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Alternative Management Strategies for School Cafeteria Operations A recipe for success!

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1 Alternative Management Strategies for School Cafeteria Operations A recipe for success!

2 Historical Highlights 1988 Great Valley School District – Met Barb Nissel 1991 Penn Delco School District – Contracted Food Service Operations – RFP and award to new third-party administrator Removed the High School from the National School Lunch Program 1994 Octorara Area School District – District Operated Food Service Department Introduced breakfast program in elementary schools 2001 Kennett Consolidated School District – District Operated Food Service Department Point of Sale System Summer Program Breakfast in all Buildings Contracted Management in September 2008

3 Our Operation – Excellent Foundation of Trained Professionals Director (1) Cafeteria Managers (6) Administrative Assistant (1) Cafeteria Workers (28) – Student Population 4,200 34% Free/Reduced Ethnically Diverse Socio-Economically Diverse – 6 Buildings High School, Middle School, 3 Elementary Schools, and Kindergarten Center – Annual Food Service Budget $1.7 M – Three Consecutive Years (2005-2008) (Maximum Deficit $111,000 in 2007-2008

4 Prompts for Change Third Party Intervention Financial Efficiencies Lack of Internal Skills Exit Strategy Delegation or Renegade Action Project-Based Change Crisis

5 The Situation July 4, 2008 – Unexpected Tragedy Dealing With Adversity – Don’t Panic – Communicate – Collaborate – Analyze – Develop short-term and long-term strategies – Implement – Evaluate – Reward

6 Develop Interim Solution Goal # 1 - Avoid Critical Failure – Staffing, Supplies, Computer Operations, Reporting, Accounting Goal # 2 – Temporary Administration – Professional Network Peers and Colleagues PASBO Connection Neighboring Schools Vendors

7 Interim Solution Marie Wickersham, Supervisor of Food Services at Unionville-Chadds Ford School District – Volunteered her services – Superintendent and Business Administrator authorization Increased Cafeteria Managers’ Hours

8 Develop Long-Term Solution Old Theory of Thinking – "My mom made two dishes: Take it or Leave it." -- Stephen Wright Two Schools of Thought – District-Operated – Contracted New Theory of Thinking – “Our minds are like our stomachs; they are whetted by the change of their food, and variety supplies both with fresh appetite.” –Quintilian Unlimited Schools of Thought – District-Operated – Contracted – Satellite Operations – Contracted Management – Contracted Worker

9 Problem Solving

10 My Problem-Solving Matrix

11 The Options Business as Usual – Post, Advertise, and Replace – Internal and External Contract Entire Operation – RFP Process Satellite/Partnership Shared Supervisor of Food Service Independent Contractor/Consultant

12 Our Solution Independent Contractor – Neighboring Supervisor of Food Services – Two-Year Contract – Authorization from her Employer – Fixed Monthly Fee – Emergency Response – Accessible via Phone and Email

13 Our Solution Split the District into two Regions – North (High School, 1 Elementary, Kindergarten Center) – South (Middle School, 2 Elementary Schools) High School and Middle School Managers promoted to Regional Managers – Increase Salary 10% – Enhanced Health Benefits – Supervisory Responsibilities – Daily Staffing Requirements – Food Purchases – POS System

14 Our Solution Regularly Scheduled Coordination Meeting with Consultant and Managers – Typically after work Meetings with Director of Business Administration as Needed Majority of Correspondence by Email and Telephone

15 Bottom Line Effective Solution – Expert Management Knowledge and Experience – Familiar with County, State, Federal Regulations – Inter-County Connections Colleagues, Bidding, Etc. – Growth Opportunities for Employees – Empowers Employees to Expand Knowledge of Operations Provides Excellent Cross-Training – Three Consecutive Years of Profit – Renewed 2-Year Consulting Contracting

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