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Welcome to Back to School Night! Mrs. Jill Raaf Room 31.

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1 Welcome to Back to School Night! Mrs. Jill Raaf Room 31

2 Mrs. Jill Raaf English/Social Studies Email: (best way to contact me) Website:

3 * Spelling/Root Words Alternate Weeks * Reading – Non-Fiction & Fiction * Writing – Constantly * Core Literature Not SSR Books Need Books – neighbors, older sibs, friends * Grammar and Parts of Speech Integrated * Projects – Book Reports, S. Studies, Units English

4 * One main type of writing (essay) per trimester * Always work on essays in class * teacher assistance and guidance * Peer reviews and editing checklist * Students start work on their writing assignments in class. * Homework assignments given at that time will allow them to concentrate on their writing. * Therefore, there should be no excuses Essays

5 * Reading comprehension test via computer last week to determine student’s reading levels * Students read books within their designated reading levels * 6th graders expected to read 20 minutes per school day * Once a trimester, students will complete a creative book report to show comprehension Reading Levels and Book Reports

6 * Thinking Like… * Early Humans * Ancient Civilizations – Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China * Fiction and Non-Fiction * Integrated Units * Projects – Reading, Writing, Cross Curricular Units Social Studies

7 * Students will periodically be given the opportunity to work in groups to complete projects and assignments. * Encourages teamwork & peer collaboration * Careful with Plagiarism * The students will conduct research and creating a unique project based on a Greek God or Goddess of their choice. Group Projects and Research Report

8 * For all large tests, study guides are provided. * Spelling Tests * Students who receive a 100% on the pre-test will automatically receive a 100% on the test and will have alternative words for all homework assignments that week. * All grades are recorded on Q Tests and Quizzes

9 * No Late Homework Accepted! *Will complete at lunch *Same day = full credit assignment/not homework credit * Late Big Projects= dramatic point reduction * 1 letter grade deduction for every school day assignment is late. * Classwork & homework can be found on Mrs. Raaf’s website at: * If your student is absent, please encourage him/her to visit the website to find what class work and homework they missed prior to coming back to class. Homework

10 * Provide an effective learning environment * Encourage use of technology and/or resources * i.e. dictionary, thesaurus, computer, internet when appropriate * Provide required supplies both in and out of school On website What You Can Do

11 *Check Agenda Book and/or Website Daily ** *Check Binder Daily as part of HW * Insist on Organization* * Both Students (and) parents can use! Website Website What You Can Do

12 * Information about Mrs. Raaf & English/S.S. Classes * Daily Classwork & Homework * Supply Lists In Process… * Links to L.C. Website, Zangle/Q for Parents, L.C. School Calendar * Extra Handouts & Power Point Presentations * Useful Study Tools & Websites * Please encourage students to visit the website when they are absent so they can keep up with their work! * Mrs. Raaf’s Website

13 * Notify me via email Bad day Concern Need * Allow/Encourage your student to email me HW Questions Confusion Clarification Needed Problem or Need * What You Can Do

14 * Check Q to ensure your student is staying up to date with their assignments * Keep assignments until verified in Q…file for the trimester * This can give you up to date info on missing work or test/quiz grades What You Can Do

15 Q Parent Connect *Student Has Log In Information *Student Has Log In Information Parent Info from office!

16 * pencils, Sharpies, highlighters, file folders, paper (colored and white and notebook), tissues, sanitizing wipes, tape, blue or black pens, colored pencils, rulers, erasers * Mrs. Raaf’s Classroom Wish List

17 Thank you for attending Back to School Night. It was a pleasure meeting all of you! I look forward to working with you and your child to make the transition to middle school a complete success. THANK YOU!!!

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