/tests with a grade less than 70 may be corrected in class for a maximum grade of 70. Please check the Wednesday folder for all graded papers and monitor your students grades on-line. If you notice anything or have a concern/question please let us know. Our grading policy is in line with Austin ISD policy and has been approved by our administrators. Please go to the Parent Cloud to monitor your student’s grades.

12 5th Grade Math Blog

13 Math TEKS (2014) Place Value Concepts
Addition and Subtraction Concepts and Computation Prime and Composite Numbers Multiplication and Division Concepts and Computation  Algebraic Expressions and Equations and Locations on a Coordinate Plane Rational Number Computations Financial Literacy Attributes of Two-and Three-dimensional Figures and Measurement Concept Data Analysis Whole and Rational Number Computations Involving Multiplication and Division and Engaging STAAR Review Algebraic Expressions and Equations Measurement Concepts

14 Math Resources Texas Go Math (consumable textbook) Investigation Games
Hands on Equations Logic Games iPad pilot program Computer Websites:, Dreambox, Think Through Math,, Brain Pop, Reflex Math, Sum Dog

15 Math Challenge Groups A pre-test will be given at the beginning of each unit of study in math. If the student makes a 90 or better, they will be given accelerated or more advanced activities for the topic.

16 Science Information Our main science units this year are:
Inquiry/Safety/Lab Tools Matter and Energy Force, Motion and Energy Sun, Earth and Moon Dynamic Earth Organisms and Environments Lego Robotics UT outreach MARE

17 Science Resources Science Text Motivation Science
EV3 Lego Robotics Kits Davis Science Lab with Ms. Isaacs Earth School UT Science Outreach Computer Websites: Scholastics Study Jams,, Brain Pop

18 Social Studies The Apothecary Shop has paid for the “Time for Kids” subscription this year We study American History and Geography this year Our International Week focus this year is North America and we will study the regions of the United States

19 Language Arts Reading Reading orally, silently, and with partners
Comprehension Questions/Reading Skills Reading will be based on genre studies Writing Teacher/Peer Conferencing Editing/Publishing Strategies Discussion Sharing/Presenting

20 Language Arts Homework
Reading Log Students must read for 20 minutes every Monday-Thursday night. Please sign the reading log every time your student reads. Vocabulary Tests are on Friday Daily vocabulary assignments Any unfinished class work is expected to be finished at home.

21 Parent/Teacher Conference
STAAR Math March 30th Reading March 31st Science April 22nd Parent/Teacher Conference Oct 13th and Feb 16th We will discuss your child’s strengths, progress, goals, and any concerns you may have.

22 T Bar M Carrera/Kent Nov. 6-7 Kennie/Henson Nov. 20-21
A special thank you to Beth and Emily for volunteering to organize this event and answer questions!! Thanks in advance to all the parent chaperones!! We could not do this without you!!!!

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