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Herne Hill School’s sister school & FHHS charity since Autumn 2005

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1 Herne Hill School’s sister school & FHHS charity since Autumn 2005
Khanya School Herne Hill School’s sister school & FHHS charity since Autumn 2005

2 Khanya Primary School is a public state school in Cape Town, South Africa

3 Xhosa is the native language in the area
It started in 2004 as a split-off from an overcrowded school in Samora Machel, Philippi Xhosa is the native language in the area

4 Richard, the Principal, and his Deputy Linda, have been leading it from the outset

5 The nearest available facility was in a remote and isolated youth reformatory

6 As a result, all children had to come to school by school bus (about 30 min. ride)

7 Since Khanya quickly grew to nearly 1’000 “learners”…
Khanya in Nov. 2005 1 - 7 983 learners 24 educators 0 assistants 5 support staff Grades Age Children Adults Class sizes

8 … the facilities became vastly overcrowded, with frequently 60+ children per classroom

9 In Jan. 2006, Khanya was moved to the better facilities of a school in the coloured and much wealthier area of Mitchell’s Plain Buckingham Primary School was relocated because it had only about 350 learners and was using only one of the school’s two wings

10 Although the children still need to be bused to school…

11 … the facilities are more accessible and much more spacious
However, this is not yet Khanya’s long-term home, which remains an unresolved issue

12 The vast majority of children live in shack dwellings…

13 … as about two-thirds of their parents are unemployed and therefore very poor

14 An entire family lives in such a dwelling, usually without heating

15 Only a small fraction of children live in solid brick houses such as these

16 By contrast, the school is a safe haven where the children proudly wear their uniforms…

17 …and where their learning amounts to a beacon of hope

18 The children work hard and take school seriously
Typical day for this 7-grader Get up at 5:30 a.m. Eat breakfast, wash, brush teeth, put on school uniform Walk to bus stop at 6:40 a.m. Bus leaves at 7:10 a.m. and gets to school at 7:40 a.m. School from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Take bus back home, change, eat, wash dishes Homework Watch TV and play with friends

19 From Reception through Grade 3, teaching is essentially in Xhosa with form teachers

20 From Grade 4, teaching is essentially in English and by subject

21 The children are excellent dancers

22 They also sing beautifully

23 Today, Khanya has about 1’200 learners for 30 educators – about five times more than Herne Hill for similar staff numbers Khanya Reception - 7 1’200 learners 29 educators 5 assistants 5 support staff Herne Hill Nursery – Year 2 3 – 7 250 pupils 20+ teachers 20+ assistants Grades Age Children Adults Class sizes

24 The less needy children eat the packed lunch they bring
A major recent improvement is the Dept. of Health’s provision of a hot rice and beans lunch for 680 learners The less needy children eat the packed lunch they bring

25 The children eat standing or sitting outside

26 After lunch, they wash their plate and spoon and keep them in the classroom

27 Supporting schools in emerging countries
Herne Hill School’s link with Khanya started in fall 2005 with the help of School-Aid Origin of our relationship with Khanya Primary School Regular requests from parent association FHHS to make school in 3rd world charity of the year Definition of criteria (age range, size, ethos, location, etc.) and briefing thereof to School-Aid School-Aid visit in Africa identifies Khanya as ideal candidate in June 2005 FHHS adopt Khanya as charity of the year and launch of relationship through visit by Herne Hill School Director in Nov. 2005 Supporting schools in emerging countries

28 From the outset, we felt the Herne Hill children would also greatly benefit from this link
Awareness of their own relative material wealth and thankfulness for what they have Realisation that material wealth is not all that matters The Khanya children can be just as talented and happy in spite of their poverty Friendships and human bonds are also very important An additional way to experience our “loving, caring” ethos and the satisfaction that comes from helping and giving Important element of becoming “responsible citizens of our world community”, together with ecological awareness, appreciating nature, etc. Learning about Africa and the wider world Appreciation of the importance of education and how seriously the Khanya children take it

29 Our collective efforts are already making a difference at Khanya
Support and achievements to date Collection and shipment of used books and stationary via School-Aid on containers kindly provided by Capespan Supporting the Reception class when it was formed Providing curriculum books for the educators Purchasing a science kit Providing emotional support We will briefly look at each of these areas

30 Our children’s collections of used books and stationary, which are shipped via School-Aid, …

31 … have enabled library corners in every Khanya classroom

32 We have also sent them curriculum books, which the educators appreciate greatly
We intend to soon send them the Maths, Literacy and Science books for Years 2 – 6

33 In 2006, the Friends equipped the newly founded Reception class, for which there were no resources whatsoever, with furniture…

34 … and all educational resources

35 The Friends also contributed to the Reception teacher’s salary until it could be included in Khanya’s budget from April 2007

36 Other support by the Friends included buying a science kit

37 As a result, the dedicated science teacher now has resources other than blackboard and chalk

38 Beyond material support, our emotional support appears to be just as important
“We thank the learners, parents and educators of Herne Hill School from the bottom of our heart – not just for your donations and financial help but also for your emotional support” Richard Nogqala, Principal “You have brought us hope!” Linda Mahote, Deputy Principal “It is reassuring to know that we have friends in the UK who care. We’re so lucky to have you!” Sean, Head of Department

39 We are currently evaluating various opportunities to further help Khanya – hopefully, we’ll be able to do them all! Co-funding salaries of 2 unpaid teachers for the 2 new Reception classes Establishing broadband connection Co-funding 4 computers and network for management/educators “Sponsoring” the Khanya choir (60 children from Grades 4-6, selected for their voices) at next spring’s competition Fostering music through purchase of mobile keyboard and funding of periodic lessons by keyboard player Helping establish a majorettes/”drummies” club through purchase of 2nd hand uniform and boots Supporting eyeglasses scheme for needy children Establishing bursary scheme for small number of Grade 7 leavers who would be supported and followed through secondary school

40 We are also working on increasing the feedback flow to our children
Visits by Dominik to all Pre-Prep classes to talk about Khanya School Broadband should greatly improve communication and exchange of digital pictures Class twinning between our three Year 2 and their three Grade 4 classes Agreed schedule of correspondence exchange at least once per half-term for next year Our Year 1 classes (this autumn’s Year 2s) plan to start already in June

41 To conclude, we are proud to be associated with these friendly, …

42 … confident, …

43 … studious, …

44 … responsible, …

45 … happy, …

46 … and lively …

47 … boys …

48 … and girls

49 They deserve and appreciate our help

50 Thank you so much for supporting them!

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