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Scott Johnson Middle School Parent Presentation March 16, 2015.

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1 Scott Johnson Middle School Parent Presentation March 16, 2015

2  Principal – Mitchell Curry  Assistant Principals – David Warren and Stewart Herrington  Counselors – Kathy Hjartberg and Steve Gaffney  Library Media Specialist – Barbara Kinast  Special Education Lead – Becky Franklin  English as a Second Language – Wendy Burt  504 Coordinators – Beth Davis and Nikie Jo Administrative Team

3  Get information for academic decision making.  Get information for elective decision making.  Prepare for the transition to high school.  Answer questions individually at the end. Goals for the Evening

4  Registration Form  7 th Grade  8 th Grade  Course Description Guide (On Line) (Both English and Spanish are available)  School Health Form (7 th Grade only)  Materials Review

5  E mail Distribution List  Web Site:   Teacher web sites (i.e. edmodo, remind101, etc.)  Progress Reports (Every 3 weeks)  Report Cards (Every 9 weeks)  Home Access Center  Parent Information

6  High Academic Standards for All Students  Students Introduced to Academic and Extra-Curricular Options  Students Begin to Determine Strengths and Preferences  Partnership with Students, Families and Community Middle School Philosophy

7 Sixth GradeSeventh GradeEighth Grade Reading Writing Math Science Social Studies STAAR Testing at Middle School High School credit courses have moved to End of Course Exams. The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)

8  McKinney ISD’s curriculum is common at all schools and the rest of the state.  Curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Aligned with like grade levels and between grade levels.  Both Core and Pre-AP courses are College Prep Courses. Core and Pre AP Classes

9  Language Arts and Reading (ELAR)  Math  Science  Social Studies Every Student Takes: Core Courses

10  Placement into Target classes will be based upon a students MAP testing data and STAAR test results.  This class takes the place of an elective course.  Target courses are offered in Math, Science, and ELAR. Target Classes

11  Entrance guidelines provide a profile of students who typically experience success in Pre AP courses.  What Data Is Used?  Map Scores  Current Grades  Teacher Input Entrance Guidelines for Pre AP

12  Consistently make high A’s in on-level mathematics in the prior grades.  Is willing to work hard, complete all assignments on time, and a conscientious student.  Is ready to commit to a course sequence leading to AP courses in High School. Pre AP Academic Profile

13  Seeks help when needed.  Is well organized.  Teacher recommendation from previous grade.  Internal motivation. Pre AP Academic Profile

14  Reading at or above grade level.  Strong study skills.  Able to handle a more rapid pace of instruction.  Strong work ethic (self discipline to plan, organize, and complete tasks)  Personal interest in subject. Personal Guidelines for Pre AP

15  Students can still take an AP course in high school even if they do not take Algebra 1 in middle school.  A mathematics course in the 12 th grade is crucial for bridging into college without a loss of skills. Students who take Algebra 1 in the 8 th grade are strongly encouraged to take a math course in the 12 th grade. Other things to Consider

16 GradeCorePre AP 6 th 6 th Grade TEKS6 th and 7 th Grade TEKS 7 th 7 th Grade TEKS8 th Grade TEKS Students take the MAP Test at the end of 7 th grade for recommendation of 8 th grade math course placement. 8 th 8 th Grade TEKSPre AP MathAlgebra 1 9 th Algebra 1 Geometry 10 th Geometry Algebra 2 11 th Algebra 2 Pre Calculus 12 th Algebra 3 or Statistics Calculus or Statistics Math Curriculum Sequence

17  ESL: None or Limited English speakers.  Special Education: Continuum of services.  Gifted and Talented: Identified GT students. Other Levels of Courses

18  If your child is GT, Karen Green will give us a spreadsheet letting us know which GT courses your child will be in.  For now, you just check Pre AP.  You can contact Mrs. Green at  Email Gifted and Talented

19  Language Arts: Every day for 1 period.  Math: Every day for 1 period.  Science: Every day for 1 period.  Social Studies: Every day for 1 period.  Electives: 3 electives that meet every day. Typical 7 th and 8 th Grade Day

20  Every student is required to complete 4 semesters of Physical Education while in Middle School.  Every student took a full year in 6 th Grade.  Athletics does count as their P.E. credit.  UIL rules do not allow for a student to be in Athletics and Physical Education at the same time. Physical Education Requirement

21  All electives meet every day.  Electives are for the entire year.  Cheerleading and Drill Team are after school activities and students must have a physical.  If a student participates in Athletics they must be in the Athletic period. Electives

22  Art 1  Art 2  Advanced Art  Athletics  7 th Grade Athletics in the Morning  8 th Grade Athletics in the Afternoon  AVID (Application)  Band  Cheerleading (After School)  Choir Elective Choices

23  Drama  Drama Advanced (Audition)  Invention & Innovation (7 th Grade)  Teen Leadership  PALS (8 th Grade/Application)  Partner Leader (Application)  Physical Education  Orchestra  Yearbook (Application) Elective Choices

24  Spanish 1  Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1  Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2  Principles of Arts, Audio Visual Technology & Communications/Principles of Information Technology  Concepts of Engineering  Health/Professional Communications (on-line only) 8 th Grade Electives For High School Credit

25  There is a process in place to qualify for these courses.  Students fill out the application.  An interview is held.  The criteria is reviewed by the committee to see if the student qualifies.  AVID: Valerie Schraplau   PALS: Darla Sessom  AVID/PALS

26  Band Directors – Paul Stephens and Stephanie Pavlasek  Choir Director – Sarah Baez  Orchestra Director – Nicole Pennington  Drama – Angi Burns  Athletic Directors – Robert Jackson and Darla Sessom  Cheer – Kalei Brinkerhoff  AVID – Valerie Schraplau and LaTisha Johnson Need More Information?

27  Which Level of core academic class is most appropriate for my child?  Which electives will benefit my child most in middle school and high school and beyond? Decisions To Make

28 McKinney Boyd H.S.*McKinney High SchoolMcKinney North H.S. April 18, 2015 Registration from 7:30 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. $20 Cash Only April 25, 2015 Registration from 9 A.M. – 12 P.M. $20 Cash Only May 27, 2013 Registration from 2:30 P.M. – 5 P.M. $20 Cash Only MISD Physical Information Date of Exam Must be After April 1, 2013 * EKG’s will be available at MHS and North for an additional charge of $15.

29  Due Date: March 20, 2015 Return to Science teacher Registration Form Only  Schedule pick up will be August 18, 2015 We are so glad you are a Scott Johnson Tiger!

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