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Spring Hill Elementary School-Wide PBIS Plan

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1 Spring Hill Elementary School-Wide PBIS Plan 2014-15
Ms. Russette Jackson, Principal 3796 Raleigh-Frayser Memphis, Tennessee 38128 Building Relationships Increasing Rigor Getting Results 1

2 Guiding Principles We see room for improvement.
We are not distracted by the past. We are focused on a vision of the future. We are willing to work and contribute. We are motivated by the joy of success and a job well done. 2

3 Vision The shared vision of Spring Hill Elementary is to foster continuous improvement within a high-performing learning environment that honors collaborative learning amongst all students, parents, teachers, faculty and stakeholders. Through this process, students will be afforded challenging opportunities to meet their full academic potential. 3

4 Mission The mission of Spring Hill Elementary is to empower and prepare our students in a highly functional learning environment. Students will be able to make sound informed decisions, compete globally with superb technological skills and develop character, self-assurance and become critical thinkers. 4

5 Philosophy Statement Our philosophy is simple,“ All Children can learn.” Our belief system does not stop there. Not only can all children learn, but all teachers teach. We do not deny the variety that exists among our students, therefore we acknowledge that our teachers come with a variety of experiences that give our students a perspective that they may not have ever had access to prior to attending our school. It is because we are all different that we are also great. Being unique opens the possibilities that the products that we bring also share a quality of uniqueness that will also make students great future leaders. 5

6 Previous Results There was no available data for the school year to make a comparison to During the school year, there were 205 office referrals.

7 Previous Results cont’d
Total Number of Office Referrals 424 331 Not Available 205 7

8 Goals or Objectives Goal-To increase positive student behavior choices and reduce negative behavior choices in all grades. Reduce the number of discipline referrals (205) to the office by 10%. Reduce the number of fights (42) by 95% using the Fight Free Incentive. 8

9 Dolphin Pledge Success, Success, I ‘ll do my best, every day will be my test. You will be see the unique me. I’ll be the change I wish to see! Hard work comes first and then I’ll play determined to practice my skills today. Fitness of body and alertness of mind enthusiasm will show my good time. Loyalty and friendship too, cooperation in all I do. I want my friends, so a friend I’ll be my Dolphin pride is what you’ll see. My confidence is plain to see. I’ll be the best that I can be. Self control will help me to know, all of my actions are in my control. Success, Success, I’ll do my best, everyday will be my test. You will see the unique me. I’ll be the change I wish to see!

10 SCS School-wide PBIS (Discipline) Team Worksheet 2014-15
Principal Russette Jackson Professional School Counselor* Thirchrista Hall-Austin School Psychologist Gayle Keels MSCEA Representative* Jennifer Clinghan Elected Teachers* Shirley Hightower Special Education Teacher Tia Ellis Related Arts Teachers Larry Finch Students (rotating members from Envoy) Educational Assistants/Non-Certified Staff Community Member Cindy Cook Parents * Ms. Johnson Cafeteria Staff Bus Driver Spring Hill Elem. PBIS Team is representative of the school faculty and includes an administrator. *Indicates members mandated by MEA contract; others may be invited as needed

11 Meeting Schedule 1 8/4/14-8/29/14 2 9/2/14-9/30/14 9/24/14 9/29/14 3
20 Days Reporting Period Approximate days of reporting period All dates for period entered into system SWPBIS Team meeting dates Faculty meeting dates to report interpretation of 20 day data 1 8/4/14-8/29/14 2 9/2/14-9/30/14 9/24/14 9/29/14 3 10/1/14-11/4/14 4 11/5/14-12/8/14 12/9/14 12/10/14 12/15/14 5 12/9/15-1/21/15 6 1/22/15-2/19/15 2/23/14 2/25/14 3/2/14 7 2/20/15-3/26/15 8 3/27/15-4/24/15 4/27/14 4/29/14 5/1/14 9 4/27/15-5/22/15 5/18/14 5/20/14 5/21/13

12 Please insert names of Team members below:
Data should be entered promptly to enable review of accurate data. Deadline for data entry is the Friday following the end of the reporting period. Principal should identify person responsible for entering behavior data. Name and title of data entry designee: Mrs. Street, Financial Secretary (B) Committee should meet within one week of final data entry for reporting period. Enter projected meeting dates in this column. Identify team member responsible for data summary to report to SW PBIS Team. Name and title: Thirchrista Hall-Austin, School Counselor Determine how you wish to examine your data: by location, by student, by infraction, by time of day, number of referrals per day per reporting period. Also consider office referral procedures and data integrity. (C) Faculty meeting to discuss behavior should be held within a week of the SW PBIS Team’s Meeting. Enter projected dates in this column. Identify persons responsible for sharing data trends for previous reporting period with the faculty. Name and title: Thirchrista Hall-Austin , PBIS Coach Team may wish to lead faculty in brainstorming intervention strategies based on data. Share successes and areas of continued efforts. 12

