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Winterbourne Valley CE VA First school

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1 Winterbourne Valley CE VA First school
Rights Respecting Schools Project…….so far!

2 Why ? Commitment to listening to pupils’ experiences of life in school and to making sure their experiences match the values and aspirations we have for them. Commitment to getting the foundations for learning in place in order to maximise learning power – meeting basic physiological needs, safety, love and belonging, self esteem and self actualisation. Commitment to personal development and well-being. Commitment to the DASP Citizen Charter and Pupil Voice. Commitment to working together as a community for the good of all; encouraging the wider community to also relate the rights of the child and the rights of the adult to the responsibilities that accompany those rights.

3 Who ? Children – main school and pre-school
Staff – teachers, teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors, pre-school staff, volunteers Parents – main school and pre-school Governors Friends Association Members of the Parish

4 How ? School Assemblies led by staff and children RRS PHSE lesson time
Class Circle Times School Council Meetings – RRS budget, decisions about fundraising and charities etc Parent Newsletters / Parish Magazine articles / Questionnaires TA / LS / PTFA Meetings led by pupils Yr4 Playground Leaders initiative / school responsibilities Presentations to Governors on Curriculum Committee School Conference Set up links with school in South Africa.

5 How ? Classroom / school displays
RRS Day – to involve parents and governors Special RRS ‘feedback’ Assembly to parents, governors and members of the Parish Council RRS Exhibition of children’s work in the school hall open for the week to the public RRS Learning Walks in partnership with other DASP schools RRS dedicated area on School Website

6 What next ? Succession Planning (!)
Embed RRS language and activities into school practice and policy – Curriculum Plans (PSHE), School Prospectus, Staff Handbook, Behaviour Policy, Teaching and Learning Policy, Annual Cycle of SSR etc. Develop further the global dimension of our school curriculum and look at ways we can use our links with Riversands Primary School near Johannesburg in South Africa to further enhance learning in global citizenship. Investigate Peer Mediation by Dorset Mediation

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