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TRANSITIONS FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TO BROOKS SECONDARY Brooks Secondary School 5400 Marine Avenue Powell River, BC V8A 2L6 PH: 604.483.3171 FX: 604.483.3127.

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1 TRANSITIONS FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TO BROOKS SECONDARY Brooks Secondary School 5400 Marine Avenue Powell River, BC V8A 2L6 PH: 604.483.3171 FX: 604.483.3127


3 Introduction The transition from elementary school to secondary school is an exciting time for students and their parents/guardians. There is a lot to look forward to: ▫a new school ▫new friends ▫new opportunities It’s also normal to be a nervous about the switch to a secondary school. Many students say they are excited AND anxious about entering secondary school. There are many people/resources at Brooks to help students and parents/guardians each step of the way.

4 About Brooks Secondary School Brooks Secondary School is a school of approximately 800 students (Grade 8-12)with a teaching staff of approximately 60 teachers. It is a vibrant, diverse learning community which supports and encourages excellence in all aspects of school life.

5 How is High School Different? the school is bigger more than one teacher during the day (4 classes a day) different timetable move to different classrooms and areas of the school over the course of the day classes are longer—lasting approximately 80 minutes per block...teachers use multiple teaching strategies during this time homework and workload expectations may increase from elementary school more courses to choose from and more opportunities to tailor school program to individual interests and goals more extracurricular activities more independence and responsibility different activities and events (social events, games, dances, etc.) name a few

6 Curriculum Grade 8 students are expected to take a wide range of academic and elective courses. All Grade 8 students take the following courses: □English 8 □ Social Studies 8 □ Math 8 □ Science 8 □ PE 8 □ Health and Careers 8 □ Language 8 (French 8 or Klah ah men 8) Students also have the opportunity to participate in Band 8 if they wish.

7 Other electives Students will also try several courses in the fine arts/ applied skills area. All students will rotate through a series of the same electives that may include ▫art, drama, environmental education, computers, foods, metalwork, robotics, textiles, and woodwork.

8 Sample Timetable Day 1 8:58- 10:18 AEnglish 8 10:25- 11:45 BPE 8 45 min.LUNCH 12:30- 1:49 CScience 8 1:56- 3:15 DHCE 08 & mini- electives Day 2 8:58- 9:58 CSocials 8 9:58- 10:38 FLEX 10:45- 11:45 DHCE 08 & mini- electives 45 min.LUNCH 12:30- 1:49 BFrench 8 1:56- 3:15 AMath 8

9 Extra Curricular Activities Joining an extracurricular club, team or group is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and gain and improve skills. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of extracurricular activities, meeting a variety of student interests. Extracurricular groups meet at various times in the day (before school, at lunch, after school) sports teams ▫badminton, basketball, curling, golf, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, track & field, volleyball, etc. groups and clubs ▫book club, Compassion Project, Interact, mountain biking, music, robotics, student council, Students for Environmental Action, yearbook, and yoga, etc. Information about extracurricular activities can be found in the school agenda and through the school announcements throughout the year.

10 Where Do I Keep My Things? All students will be assigned a locker for their own use. Students must bring their own locks. Keep your combination a secret and your valuables at home.

11 Cell Phones Cell phones are permitted at school; however, they are not to be used during instructional time. Please do not call or text your son/daughter during instructional time...this can be disruptive to students and teachers. Inappropriate cell phone use may result in the cell phone being taken away by teachers and administrators.

12 First Day of School On the first day of school Grade 8 students will go to the gym for introductions. Students will then move to an assigned homeroom where they will be given their timetables, locker number, and textbooks. Students will participate in a number of welcoming/transition activities. a BBQ for all of our Grade 8 students is provided. Dismissal is 1:00 pm.

13 Know Your Resources There are many people, services and resources available at Brooks to help make the secondary school experience a positive and successful one for all of our students. There are teachers, administrators, librarians, coaches, school counsellors, secretaries, and tutors, to name a few, all here to help students have the best secondary school experience possible. If you have a question, concern, or problem, talk to the appropriate person. If you’re unsure of who to talk to, contact a school counsellor. He/she will help connect you with the right people, information, and resources.

14 School Counsellors Mr. Marciniak ▫alpha counsellor for students with the last names A – L ▫ Mrs. Burt ▫alpha counsellor for students with the last names M- Z ▫ Mr. Brach ▫school counsellor for International Students, Safe Schools Coordinator, First Nations Leadership Coordinator ▫ Mr. Palm ▫career coordinator ▫

15 Tips for Parents Talk to your child before Grade 8 starts about the differences between elementary and secondary school and what to expect. Attend orientation activities with your child. Our OPEN HOUSE takes place on Thursday, May 29 th (@ 6:30 pm). Students and parents/guardians will learn more about the Grade 8 program and tour the school. Volunteer, join the PAC, meet teachers, attend school conferences or events and read school newsletters. Keep up to date about school activities and opportunities. Our website is updated regularly for students and parents/guardians. Encourage your child to be involved in school activities. There are many activities during lunch and before/ after school (extra-curricular). Encourage the use of agendas for homework and check them regularly for assignments, projects and tests. Set a regular time and place for homework to be done. Give and reinforce clear expectations. Encourage and model time management strategies. Help your child balance school work with their outside activities and interests. Work together with the school. If you have a question or concern about a class, make a phone call or send an email to the teacher. For other concerns, contact your child’s school counsellor or administrator.

16 Keeping in Touch  Counsellors Mr. Marciniak (A – L) Mrs. Burt (M-Z) Mr. Brach (International Students)  Teachers -teachers can be reached by phone or email -phone the main office (604) 483.3171 and the office staff will notify the teacher with who you wish to consult -email addresses are listed in the agenda  Administration Principal: Ms. Rothwell Vice Principal: Mr. Perrault Vice Principal: Ms. Behan  Class Progress Interims Report Cards Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences Informal/Formal Meetings  Newsletters  Website

17 OPEN HOUSE Thursday, May 29 th @ Brooks Secondary School at 6:30 pm ▫Information ▫Meet the administrators and school counsellors. ▫Meet the Grade 8 team ▫Tour

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