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Colton Primary School Food Ambassadors

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1 Colton Primary School Food Ambassadors

2 Who we are Romilly Max Safwan Olivia Holly Jaya Charlie

3 How did we get chosen We applied by writing a letter to school council and explaining why we wanted to be part of school food ambassadors.

4 What was the first thing we did?
We signed the contract We organised our folders We decided on roles within the group We organised the monitoring rota We agreed on the monitoring sheets We meet most Wednesdays at 12:30 We feed back through school council We made a booklet and a display board

5 Our Notice Board

6 Why we wanted to be a school food ambassador
Max: to make the school a healthier place and the lunch times better. Jaya: I want all the children to be happy with their dinners. Holly: to make the school a healthier place and the children are satisfied with the food they are eating.

7 What was the food like before school food ambassadors
Mash potato was instant mash The carrots were cooked too much The food selections were more repetitive The dinners were cold and children throw most of their dinner away We had dinner bands There was no salad bar

8 Changes we have already made
We have changed the rota in the dinner hall There is more choice of menu Can now have more raw vegetables from the salad bar and other options Because we don’t have dinner bands children can now choose on the day Reception and nursery still have bands so parents can choose for them More children are choosing school dinners

9 The kitchen staff The staff are really friendly and they answer our questions.

10 Our next steps Evaluate our monitoring sheets and discuss feedback with cook and head teacher. Try and have class tables and see how well they look after their table and clear up after themselves. The table that is the cleanest get to choose the CD for the following week to play in the dinner hall Keep checking the food is healthy and the children are enjoying it

11 Happy lunchtimes

12 Thank You For Watching Made by Romilly Max Safwan Holly Jaya Charlie Olivia and Mrs Kinghorn

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