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RASD Program Guidelines Dr. Melanie J. Oppor No Summer School on Thursday, July 3 & Friday, July 4!

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2 RASD Program Guidelines Dr. Melanie J. Oppor

3 No Summer School on Thursday, July 3 & Friday, July 4!

4 Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Curriculum Office.

5  Summer School Principal and Coordinator- Melanie Oppor – 920-896-3133 (cell) or 748-4687 (office)  BPES - Myra Misles-Krhin – 920-279-2465  MP/QES - Randy Hatlen – 920-896-3139  RMS/Cat. – Tom Hoh – 920-470-6357  RHS/Lumen - Dan Tjernagel – 920-896-3135

6  June 16-20 Melanie Oppor  June 23-27 Myra Misles-Krhin  June 30- July 2 Randy Hatlen  July 7-11 Dan Tjernagel  July 14-18 Tom Hoh

7  Face Lift  Mid- to Late June  Online tutorials will be available on Campus Community  Added training may be provided during Summer School if needs dictate

8  Specific times for the instructional day vary by building and program.  Verify these details at:  Summer School District Webpage Summer School District Webpage

9  All new employees must have an application form; teaching license for all licensed teachers; payroll forms-W4 and I9; the Acceptable Use Policy; Information form; and direct deposit (if you choose this payment option).  Watch the Bloodborne Pathogen video at the ASC  Watch the Child Neglect video at the ASC  Please contact Karin Hanke at 748-4605 for more information related to payroll issues.  You must have all of this completed before you start work!  A teacher computer is available in every classroom for your use.  A school network email, Infinite Campus, and web access account for non-district staff will be created for you. Contact Troy Seyfert at or Donna Mae Woelfel at should you need technology assistance.  Mailboxes are provided, please check daily.

10  Will be conducted at ALL schools on June 16 ◦ Fire ◦ Tornado  Check the signs posted in your assigned room for locations and details.  Review the procedures with students during the beginning of class on Day 1.  Take summer school class lists with you during the drill.  Account for all students during the drill.

11  All aides are asked to check-in with the school secretary on the 1 st day of summer school for any important paperwork or messages.  Teachers, please remind aides to make this important office stop.

12  Are you ill? Have an emergency arisen that will take you away from work?  Call--- 920-896-2388 NEW!!!  Between the hours of 5:30 a.m. and 6:10 a.m.  OR  Leave a message the night before  Subs. needed due to an emergency during the instructional morning should contact your building secretary.

13  Allowed 2 sick days  Can’t be used to attend workshops/conferences  Special Situation: A district teacher may make a request of the superintendent to utilize an unused personal day during summer school. Submit a personal leave request form detailing the unique, once in a lifetime nature of this special request to the superintendent.

14  Aides who work a full morning of summer school are entitled to a 15 minute break each day.  The break should be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time between the teacher of the class and the aide.  The break does not need to occur at exactly the same time everyday but a daily break must be provided.  The break should be roughly around the middle of the working time. Since most of our aides provide supervision on the playground at the halfway point of the morning summer program, please place the break either a few minutes before or after the students' recess time.  It is not acceptable to "skip" the break time in order to arrive late or leave early from the work site. The break is intended to help the employee function optimally on the job and so it is important that the break be used as it is intended.

15  Contact Donna Mae Woelfel at:   Make email only requests for technology on or before June 6. Include the following: ◦ Equipment need (Be specific; do NOT assume that devices currently in the space will remain this summer. ◦ Building & Room Assignment for Summer School ◦ Email Address ◦ Daytime Telephone Number where you can be reached

16  Summer School is a privilege!  In an extreme situation, a student may be dismissed from summer school with administrative endorsement.  Follows the rules of the building to which you are assigned.  School rules are outlined in each School Handbook and can be found on the district webpage under “Parents>Handbooks.”  Contact the school office if you need further clarification on school rules.

17  Take attendance daily using Infinite Campus.  Contact the school office if you are unsure of how to take attendance on IC.  Keep precise records on IC as this is how student minutes of attendance are calculated for state reporting which results in the financial support received by the district from the state.

18  Each school office makes their own room assignments.  Shared spaces vary by building. Request the use of shared spaces through the school office. See memo for listings of shared spaces.

19  $100 per class session or $200 for a full morning class  Special Added Course Fees = $? X number of students additional if part of Board approved course fee

20  Requisitions are required for all purchases  Orders may be placed through Summer School Coordinator (see budget code attachment)  Submit requisitions and receipts to Glenda Rueter ASAP (Do NOT hold until end of SS.)  Save a copy of all receipts for your checkout records  Check-in all ordered supplies against the packing slip right away; initial the packing slip as “okay to pay”; & give it to the school secretary  Document all expenses on Summary Information Sheet

21  As part of our budget tracking of summer school expenses, we need to keep track of the number of copies run on photocopy machines for summer school use. The procedures are as follows:  BPES – use summer school code for all photocopies (10976)  MP/QES – sign for number of sheets produced on clip board on copier  MS office- sign for number of sheets produced on clip board on copier  MS MC copier – use summer school code for all photocopies (24608)  HS Workroom - sign for number of sheets produced on clip board on copier  HS Media Center - sign for number of sheets produced on clip board on copier

22  Any trip off school grounds (walking or bus) requires a preapproved Field Trip permit form. (See District Webpage > Staff > Forms)  If requesting bussing, call Ed at Lamer’s (745-2245 ext. 2) to confirm transportation availability in advance.  Submit Field Trip permit form 2 weeks in advance of the trip.  Admission fees or other expenses requiring a check to be cut by the Business Office must be noted on the Field Trip Permit Form with details to include: ◦ To whom the check should be written ◦ Exact dollar value  Take class lists, emergency cards, and first-aide kit on all field trips (special medications, etc. as needed.)

23  All teachers are asked to submit lesson plans for all courses.  Submit copy electronically via Google Drive ◦ Place lesson plans in the “Summer School 2014 Lesson Plans” folder as follows:  Create a folder with the naming convention = last name, first name  Deposit a copy of plans once per week in the folder with the week’s date in the title  Lesson plans are due prior to the start of the first day of the instructional week

24  Additional directions will be provided regarding end-of-summer school assessments.

25  Children of teachers who have completed 6th grade may be volunteer helpers in the classrooms of their parents who are teaching Summer School  Must be pre-approved by the principal  Must be under the supervision of their parent at all times.  The child is covered as a volunteer under the District liability insurance; however the teacher's child is not covered by any district insurance for any personal injury to themselves.

26  Find combined Summary Information & Check-out form located on District webpage at “Staff > Forms > Summer School.”  Form must to be filled out and turned in at end of summer school session.  You must check out with building administrator/secretary on July 18.

27 Thank you!

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