13 Monitoring Process A master schedule has been developed for the Discipline Committee to meet monthly during the school day. Ms. Street will be responsible for data entry. Thirchrista Hall-Austin will be responsible for data summary to report to SW PBIS Team as well as for sharing data trends for previous reporting period with the faculty. The meeting schedule for the school year is listed. 13

14 Monitoring Process Cont’d
The School Discipline Committee uses SMS Data reports and PBIS Data reports to gather trends of high incidents to determine the following: a. Guidance Support b. Administrative Support with teachers/students c. Necessary changes to PBIS

15 SAS Action Plan Action By When How will we know it is done?
The PBIS internal coach and Administration team will establish the SWPBIS team. 9/24/14 Minutes from meeting and task sheet. The Team will review end of year data and procedures 9/26/14 PBIS agenda and minutes The SWPBIS team will identify strengths, areas of growth and develop and action plan for improvement. PBIS minutes, data and feedback from faculty. Teachers will communicate classroom and school-wide expectations to parents. Throughout the year Open House, PTO meetings, parent conferences Internal coach will provide training to faculty and staff on Harassment, Bullying, prevention, and sexual harassment. 9/29/14 Agenda, Sign-In Sheets and lesson plans.

16 SAS Action Plan Cont’d Action By When How will we know it is done?
Discipline assemblies will be held to teach school-wide behaviors and expectations. Assemblies Twice a year. Code of conduct test done first nine weeks of school and for any newly enrolled students. School Calendar, Post Test data Students will be recognized during honor society induction, honors’ programs, fight free incentives, and fun Fridays. In the Fall, every nine weeks, and intervals for fight free periods and weekly. Report Cards, PBIS data, programs, and the fight free bulletin board Teachers will follow the progressive discipline plan prior to referring students. school year Office referrals and PBIS data Principal and PBIS designee will update faculty on school-wide discipline plan. Monthly Faculty meeting agendas Character traits will be incorporated in the morning assemblies daily. Every Morning during morning assemblies Daily agenda and character trait calendar

17 Celebrations Students receive rotary bucks at the end of the nine weeks grading period for report cards (academics, behavior, and attendance). Rewards given in classrooms for appropriate behavior. Induction into the National Honor’s Society. Honors Award program each nine weeks. 5th grade culmination program. Daily Announcements promoting good attendance, cafeteria behavior, birthday and good citizenship. Celebrations promoted on the school website. Fight Free Celebration for each grade level and Fight Free board. Employee of the month “Shout Outs” “Have you filled someone’s bucket”. 17

18 School Rules Treat everyone with Respect
Follow directions the first time given of ANY adult on staff Keep hands feet and objects to yourself Respect school and personal property 18

19 Behavioral Expectation Matrix
19 19

20 Staff & Office Managed Behavior Chart

21 Teacher Initials/Student Initials
Spring Hill Elementary Progressive Discipline Tracker Student Name Teacher DATE Teacher Initials/Student Initials Step 1 – Verbal Warning Description/Results: Step 2-Verbal Redirection Step 3-Conference with Student Step 4- Parental Phone Call Step 5-Teacher/Student/Parent Conference Step 6-Guidance Referral Step 7- Final Warning Step 8-Office Referral Step 9-Parental Phone Call From Administrator Step 10-Administrator/Student/Parent Conference

22 Teach the Rules, Expectations and Procedures
Teach Code of Conduct within the first nine weeks of school and administer Post test Morning Meetings School-wide Assemblies (August & January) Morning Assemblies Classroom Guidance Opportunities for Practice daily Administration and Faculty will actively monitor students’ behavior Prominently displayed school rules in the Lobby and Hallways 22

23 Code of Conduct Post test Information
School: Spring Hill Elementary Principal: Russette Jackson School Enrollment: 454 Number of Post-test administered: 454 % of students scoring 80% or above: 100% Date make up/retest scheduled (for absentees and students scoring below 80%): Name of Person Submitting Form: Thirchrista Hall-Austin Title: School Counselor Phone: Document submitted 9/5/14

24 School Procedures List school procedures for entering/exiting school
In the morning all students will line up at the cafeteria door under the awning until the doors open at 8:00am and enter the cafeteria quietly. Students will be seated in the area relevant to grade/section. Morning assembly will begin at 8:15. Students are dismissed by grade from the cafeteria and go to the classroom for breakfast. Closing Students riding the school bus will be dismissed from the cafeteria. All students being picked up by car will be dismissed from 1st grade hall. Daycare riders will be dismissed from the gym. Aftercare students 2nd – 5th will be dropped off in the computer lab and in the students K-2nd will be picked up and brought to the cafeteria. 24

25 School Procedures Cont’d
Hallway expectations All Students will walk quietly on the right side of the hallways Lunchroom Students will enter the cafeteria quietly and pick up food trays and all other items needed. Once finished eating, students will clean the area around them and wait in line ( ) to exit the cafeteria. Assemblies Students will enter the cafeteria quietly and sit in assigned area and wait quietly for instructions.

