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Free Training Courses for Software Engineers Svetlin Nakov Telerik Corporation

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1 Free Training Courses for Software Engineers Svetlin Nakov Telerik Corporation


3  What Telerik does?  Leading vendor of ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, WPF, Window Phone 7 and ASP.NET MVC components, ORM, Reporting, and CMS solutions and Visual Studio plugins  Headquartered in Bulgaria  With offices in USA, Germany, Australia, India  450 employees – mostly developers  Employer #1 in Bulgaria for 2010  Microsoft Gold Certified Partner 3

4 Free Trainings for.NET Software Engineers

5  Telerik Academy is an initiative Telerik for training of young software engineers  Four main streams  Software Academy .NET Essentials  QA Academy  Developer Support  School Academy  Kids Academy  Student Courses 5

6 Software Academy C# Fundamentals QA Academy.NET Essentials Developer-Support Job at Telerik University Courses School Academy Kids Academy 6

7 Courses for Students Cross-Platform Mobile Applications (starting October, FMI) 7 Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC (starting October, FMI) High-Quality Programming Code (starting March) XAML Development (starting March) Web Front-End Development (starting March) Native Mobile Development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7) (starting March) Web Client-Side Development (starting October) Search Engine Optimization (starting November)

8  Train school students in software engineering and software technologies, free of charge  Practical training with lots of practice  Cutting-edge technologies: HTML5, mobile,.NET  Preparation for the National IT Olympiad  Categories: software development, Web development, Web sites, multimedia apps  Preparation for the official IT test  3 full days each month, starting from 10/2012 8

9  We train concepts, not just technologies  Experienced developers know that language and platform does not matter  You are either good developer or lamer  We train OOP, databases, software engineering, Web applications, RIA applications  C#,.NET and PHP are good instruments to illustrate these concepts in practice  Once you become a software engineer, you can easily switch to another platform 9


11  Svetlin Nakov, PhD  Manager Technical Training  Telerik Corporation  20 years software development experience  Author of 6 books  Speaker of hundreds of events  E-mail: svetlin.nakov [at]  Web site: 11

12  Nikolay Kostov  Technical Trainer  Telerik Corporation  Telerik Academy  3 rd year student in FMI  E-mail: nikolay.kostov [at]  Web site: 12

13  Doncho Minkov  Technical Trainer  Telerik Corporation  Telerik Academy  4 th year student in FMI  E-mail: doncho.minkov [at]  Web site: 13

14  We often invite external speakers from the software industry  Radoslav Georgiev –  Ivan Zhekov – Telerik  George Georgiev – AcademyZ, Telerik  George Atanasov – AcademyZ, Telerik  Mihail Stoynov – Java developer, Berggi  … 14

15 Web Technologies, PHP & MySQL, HTML5, Mobile Development, Cloud Computing, WPF, Silverlight

16  Introduction to Web Technologies and PHP  Sample IT Test for Preparation for the Olympiad  HTML, CSS and JavaScript Basics  Introduction to Web Technologies Part I – Main Web Technology Concepts  Introduction to Web Technologies Part II – HTTP  XAMPP Basics  PHP Basics  Code Flow Control in PHP  Working with User Input 16

17  Developing Web Applications with PHP  Files Resources and Processes in PHP  Working with MySQL Databases  phpMyAdmin  PHP and MySQL  Template Engines and Smarty  Object-Oriented Programming with PHP  Working with Exception in PHP  PHP Frameworks 17

18  Web Technologies and PHP – Advanced Topics  Output Buffer Control  Other PHP Functions – Images, SQLite, etc.  PEAR Packaging  Linux Administration – Basics  Configuring Apache, PHP and MySQL  Best Practices with PHP  PHP Security  Web Performance and Benchmarking 18

19  Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)  Silverlight  Mobile Development  Cloud Development and Azure  XNA Game Development  Embedded Development  Windows 8, WinRT and Metro  ASP.NET MVC  … 19


21  High school students only  Teachers and university students accepted by exception (if there are free seats)  Basic computer skills  We don’t teach computer literacy  Basic English skills  Ability to read technical documentation is enough  Serious attitude and high motivation! 21

22 How the Trainings are Organized?

23  Most trainings will be held in Sofia in Telerik Academy's large training lab  Sometimes we do trainings in other locations  It is hard to find a training lab for 100+ students  Finding an accommodation is a big problem!  Currently we use the National Center for Preparation of Students for Olympiads  Accommodation capacity: up to 60 people  Sometimes it is full so students coming outside of Sofia should find accommodation themselves 23

24  Sometimes the candidates are more than that capacity of our training labs  How we could decide which students to train and which not?  We don't want to train the most skillful attendees, but the most motivated ones  Solution: turn the training into competition  Mandatory homework after each training session  People not submitted the entire homework within the deadline will not participate further 24

25  Students who cannot come at the free school academy trainings onsite could attend online  All training sessions are video recorded and the videos are freely available at the academy site  Homework assignments are publicly available  Anyone can attend online  No just school students 25

26  To apply for Telerik Academy program visit its official Web site and follow the instructions:  Join the official discussion group:  Contacts: 26

27 Questions?

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