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School Librarians Impact Achievement! Audrey Church Coordinator, School Library Media Program, Longwood University.

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1 School Librarians Impact Achievement! Audrey Church Coordinator, School Library Media Program, Longwood University

2 Traditional School Libraries Print rich Print and AV oriented Centralized (one physical location) Rigidly scheduled Single person staff Quiet, almost-empty places

3 Libraries of Yesteryear…

4 And, perhaps you have met one of these ladies?…

5 School Libraries of Today Information rich in every format Multiple technologies Centralized and decentralized simultaneously Flexibly scheduled Professional and technical staff Busy, bustling learning laboratories


7 Today’s School Librarian Library Media Specialist Library Information Specialist Teacher Librarian “Agent of Academic Achievement”

8 The Research To Back It Up Since 2000 At least 5 teams of researchers (Baughman, Baumbach, Burgin, Lance, and Smith) At least 12 U.S. states (MA, FL, NC, CO, PA, AK, IA, MI, NM, OR, MN, TX) Data on over 4,000 schools—all levels, all sizes—and their communities Building-level summary test scores representing over 1 million students

9 Key Research Findings Links between Academic achievement (represented by scores on standards-based state tests of reading/language arts skills) and Library staffing levels, librarian activities, collection size, technology integration, library usage Schools with stronger school library programs average 10-20% higher test scores

10 More Findings… Controlling for key school and community differences, library still explains 3-8% of test score variation Poverty explains away other school and community differences—like the teacher- pupil ratio, per pupil spending, and parents’ education—but not the impact of school libraries

11 Reading/Language Arts test scores are higher in schools… Which have a school library staffed by a licensed librarian and assisted by adequate staff; In which the library has a strong collection and adequate funding; In which the librarian collaborates with teachers, teaches information literacy skills, provides in service for teachers in information technology; In which library resources are available outside of library walls via computer networks.

12 Most Recently Completed Study—Ohio, 2004 “Student Learning through Ohio School Libraries,” Todd and Kuhlthau Sought to understand how students benefit from school libraries, to examine the multi- dimensional dynamics of student learning through effective school libraries, from the perspective of students Findings show that effective school libraries are dynamic agents of learning

13 Today’s School Librarian Impacts Academic Achievement! And it is what he/she does that makes the difference…

14 When the library media specialist takes an active role in the instructional program of the school as…

15 A school leader A program administrator An information navigator An information navigator A technology facilitator A technology facilitator A collaborative teacher and learner A collaborative teacher and learner

16 An information navigator Selects print, nonprint, and electronic resources to support curriculum and standards Teaches others how to be information literate—to recognize a need for information and to access, evaluate, and use information in critical thinking and problem solving

17 Libraries are busy, bustling, learning laboratories…

18 A technology facilitator Selects licensed databases (InfoTrac, SIRS, EBSCOHost) and authoritative free Web sites Bridges the gap between students and teachers, online information, and curriculum and instruction


20 A collaborative teacher and learner A teacher of students who collaborates with classroom teachers in design and delivery of instruction A teacher of other teachers who creates more self-reliant users of information resources and technology

21 Student achievement is higher! When library media specialists take an active role in curriculum and instruction… When library media specialists teach information literacy skills… When teachers and library media specialists collaborate…

22 Today’s School Libraries School library media programs— dynamic, enthusiastic, and student- centered Students—independent, information- literate, lifelong learners School librarians—information specialists who are collaborative, active instructional partners

23 Dr. Keith Lance, Director, Library Research Service June 4, 2002 White House Conference on School Libraries “Research shows quite conclusively that school libraries are a powerful force in the lives of America’s children. The school library is one of the few factors whose contribution to academic achievement has been documented empirically, and it is a contribution that cannot be explained away by other powerful influences on student performance. So, if you want to invest in a research-based strategy for helping to insure that No Child Is Left Behind in your school, this is it!”

24 “School libraries help teachers teach and children learn…children and teachers need library resources—especially books—and the expertise of a librarian to succeed. Books, information technology, and school librarians who are part of the schools’ professional team are basic ingredients for student achievement.” First Lady Laura Bush, June 4, 2002, White House Conference on School Libraries

25 School Librarians Impact Academic Achievement!

26 Resources American Association of School Librarians. (1998). Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning. Chicago: American Library Association. Lance, K. C. (2003). 5 Roles for Empowering* School Librarians. Retrieved March 8, 2004 from Loertscher, D. V. & Achterman, D. (2002). Increasing Academic Achievement through the Library Media Center. San Jose, CA : HiWillow. White House Conference on School Libraries. Retrieved March 16, 2004 from

27 Graphics from 1907 ASU Library Retrieved March 8, 2004 from 1931 Library Retrieved March 8, 2004 from pharos/pictures/1931library.jpg pharos/pictures/1931library.jpg Animation Factory. Rebrieved March 16, 2004 from iet_please.html iet_please.html Library at The Children’s School. Retrieved October 15, 2002 from Scenes from the Chico High School Library. Retrieved March 16, 2004 from Stratford Library Association, Our building’s history. Retrieved March 15, 2004 from Students and Teachers Using the Portable Lab. Retrieved March 16, 2004 from UNI Library Retrieved March 8, 2004 Wheatland Elementary School Retrieved March 8, 2004 from

28 Audrey Church Coordinator, School Library Media Program Longwood University Phone: 434-395-2682

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