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Comenius – European Cooperation on School Education

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1 Comenius – European Cooperation on School Education

2 Questionnaire no2 – school in the present

3 Result of questionnaire no2 School in the present
totaly partly fully members number agree disagree 1 10 25 6 42 2 9 26 3 24 12 4 15 20 5 19 7 33 8 23 18 11 13 17 14 27 30 16

4 Graph of results – School in present

5 Answers of 2nd questionnaire – School in the present
How many students are there in your class? We have classes with 19 students, but also with 30 students, in average there are 24 students in the class. How long is your school day? From-until It is from 8 o’clock until 15,15 ( but it is not every day during the week). Students have school in the afternoon one or two days per week. How long is a lesson? 45 minutes Which subjects can you choose? Interesting mathematics, art work, conversation in English, the history of our region, nature of our region, ICT, Do you have to pay for the school books? No, but we have to pay for work books How many PE lessons do you have in one week? 2 lessons (in volleyball classes there are 4 lessons) Can you choose the kind of sport? No, but you can go to an amateur club or after learning clubs in the school

6 Have boys and girls PE lessons together?
No, from the 6th classes they are separated. Do you have religion as a subject? No Do you get marks at all subjects? Yes Do you have lunch at school? Yes What kind of events do you have at school? Christmas, The healthy week ( at the beginning of October), Easter Are the pupils included in the school government? Yes Are you allowed to leave the school terrain at the school time? No. They are allowed to leave school only with parents ( if they do not feel well) or pupils have to bring the message from parents. Are you allowed to smoke at school? No Is it allowed to drink in the lesson? Yes Do you have a dress code? No

7 These were the results of investigations in our school
Thank you for your attention

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