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School Performance Framework Preliminary Ratings Colorado Department of Education.

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1 School Performance Framework Preliminary Ratings Colorado Department of Education

2 School Performance Framework Purposes Establishes a common framework for accountability Provides transparent performance information to drive statewide conversation about change Modernizes reporting of state, district and school performance information Establishes new system of support and intervention, including for turnaround schools and districts

3 Focused Attention on Four Key Performance Indicators Academic Achievement Academic Growth Academic Growth Gaps Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Growth and Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness weighted more heavily in school and district frameworks

4 Moving from Performance Indicators to Plan Rating Schools receive a rating for each of the performance indicators: –Exceeds, Meets, Approaching, Does Not Meet The ratings roll up to an overall evaluation of the school’s performance, which determines the school’s plan type assignment

5 School Plan Assignments Performance Plan Improvement Plan Priority Improvement Plan* Turnaround Plan* *Requires increased levels of state oversight

6 Sample SPF

7 Preliminary Ratings: All Schools

8 Requests for Reconsideration Majority of districts accepted initial CDE school performance plan assignments for their schools October 15 - Districts submitted accreditation category for schools and any additional evidence as applicable CDE currently reviewing all requests for reconsideration

9 Approval Process Commissioner recommends plan type assignments to State Board for approval –Follows opportunity for districts to submit additional evidence for consideration between August and October Commissioner determines final accreditation categories for districts –Districts may appeal final accreditation categories to the State Board

10 Next Steps with SPF Reports Use this data to focus improvement planning efforts Use plan type assignments to target support for schools – with focused attention on schools rated as Turnaround and Priority Improvement

11 Timeline Expect all school plan assignments and district accreditation categories to be final in advance of State Board Meeting on December 6th November and December 2010 – CDE finalizes district accreditation and State Board approves all school plan types January 2011 – Districts submit district and school Priority Improvement and Turnaround Plans, and any other plans required by federal law, for Department review and feedback March 2011 – Districts submit revised Turnaround Plans to Department for approval April 15, 2011 – Districts submit district and school Improvement and Performance Plans for publication

12 Resources SPF Tutorial: SPF and DPF templates: Accountability Tutorial: html html Accountability Handbook: General Resource:

13 Contacts Office of Performance and Policy –Bill Bonk, Longitudinal Growth Consultant, –John Condie, Performance Support Manager, –Kady Dodds, Senior Policy Associate, –Marie Huchton, Senior Statistical Consultant, –Dianne Lefly, Director of Research and Evaluation, –Jhon Penn, Performance Support Director, –DeLinda Rose, Executive Assistant, –Somoh Supharukchinda, Performance Support Manager, –Richard Wenning, Associate Commissioner,

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