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Coordinated School Health

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1 Coordinated School Health
Indian Health Service Health Education Program

2 What is Coordinated School Health?
Framework for Coordinating School Health This coordinated school health framework centers around eight critical, interrelated components: Health education Physical education Health services Mental health and social services Nutrition services Healthy and safe environment Family and community involvement Staff wellness Individually, each of these components can contribute to students’ health and well-being. However, when all of the individual components work together to support the adoption of health-enhancing behaviors, students’ health and learning are improved.

3 Current School Health: DISJOINTED? UNFOCUSED?
PE Teacher: Fun, through fitness, problem student, weight control Nutrition: cafeteria menu/food, portion control, education, choices Health Education – Is it is just for rainy days? Got a Health Book? School Environment: noise pollution, trash removal, playground safety Student Health: medications, Immunizations, sick, hearing, Eye screening Staff HPDP Current School Health: DISJOINTED? UNFOCUSED? Student Counseling A/SA, behavior problems, Community Parents

4 CSH= A Healthy Student Health Education Student Counseling Staff HPDP
Nutrition Physical Education School Environment Student Counseling Staff HPDP Student Health Parent, Community HPDP CSH= A Healthy Student

5 Resources More school health resources are available at the Health Education website at And at:

6 Contact:

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