26 School Procedures Cont’d
Referrals Teachers referring students to the office for discipline issues must follow progressive discipline plan. Students being referred due to academic concerns must receive 20 weekly Tier III interventions and must have a current vision and hearing screening prior to having an SR- Team meeting to discuss other options. Teachers referring students to the school counselor for academic and/or behavior must complete a referral form with documentation from the discipline tracker.

27 School Procedures Cont’d
Restrooms Teachers will take the class to the restroom periodically throughout the day. In the case of an emergency where a student has to go to the restroom, he/she must have a hall pass and can not be alone. Hall passes All students must have a hall pass when going anywhere in the school. Ongoing orientation for new students There will be two discipline assemblies to continue awareness and implementation of school rules. All new students will be given the code of conduct as well as a Student/parent handbook upon registration.

28 Classroom Procedures Describe your consistent School-wide Classroom
Students must raise their hand to speak and wait to be acknowledged Students must work respectfully in work stations Homework will be turned in to teacher each day. Make up work will be provided for students who have missed school Communication with parents (calendars, phone calls, , notes, home & school connection and Tuesday folders.) 28

29 School Wide Incentives
Dolphin Bucks– each nine weeks sponsored by the Rotary Club. Fight Free Program Kids of Character –pictures placed on board of students caught being examples of kids with good character. Utilize community resources to support PBIS (ie. Volunteers provide snacks, small toys or treats. 29

30 Teacher Incentives Teachers will be recognized for the following:
Stand Up and Show Out (Monday Memo) Recognition School Adopters providing support and resources for Teacher Appreciation Week, Breakfast and Luncheons Recognition Announcements (Intercom) Certificates and Award Letters 30

31 Spring Hill Resources for Incentives
Friendship Baptist International Paper Fundraisers Spring Hill Church Rotary Club 31

32 Communication with Parents & Community
Parent Awareness PLCs, Daily/Weekly Folders, Parentlink, Calendars Annual meeting with adopters Student Awareness Assemblies, Classroom Meetings, and Classroom Guidance Posted area in the Main Lobby and Grade Level Hallways Outdoor marquee with events

33 Character Education Spring Hill focuses on one of the six character traits identified by SCS monthly; Responsibility, Respect, Hope, Fairness, Kindness, and Honesty Daily announcements are made in reference to the Character traits during Morning Assembly There is a board with pictures of our students that recognize “students in action” representing the character of the month outside the office. 33

34 ATOD Prevention Curriculum-P.E. and Health
D.A.R.E. Program for 5th grade students Character Education Classroom Guidance-School Counselor, Mrs Hall-Austin Visit from Sheriff dept. and other guest Healthy Choices Week-School-wide, Faculty Anger Management Small Groups-School Social Worker, Ms. Shaffer Small Group Conflict Resolution- Principal, Mrs. Jackson and School Counselor, Mrs. Hall-Austin, and Ms. Shaffer 34

35 Bullying Prevention Faculty’s Annual 1 Hour Training Date-September 2014 Presenter, Hall-Austin, School Counselor Definition Intimidation Early Stages Strategies to address harassment and bullying Making a Difference (MAD) Presentation Students’ Training (Grades 2-5) Month of October, 2014 35

36 Violence Prevention Programs
Stop Bullying Now Fight Free Incentive Memphis Police Department 36

37 Tier 2/Intervention Team
Individual Student Discipline Data Individual Behavior Charts Feedback Reports Classroom /Support Teachers Parents Other Support Staff Mentors Counselor, School Social Worker, and Administrators Behavior Screenings & RTI-B

38 Intervention Strategies
Describe secondary interventions (Tier 2) for students who have been referred to the office times, such as: Group counseling (social skills and conflict resolution by the school counselor and school social worker Behavioral support/positive parenting strategies training provided by the school counselor and school social worker Mentoring Brief/simple behavior plans for repeated minor infractions and over 5 days out of school suspension (using BIM and other resources) 38

39 Additional Tier 2 Interventions
Parent and student conferences Self monitoring programs Peer mediation Increased academic/behavioral supports & practices Parent Training & collaboration Self management training and support Social skills instruction Behavioral Contract

40 Secondary Intervention (Tier 2) Evaluation
Our Tier 2 Team uses the following as indicators of progress & success for students who participate in secondary interventions (Tier 2) Number of office referrals Observation data PBIS data Feedback from teachers Behavior Intervention Plans 40

41 Tertiary Interventions (Tier 3)

42 Tertiary Interventions (Tier 3)

43 Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior CONTINUUM OF SCHOOL-WIDE
Triangle Tier 3 Tertiary Prevention: Specialized Individualized Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior CONTINUUM OF SCHOOL-WIDE INSTRUCTIONAL & POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT STUDENT ENROLLMENT 453 Tier3=2% Tier 2= 8% Tier 2 Secondary Prevention: Specialized Group Systems for Students with At-Risk Behavior Tier 1 Primary Prevention: School-/Classroom- Wide Systems for All Students, Staff, & Settings Tier 1=90% of Students at Spring Hill Elem School Year 43

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